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Jayden Fucks Skyelr Poolside

Jayden was hanging out at the Southern Strokes pool and getting more horny by the minute. The owner knew that Skyelr had a thing for Jayden and wanted his cock so they invited him over. The attraction was instant as the two southern boys started making out and undressing each other. Within minutes both guys are out of their swim suites and naked by the pool. Skyelr goes down first and starts sucking on Jayden’s dick. Hungry for cock himself, Jayden turns so that him and Skyelr can 69. With lots of Jayden’s saliva running down Skyelr’s dick and balls his ass becomes wet and ready. Jayden takes advantage of the situation and fucks Skyelr in a few different positions. Jayden is gentle with the boys ass at first but with Skyelr moaning for more Jayden slams the naked guys ass harder and faster right up until he pulls out and shoots his cum onto Skyelr’s wet back and ass. Poolside scenes like this in HD is why the air is hot and wet at Southern Strokes.

Southern boys fucking in HD

College Jocks Jack Off and Shower Together

Jayden and Cole are two ripped college jocks from Fratmen TV. Each of these hot guys could carry a show on their own but together; it is pure magic. Both have great bodies developed from hours in the gym. One has a semi hairy chest and stomach with 6 pack abs and a thick juicy cock. The other model has a hairless chest and abs and sports a cock with a nice upward curve that stands out and looks great as he strokes it. The guys both say they are straight so the action starts pretty tame with them jerking off together in bed and watching a porn that is playing on the computer. Then, to everyone’s surprise, one of the guys reaches over and starts stroking his buddy’s meat. That is about as far as the sex goes on the bed; but, as the two step into the shower with both cocks still fully erect and ready to shoot the action  goes to the next level as Cole and Jayden swap blow jobs in the shower. Head over to Frat Men now to check it out and watch the full video.

Amateur College Jocks

Tattooed Punker Jacks Off In The Tub

Achilles is a hardcore punk complete with a pink Mohawk, lots of ink, and an anti-authority attitude. He can’t wait to get his pants undone and into the tub to get down to business. Once he decides to go for it, he snuffs out his cigarette and goes to town for full on, hot-as-hell man-release!

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College Ball Jocks Suck and Fuck

Virgil gets sucked and fucked by his college ball buddies Kye and Alex after a sweaty day out at SD Boy. Virgil is the biggest of the three guys in terms of stature.  After a fun afternoon throwing the football around and shooting some hoops the three retreat back to a nearby apartment for a quick group shower where one thing leads to another. As the three are covered with soap the cock stroking and sucking begins. With all three guys hard and horny they leave the cramped quarters of the shower to head out to the living room. There the cock sucking continues with all three taking turns at each other’s slightly larger than average cut and uncut cocks. Kye and Alex put on condoms and fuck Virgil’s ass in different positions all over the sofa from doggie style to having Virgil riding Alex while sucking Kye’s cock. After the intense ass screwing the three help each other get off to shoot their loads. My guess , although it isn’t shown, is that the three studs covered in cum went back to the shower. It’s such a vicious loop, I know.

San Diego College Jocks and Military Men at SD Boys

HS Boy Lance Jerks Off In The Pool

Blonde haired and tattooed 19 year old Lance goes out to the pool for a swim but ends up taking out his cock and jerking off in the summer sun at HS Boys. Lance is one of the cover models at HS Boys for good reason. He is very cute and has a wonderful body. Lance has a muscular chest with no hair and a flat stomach with a bit of treasure trail leading down into his swim shorts. As the shorts come off we get a good close up look at Lances untrimmed bush and a hairy ass. Lance gets onto a floating mattress and starts stroking his wonderful cut cock. The cum shot isn’t too impressive but with a body and face like his you can’t have everything. I know I’d do him.

Watch Lance and other 18-19 year olds getting off

Naked Amateur Men 2010

I finally broke down and made up my mind to buy some wall calendars for 2010.  After looking at the usual places around town and almost fainting at some of the stores marked up price I decided to look online.  Lucky for me a friend had showed me a very hot calendar that he just got from TLA Video.  I knew that TLA sold amateur gay porn DVDs and sex toys but didn’t realize that they also sell XXX and PG13 calendars, greeting cards, and Hollywood movies as well.  Tonight I searched their site and picked these:

Amateur Straight Guys – features 12 amateur straight men in solo action.  Many of the guys have tattoos and a few are nicely hung.  Mr. July has one sweet ass too!

2010-amateur straight guys

Island Studs – has a slew of member’s favorite models from the amateur male voyeur site of the same name.  A few of the guys from have even been featured here at amateurmenontheweb.  My favorite is Mr. January with his lean ripped body, muscular tattooed shoulder, and a big hard cock standing out from an all natural bush of pubes. If you like naturally tan surfer dudes from Hawaii and the Caribbean then this is for you.

2010-Island Studs

XXX Boys – is the only calendar full of hardcore raw and raunchy oral and anal penetration.  The guys come direct from Dirty Bird Pictures, the same guys who bring us the best military action at Some of the guys in this calendar are professional gay porn stars like Mayson Wyler and Brent Corrigan but they are hot and I loved all of the cock sucking, ass fucking, 3 ways, and gay orgy pics so…

2010- XXX Boys calendar

Naked Military – is the next logical choice after seeing the hardcore action from Dirty Bird.  The 2010 Naked Military calendar features the hard bodied amateur military men of Active Duty.  Big ripped guys in and out of uniform showing off the results of their hours of PT and hard cocks fill this 2010 collection.  Hint – Don’t wait until December to check him out; this marine had me hard in no time.  Sir, yes sir!

2010 Military Men calendar featuring the amateur men of Active Duty

Naked Frat Men – features the amateur college jocks from These 18-24 year old guys take care of themselves and sometimes take care of a buddy as well.  All of the guys get naked in one place or another… the bedroom, patio, bathtub, the gym showers.  While Mr. April is my favorite, you just can’t help but stare at the monster cocks found in May and November or the absolutely adorable face of December as he jerks off in the bath tub.

2010 Naked Fratmen calendar

Be sure to check out TLA Video for more calendars, DVDs, sex toys, and other great gift ideas.

Sweaty Amateur Footballer Showers and Jerks Off

Cody was an accidental discovery for the guys at Dirty Boy Videos.  He was playing football (or soccer depending on where you are from) and noticed the guys checking him out in the stands.  It wasn’t long before Cody was checking them back.  After practice Cody was dripping with sweat.  His soccer jersey was soaked through and you could see his big dick flopping around in his thin shorts.  Cody agreed to come back to the hotel for a little fun.  He immediately starts taking off his sweat-soaked kit as he walks in.  His tan sweaty skin looks amazing.  Cody hops into the shower to rinse off and plays with his big floppy cock for a bit then heads into the bedroom to finish getting off.  His skin is still wet from the shower as he strokes his cock to full hardness.  The camera continues to follow Cody from doorway to cum shot and we get to see some nice close ups of this dirty boys cock and balls.

Cody strips off his sweaty soccer kit, showers, then jerks off

Watch Cody’s jerk off and cum shot video here





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