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Gabe Lawson and Jason St. James

blond gay guy has gay sex with dark haired straight boy

The guys at Bait Buddies are at it again; setting up a straight guy with a gay “bait” for some amateur porn action. In this case the gay guy is cute blond Gabe Lawson. Gabe is excited and happy to help with the ruse before he even sees his partner, Jason St. James. Gabe is happy when Jason takes off his clothes to show off his lean, smooth body. Jason gets hard with just a few strokes of his cock and sits next to Gabe so they can jack off together. The interview of the guys continues and Gabe leans over to start sucking on Jason’s hard cock. Jason like the blowjob; even if it is from a dude but isn’t too keen on returning the oral pleasure to Gabe. Eventually he does suck on Gabe’s dick and takes the full 7.5 inches of dick down his throat. It looks like Jason maybe isn’t as “straight” as he says he is but hey, he’s fun to watch for sure. Especially when the fucking starts. Jason slowly sits down on the big dick and has a painful look as it goes deep up his butt. The pain goes away and Jason rides Gabe’s dick hard. In the preview video you can see how hard Jason’s dick is as it slaps against his stomach. That is one of my favorite parts of the whole video. Jason lays down for some face to face fucking that allows both guys to shoot their wad onto Jason’s hairless chest. Jason cums first, shooting his load all the way up his chest. Gabe follows soon after adding his own jizz to the mix then rubs the head of his sensitive dick along Jason’s cum covered belly.

download the full video at Bait Buddies

Corey Eats The Cum Off Austin’s Stomach

Corey fucks Austin bareback then eats their cum off Austin's tattooed stomach

When Austin got his first look at Corey’s long dick he immediately told the photographer at 18 Up Studs he wanted a piece. Corey agreed to do a mutual jerk off video with Corey but once the guys are naked and jerking next to each other Austin can’t control himself. Austin is stroking Corey’s hard cock then moves himself to Corey’s lap and starts sucking his long skinny dick. Once Corey’s dick is covered with spit and dripping precum Austin rubs some lube on his ass and sits down on Corey’s cock. The guys are so horny they don’t bother with a condom and Corey gets to work fucking Austin’s smooth twink ass bareback every which way. Austin seems to love Corey’s big dick in him as much as Corey likes giving it to him. The action is intense and non stop as the guys move right from one position to another and neither goes soft. The way that Austin starts the action deep throating Corey’s long cock and the aggressiveness of Corey fucking his partner you’d think that Austin would be the cum whore but in a twist to the end it is Austin that bends over to lick the cum off Austin’s tattooed stomach and eats it. In the end both men are satisfied; Austin had his fill of Corey’s cock and Corey his fill of creamy jizz juice.

watch Corey and Austin’s videos here

Hairy Amateur’s Shower Jerk

hairy amateur jacks off in the shower

Matthew Ross is a welcome newcomer to the stable of amateur men that display everything at Man Avenue. Matthew starts dressed doing his interview sitting on the stairs. We get a look at his lean athletic chest and shoulders as he lifts his shirt. Matthew’s chest is covered with a light coat of fuzz but his washboard abs are smooth like his shaved cock and balls. There hair on his legs and ass is thick and very noticeable. It’s a stark contrast moving from Matthew’s front to back going from completely shaved to totally hairy within a few inches as his balls move to his ass. Matthew moves from the stairway to the bathroom where he begins to stroke his cock. Matthew has a nice uncut cock that isn’t too big but is larger than average. You can tell that Matthew like to have his balls played with as he continues to tug on them while stroking.

see all of Matthew at Man Avenue

Casey Jerks His Uncut Cock

Casey jacks his uncut cock

Casey’s profile page at Spunkworthy says he is a 23 year old southern straight boy on vacation in San Diego and listening to him talk for only a few seconds the southern part is obvious. I don’t know why, but I’ve always had a thing for guys with an accent and the southern drawl, dark red hair, and friendly personality of Casey makes him doable. And that is before he takes off his clothes. Of course his athletic body with smooth chest and ripped abs covered with dark hair. His upper body is good but it’s just the preview of even better things to come (no pun intended). When Casey takes off his pants to show us his uncut cock and ass it seals the deal! The owner of Spunkworthy tells Casey that his uncut loving members are going to go gaga over his foreskin he says casually that there is plenty of it there to love. For a straight guy doing his first porn video, Casey seems very relaxed in front of the camera and has little to no trouble getting hard. He also didn’t mind showing us his round jock ass. His ass cheeks are smooth but there’s a definite line of dark red hair surrounding his virgin hole. Once he is done playing with his foreskin and showing off his bubble butt, Casey relaxes on the black leather chair that so many amateur men before him have used to jerk off. Even without his hand around the base the shaft of Casey’s hard cock has thick veins that stand out providing extra pleasure to who ever he fucks. Lastly is the cumshot. Casey tells us that he likes to jerk off 2-3 times a day so I wasn’t expecting much in the way of an impressive cumshot. I was delighted to see that Casey does well in that department too! The jizz didn’t really fly as much as other guys but it sure did make a nice mess of while on the dark hair of his upper leg and stomach. Casey will be added to my favorite amateur men list for sure.

see more of Casey at Spunkworthy

Jake’s Christmas Jerk Off – Plus

Jake B jacks off in front of Christmas tree

The guys at Southern Strokes have made Christmas special again this year with the addition of a new first timer, Jake B. Jake contacted the owners online and was really excited about meeting up to do his first shoot. One look at this cute young man and they knew straight away that he was perfect for the holiday update. Jake does a slow strip in front of the Christmas tree. Looking at his face, I thought he would have more hair on his chest but nope, he’s about as smooth as they come and it looks naturally smooth, not shaved. He teases us by putting a wrapped present in front of his soft cock as his underwear come off then shows off his smooth round ass before turning his attention to his growing cock. Jake sits down on a chair covered with a red blanket and starts playing with his dick. His cock is about average size with trimmed pubes and smooth balls. Jake puts one leg up so we can see the edge of his crack and watch his balls move up and down as he jacks away. Aside from his very cute looks, Jake’s next best attribute (in my very biased opinion) is his cumshot. I love guys that can shoot the cum and Jake definitely shoots a nice load. The cum goes up to the middle of his chest and leaves a sticky trail down his smooth body.

Christmas Bonus

Jake was so excited about his jack off video and the owners were so impressed with his first performance that Jake came back the next day to get fucked by Ryan. They do it on the floor right in front of the same tree. This bisexual southern boy sure can take a cock and looks just as good as anyone doing it.

both of Jake’s holiday videos at Southern Strokes


Grant Fucks Jackie Boy

Grant and Jackie Boy have gay sex

Grant had already told the producer at 18 Up Studs that he was going to fuck the hell out of Jackie Boy before the two amateurs had ever met. Grant had seen Jackie Boy’s other videos and knew that they were going to have fun. The guys hook up at a cheap hotel and chat for a short time before they start making out and taking off each others clothes. Grant is really horny and loves the feel of Jackie Boy’s pierced mouth moving up and down all 7.5 inches of his long skinny cock. Jackie turns to hover over Grant as the guys 69. The intense fucking is really fun to watch but seeing Jackie Boy in a 69 with Grant was my favorite part. I’d switch places with either of them easily! Grant rims and fingers Jackie’s hole then flips him onto his back to shove his hard cock up Jackie’s ass. Grant said he was going to fuck the hell out of Jackie boy and that is exactly what he does. Grant slams the skinny skater boys ass from a few positions before pulling out and moving up to spray a huge load of jizz across Jackie Boy’s smooth chest. Soon after, Jackie adds his own cum to the mix. Like usual for Grant, his cumshot is amazing.

watch Grant fuck Jackie Boy here

Island Studs Top 12 of 2010

Six Naked Hawaiian Men

watch every Island Stud favorite here

It is the second birthday of amateur porn website Island Studs. They have been bringing us a new Hawaiian amateur to strip naked and jerk off every week for the past year but members always have their favorites. Based on page views and member’s feedback, the top 12 models of 2010 have been selected for a special birthday update. We have already watched their jerk off videos and seen their photos so what is special about this update? The out takes and behind the scenes, that’s what. For a 15 minute segment, an hour or more of video may be shot. Now we get to see the lost footage of the top 12 Island Studs of 2010. I didn’t have space to post all 12 guys here so I picked my favorite 6. You can choose your own favorites by visiting the site.

You can let the guys of Hawaii keep you warm every day of 2011 too.





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