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Twink 3 Way Suckfest

Austin and Blake seduce super hung and super cute twink Rad into a cock sucking extravaganza at Twink Scape.  With Blake in the middle, the three guys get undressed and Blake starts sucking on Rad’s impressive 9 inch dick.  Austin joins in and sucks Blake’s 7 inch cock.  The three twinks change positions, hand the camera around for some good close-ups, and take turns sucking and licking on each others dick.  Austin is not only cock hungry but obviously loves Rad’s ass as well.  He rims Rad’s hairless ass for a good long time as Rad deep throats Blake.  In the end, it’s Rad that collects all the cum as Austin and Blake spray their loads onto his face and Rad lets loose his own stream of cum onto his stomach and leg.  Of course the entire cock sucking and ass rimming festival is caught on tape from at least two angles; the third person or fourth person in this case, and the action cam which is held by the men themselves. 

3 Gay Twinks have a cock sucking and ass rimming festival at Twinkscape

Watch The Entire Video Here

4 Way Twink Orgy

Amateur Twink Orgy

Three of the regular fellows at Twinkscape go out for coffee and meet up with a slutty waiter that they take back to their apartment for a four way twink orgy full of cock sucking, ass rimming, and fucking.

When 3 hot looking guys point blank ask you to come back to their place for a naked sex filled good time what’s a horny waiter to say.  Yes!  Once there, the action starts fast and doesn’t end until the last horny twink has dumped his cum.  The four pair off into twos as they kiss and get undressed.  All four guys have smooth thin bodies and very nice cocks. Once naked, the waiter can’t wait to get his partner’s big hard dick shoved down his throat.  The others join in and all four share some dick sucking like sampling the best cuts of meat at a sex buffet.  With two on their hands and knees and asses in the air they get rimmed and prepared for some hardcore fucking.  It starts with 2 guys in two pairs with the waiter getting slammed hard and loving it.  Having a dick in his ass isn’t enough so he moves over to suck one of the other flatmates.   

This video has about everything a twink lover could want model wise.  All of them are cute, some have long hair, 1 has tattoos, 1 has a beard, 2 have piercings, and all four suck and fuck like horny gay bunnies.  To see the entire amateur twink orgy video you need to go to Twinkscape now.

Fernando’s Cock Sucking Sleepover

Happy Ending Bed Time Story at Twinkscape

 Fernando invites his twink friend Patrick to sleep over in this cock hungry episode from twinkscape. 

As the two young men lie in bed in their tight boxer briefs, Fernando reaches over and starts rubbing on Patrick’s tight round ass.  Patrick is just as horny as his friend and is happy to satisfy Fernando’s hunger.  The two twinks continue the rubbing and get into some heavy kissing showing us plenty of their smooth fat-free bodies.  Both guys have a very nice ass and Patrick sports quite a bulge in his briefs.  Fernando notices how excited his friend is and lowers Patrick’s underwear to reveal a rock hard dick that is ready to be sucked.  And suck that hard dick is exactly what Fernando does.  He goes to town on Patrick’s cock like a starving Ethiopian.  He gobbles every hard inch and only removes Patrick’s dick from his mouth when he has to breathe.  Fernando is a skilled cock sucker as can be seen by the looks on Patrick’s face as well as the moans and statements made by Patrick as he gets an awesome blow job.  After a bit, Fernando’s uncut dick becomes hard as well showing exactly how excited he is having Patrick’s hard dick in his mouth.  When Patrick sees how hard Fernando is he stands Fernando up, pulls back Fernando’s foreskin, kneels in front of him, and begins sucking his hard dick.  Patrick’s dick doesn’t go soft for a second as he provides an equally skilled sucking session to his uncut, tan skinned friend.  Fernando moves back to a supine position with Patrick hovering over.  Both of these cute guys cocks are throbbing hard and ready to explode. Both men shoot their cum onto Fernando’s torso.  The white cum on Fernando’s tan and ever so slightly hairy chest and stomach looks so hot.  If you haven’t cum by the time they do, you will after seeing both guys shoot.  As an added bonus, after Patrick cums he looks into the camera with the biggest and cutest smile on his face.  


To see all the pictures and full length cock sucking video of Fernando’s sleep over with Patrick you have to go to Twinkscape.  If you like watching cute, skinny, big dicked Patrick you’ll be pleased to see that he has other cock sucking and ass fucking videos to fill your twinkie appetite. 





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