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Duke Jacks Off in Garage While Smoking

skinny guy jacks off while smoking a cigarette

Duke is the latest skater dude to get naked and get off while enjoying a smoke at Boys Smoking. The garage houses a dust covered vintage convertible that allows a perfect vantage point for us to watch him lean back and enjoy his first cigarette while taking off his clothes. Duke has a small patch of hair in the center of his chest and a dark patch of thick fur on his stomach. The stomach hair more matches the big bush of pubes at the base of his growing cock. Siting on the car we get to see every inch of Duke from the bottom of his feet, up his hairy legs to his big bush cock and balls, and skinny body and bearded face. Duke’s average looks and don’t give a fuck attitude as he slowly strokes himself is what amateur gay porn is supposed to be about! Duke seems to enjoy the smokes as much if not more than the feeling of rubbing his growing dick. The young man takes his time slowing moving his hand up and down his dick while taking long drags of his Marlboro Blacks. His timing is about perfect for cumming too. Just as he gets near the bottom of his last smoke his cock throbs and releases a flow of thick cum that runs down the shaft of his dick and pools in his dark pubes and runs down his shaved ball sack. The camera guy gets in nice and close to show us the sticky jizz covered dick as Duke blows out a big cloud of smoke and a sigh.


Smoking Lad Strokes 12 Inch Uncut Dick

Smoking lad with 12 inch pole

Matt whips out his 12 inch uncut cock and rubs one out while enjoying a smoke at UK Scally Lads

Some people may not consider Matt an amateur because he has appeared on a few different British based amateur gay porn sites.  But Matt does have a regular day job and hasn’t done any major studio film work.  What Matt does do is show off his tall, hairy, skinny body and 12 inch dick.  Yes, it really is 12 inches when hard and unlike some guys with huge cocks, he actually does get his fully hard.  In this shoot at UK Scally Lads he relaxes and has a smoke as he takes off his track pants and plays with his monster meat while still in his white boxer briefs.  It’s nice to see a guy who is so comfortable in front of the camera.  His jerk off isn’t rushed and he looks like he is enjoying every bit of his afternoon wank and every bit of his smoke.  Matt gets fully hard and slides the foreskin back from his cock head.  Once the cigarette is done he lies back and strokes with two hands until he releases a stream of hot cum up onto his hairy chest. 

Matt is just one of the kinky bad lads that get naked and get off at UK Scally Lads.  For xxx pictures and videos of kinky uncut guys in track suites, soccer kits, and sports caps the only place to go is UK Scally Lads. 





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