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18 Year Old Jacks His Big Cock

tattooed 18 year old jacks off his 9 inch cock

Tony has been wanting to do porn for a wwhile and now that he is 18 and legal, his dreams come true when he hooks up with the producer of Cruiser Boys. Tony isn’t shy at all about showing off his smooth tattooed body. I can only imagine the look on the camera man’s face when Tony lowers his jeans and underwear and his huge soft cock flops out. Tony is almost at full size even soft and his fat 9 inch cock looks impressive even in its flaccid state. When the head finally is released from his shorts he gets a big smile on his face as he looks up into the camera. I bet it’s not the first time people have been amazed by his big swinging boy meat. When I was in high school we had a guy like Tony in swimming class that was short and petite and had a huge cock as well, maybe even bigger. Even the straight guys commented on how big he was and I always had trouble concentrating in 5 th hour history because he sat right next to me. Oh how Tony reminds me of the good old days. Tony’s even better though because he has ink (which turns me on) and he actually gets hard and plays with his monster cock. Tony starts stroking until he is hard then pulls out a FleshJack jack off toy to push his dick into. A FleshJack feels great on any sized dick but I bet it was especially tight on his thick dick. Next time maybe we’ll get to watch some lucky guy suck that big dick. I know lots of guys who will volunteer if Tony is looking.

Tony gets off at Cruiser Boys


Tyler West First Porn Video

Tyler West jacks off and cums

A big warm welcome to Tyler West, the latest newbie to get off for us at Southern Strokes. It’s no secrete that I lean towards smooth jocks with piercings and tattoos and Tyler fits the bill perfectly. Tyler is a 21 year old college student from Texas that wasn’t available during the recent Texas sex tour but the guys at Southern Strokes wanted him and made arrangements around his school schedule to get him into the studio for his first jack off gay porn video. Tyler is 5’7′ tall or 5’11” if you count his spiked hair. As he takes off his shirt we get to see his lean smooth body with both nipples pierced. He has an athletic body with sweet abs but isn’t a muscle head. The spiked hair, tattoo, and piercings were already enough for me to get hard but Tyler wasn’t naked yet and things continued to get better as he strips to a black jock strap and poses to show off his ass before taking his dick out. Tyler starts stroking and it isn’t long before his cock is fully hard and standing tall at about 7 inches long. Tyler looks awesome as he pumps his cock back and forth. Just when you think he’s getting ready to shoot he reaches over for a big purple dildo that he slides up his semi hairy hole. The camera shows every inch as it moves up his wet, lubed hole. The way Tyler moves and moans with pleasure from the dildo I just know it won’t be long before we see this little hottie getting fucked. Tyler finishes his debut with a great cumshot that send jizz flying up his smooth body to splatter on his shoulder and leaves a white milky trail running down his stomach.

see Tyler West’s first porn video here


David Jacobs FleshJacks

Tattooed straight man jerks off with a FleshLight

David Jacobs relaxes on the bed and tells us he is excited about doing his jack off video with the FleshJack that he’s heard so much about. His wife bought him a jerk off sleeve at a sex party one time but it was so small and cheaply made that his thick 8 inch cock barely fit into the small opening and it kept falling off his hard dick. Without much fanfare, David strips naked to reveal his tattooed body with shaved chest and trimmed pubes then reaches right for the ultimate male sex toy and a bottle of lube. Like most guys who first use the amazing masturbation toy, he has a very happy look on his face. David rubs his smooth body as he slides the full length of his hard curved dick in and out. He jerks his pole kneeling for a bit then lays back in the bed to finish up with his hand spraying his jizz onto his hairless stomach.

watch David’s free preview video here

Tattooed Straight Boy Shoots a Huge Load

Watch Mike get off for only $1

This broke straight boy Mike is a model I’ve seen around in solo and duo scenes at Broke Straight Boys but never paid much attention to. Man was that my loss! Mike is is very fun to watch and has a very pleasant personality too. Of the many scenes he has, I chose this one for 2 reasons: 1- it’s his first appearance so he has a sexy nervousness about him that real first timers show and 2- the cumshot in this video is absolutely phenomenal.

As usual, the producer talks to Mike and makes him comfortable as they get started. Once Mike is settled in a bit he is instructed to take off his clothes which he does. Mike talks about all of his tattoos and how much some of them hurt when he got them. Next, he lowers his white straight boy tighty whiteys so we get a good look at his soft dick hanging beneath a mound of dark pubes. Mike sits on the futon and starts stroking his dick until it’s good and hard. Then, the producer hands Mike a toy to play with. The toy is a translucent latex sleeve that looks like a fat cock with openings at both ends. Mike has trouble sliding the toy over his own hard cock so the producer helps to apply a generous amount of lube. That does the trick and Mike uses the masturbation toy hard and fast up and down his slippery lubed dick. Aside from the amazing cum shot, when Mike pokes the end of his hard dick through the toy is my favorite part. He has a look of shear pleasure and genuine bliss on his face. His breathing gets heavy as he gets close to cuming and his upper chest gets flushed. Then this boy shoots one of the 10 best cum shots I’ve seen in months. The jizz flies from the end of his dick up into the air and splatter on his hairy leg and groin area. The next 2-3 shoots stream across his smooth chest and the back of his hand up near his nipple. I watched the cum shot at least 4 times and finally decided to count; Mike shoots 6 times and I really mean shoots.

US Marine Jerks Off With FleshJack

One of America’s finest, Gene lubes up his cock and fucks his favorite new masturbation toy, an IceJack from Fleshjack. Gene isn’t shy about his body or cock in the slightest. And why should he be? He has a rugged face with 5 o’clock scruff and a toned tattooed body as a result of USMC physical training. Gene gets so horny sometimes that his dick gets hard for no reason. Today it had a good reason though. The guys at Spunk Worthy gave Gene a new jack off toy to play with. Gene’s cock gets hard with no problems and he about laughs when he first sees the clear toy. His humor changes to sexual gratification as he applies a liberal amount of lube to his throbbing cock then slides it into his new best friend. He writhes with pleasure as he moves the toy over the shaft of his cock. The intensity increases and Gene thrusts his hips and fucks the toy hard before shooting his load into the air. Gene has an explosive cum shot that goes way up in the air and splatters onto his stomach.

Watch Gene’s video here

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Corey and Randy’s Homemade Porn

Corey and Randy are real life lovers that make a homemade porn for You Love Jack. The video starts with Corey sitting naked on the couch.  Corey is so cute with his thin hairless body and big puppy-dog-eyes. I’m into the cute guys and tattoos so Corey caught my attention right away. Anyway, the video starts with Corey sitting naked on the couch when a voice tells him to put a big glass dildo up his ass. Corey lays back and slides the ass toy all the way to the base inside his ass as he strokes his semi hard cock. Next he is told to start sucking. Randy works the camera and gets some nice close up action of his hard cock sliding in and out of Corey’s mouth. Randy is all horned up now, as I was too, and orders Corey to remove the ass toy so he can insert some real meat. Randy fucks Corey’s sweet ass bareback in a few different positions then pulls out to shoot his load into Corey’s open mouth. Corey smiles and looks like he truly enjoys having his boyfriends cum all over his face. He leans back and continues to shoot his own cum load all over his smooth chest and stomach. Seeing that cute guy with cum all over his face and running down his chest is a very nice ending to a hot amateur fuck and suck video.

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Naked Twink Playtime

Bailey and Jackson are two of the amateur twinks that can be seen at homemade boys.  These two guys are about the perfect twink combination.  Both of them have skinny hairless bodies, nice dicks, cute face, and big cumshots.  They take little time getting naked after some heavy kissing action.   Bailey has a piercing in his lower lip that must make kissing fun.  Then the cock sucking and ass licking come.  Jackson sucks Bailey’s hard uncut cock the returns the favor by deep throating Jackson’s cut tool.  After the cock sucking they rim each other to get their ass nice and wet for insertion of some big colorful dildos.  In the end Bailey takes a cum bath with Jackson’s load on his smooth chest.

Twinks kiss, suck dick, rim, and use a dildo on each others ass

Watch the complete vido here





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