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AJ and Cole Share a Fleshlight

AJ and Cole kiss and jerk each other off

Cole is the real life boyfriend of AJ; a Blake Mason favourite.  Cole was doing his debut performance as AJ watched from the corner.  As Cole’s uncut 6.5 inch dick gets to full erection AJ asks if he may join in.  AJ walks over and quickly takes his semi hard cock out of his jeans.  The two men kiss and stroke each other passionately.  The video shows how much these two are really into each other.   Enter the famous Fleshjack masturbation toy that has become so popular in gay porn.  AJ places a healthy amount of lube onto Cole’s raging cock then happily spreads it around with his hand.  AJ holds the Fleshlight for Cole to fuck.  The two men continue kissing all the while.  Then Cole takes the toy and slides it onto AJ’s hard 8 inch cock.  Watching AJ’s big dick go in and out of that clear sleeve held by his boyfriend is so hot.  AJ has a smooth body and ripped abs that look great in this part of the video as well.  The toy is designed for maximum pleasure and it isn’t long before AJ sends streams of cum everyplace while Cole strokes him off.  AJ takes Cole’s cock in hand and strokes him until he shoots a load of cum onto AJ’s face.  AJ loves every drop of Cole’s hot cum on his face.

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Kirby Eats His Cum

Kirby jerks his dick and eats his own cum

Kirby is one dirty little monkey from southern California that loves to get nasty.  He loves to be tied up, electrocuted, and whipped.  Kirby gets himself all kinds of dirty in his video at Dirty Tony

Just looking at this guy as he gets undressed you can tell he has a bit of a wild side.  He has dirty blond hair, a scruffy face, and sparkling blue eyes.  His lean surfer body is covered with all sorts of tattoos and the dark hair on his flat stomach is all natural providing a nice bed to lay your head onto.  Kirby has another physical attribute that is important to mention as well, a big cock that goes up to his belly and beyond when it gets hard.  So what gets this guy hard?  A big nightstick sized dildo up his ass is a good start.  Kirby bends over face down on the bed and bites a pillow as a huge dildo is slid into his ass.  After that he takes a smaller metal vibrator and plays with that as e strokes his hard dick.  It is obvious by the look on his face and his body language that this is really turning him on.  Kirby puts on a good show to the end.  As he readies himself to cum he throws his legs into the air positioning his dick inches from his own open mouth a blows his load right in. 

Dirty Tony is full of amateur guys like Kirby that love to get naked and get dirty.  To see all of Kirby’s pictures and his full length video you need to visit Dirty Tony today.

Big Dick + Big Dildo = Big Cum Shot

Nicky shoves a dildo up his hairy ass and shoots a huge load of cum at You Love Jack

Nicky Blackrock is one of my many favorites over at You Love Jack.  This set shows off some of the reasons why.  This boy is cute, has a nice body, a huge cock, and man does he shoot. 

These pictures are from Nick’s third homemade amateur gay porn video.  He starts in a pair of loose blue boxers and a western style shirt.  You can already see he has a big dick by the huge bulge in his boxers.  He takes the shorts down and his monster 9 x 6 inch cock flops out and makes a smack as it lands on his leg.  Damn that piece of meat is huge.  Nicky adds a little lube and with a few quick strokes it is standing at full attention.  He reaches up and pulls the camera in for a close up of that bad boy.  With the camera still up close, he starts fingering his hairy ass hole for the action that is coming.  He gets his hole nice and wet and loosened up then grabs a big glass dildo and slides it up his wet hole.  Nicky makes a slight moan as the thick part of the toy passes his sphincter.  He plays with the ass toy a bit giving us great views of his sweet ass, his semi hairy chest, and that gargantuan cock.  After he tires of the ass toy he grabs a cock sleeve and slides it down his 6 inch around shaft.  Nicky plays with the sleeve and pulls on his nipples until he shoots a huge stream of cum onto his tattooed chest.  He stands up and moves into the camera to show just how much cum he has shot. 

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Inked Skater Dude Strokes His 8 Inch Dick

Bryson probes his ass and strokes his 8 inch cock at Southern Strokes

Bryson is a wonderful new addition to the southern amateur guys at Southern Strokes.  He is about 5’10” tall and has very little body fat.  After looking at his pictures it’s hard to tell what his best feature is.  His cute smooth face with innocent smile, ripped lean body, silky skin, the tattoos, or his 8 inch dick that looks way bigger against his small frame and thin body.  Who cares!  This guy is way HOT!

Bryson has both a photo set and a jack off video where he shows off his favorite toy; a big glass dildo that he wets down with his saliva before sliding it into his slightly hairy muscular ass.  Bryson starts by showing off his inked body.  He flexes his biceps and gives us a look at his V shaped back that leads right down to an ass covered with a light coat of fuzz leading down to his hairy legs.  As he turns his attention to his dick it becomes obvious that Bryson is nicely hung.  He strokes his hard dick and fingers his ass before taking out a glass dildo that is about as big as his own cock.  He slides the glass toy into and out of his mouth to get it nice and wet then puts it right up his ass with a deep moan of sexual gratification.  He definitely knows what he likes and has had practice.  Bryson moans, groans, squirms, and pants as he strokes his rock hard dick and fucks himself.  The stream of cum that splatters all over his XXX stomach is a fitting end to one impressive show.

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