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Drake Temple shower time fun

hairy man pulls off swim suite to rub his fat uncut cock in the shower

Drake Temple is the kind of guy you look at and go WOOF! Not so much a “bear” but rather a good looking man with a beard and lots of chest hair. Most of the “mates” at Bentley Race are Australian but many are simply guys that Ben meets while traveling. Such is the case with Drake who is actually from California in the U.S.

Drake wanted to do something in the shower which caused some issues for Ben working in a small place. Actually, Ben says he didn’t mind being so close to Drake during the photography. Who can blame him? Drake is wearing a skin-tight Aussie Bum swim suite when he gets into the shower and adjusts the water to a temperature warm enough to feel good and not enough to steam up the camera lens. The bulge in the tight briefs looks great when the water starts flowing down Drake’s hairy chest and stomach. It gets noticeably bigger quite quickly when he begins rubbing his big hands along the growing shaft. Drake wants to put on a good show for the viewers but he also wants to get to it getting off. He pulls the swim suite off fast and lets his fat uncut dick out. Drake keeps his pubes trimmed and balls & ass shaved in stark contrast to his torso and legs. Even fully hard, when Drake’s dick isn’t being stroked, the foreskin covers most of the thick head. Guys must love munching on that baby. Drake puts on a nice show that will have a little something for everyone before leaving the shower to finish jerking his load at the bathroom sink.

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Shy College Boy – Braxton Strokes His Cock for Cash

FratMen TV Braxton - college jock poses naked and strokes his hard dick

I guess being me, it is hard to believe that a guy as good looking as Braxton from FratMen TV could be shy. First he is so damn cute that he must be getting hit on by girs and guys alike at his campus. With a body like his, you know he spends time in the gym. With the gym comes the showers where horny gay and bisexual dudes look for some action. Secondly, he is doing a naked jack off video on the internet! There are not many shy guys I know that will strip naked on camera. Of course not many of my shy friends look like Braxton either. I can kind of understand his motivation though. If I had a body like that I’d want to show it off too. Getting paid to do it would be enough motivation for me.

Braxton blushes a little as he does the out doors part of his photo session. He slowly takes off his shirt to display his smooth ripped body. The only hair on his torso is a small patch growing just below his navel. As things move along he gets a little more daring by opening his button fly jeans to show us his cock while standing in the hallway. In another show of his personality… Braxton doesn’t wear underwear. His dick doesn’t look too big when he takes it out but when he turns we get to see his amazing pale while ass. The gym has been good to every part of this college boy! Braxton goes inside to continue his slow and tempting strip. Some amateur men go slow to be sexy but Braxton goes slow because he honestly looks embarrassed or afraid. The way he blushes when his dick starts to get hard is so cute. Braxton goes to the shower where we get to watch him lather up his growing cock, tanned abs, and sweet ass. Have I mentioned how amazing his ass is yet? After the shower he moves to a lounger where he lies back and strokes his dick to a creamy finish. For showmanship Braxton gets a C, cuteness B+, body A-, and finally; ability to get guys worked up and jacking an easy A.

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Jake Randel and Tate Ryder Have Fun In The Jacuzzi

Jake Randel has gay sex with Tate Ryder in a hotel room jacuzzi

A Bentley Race favorite, Tate Ryder hooks up with Jake Randel in a hotel room with a jacuzzi tub for some hot & wet suck and fuck action. The guys start things off undressing each other from their flannel shirts and jeans. Already they can’t keep their hands or mouths off of each other. Why they bother to put on a swim suite is beyond me except that nearly every model on Bentley Race wears Aussie Bum gear. Anyway, the suits don’t stay on long. Tate has Jake’s suite off and is busy sucking his hard cock as he sits on the edge of the tub. The guys don’t bother to close the curtains making this scene all the hotter knowing that other guests could easily look in and see. Lucky bastards! Both men are naked, hard, and wet when they decide to move the action over to the bed where there is more room to play. Tate puts his smooth shaved ass in the air for us all to see and Jake to fuck. And fuck Tate’s ass he does, from three positions Jake gives the full length to Tate.

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Tristan Scott’s Poolside Jerk Off

Tristan Scott strokes his cock by the pool

The scouts at Randy Blue definitely have a knack for finding some of the hottest amateurs in gay porn. Tristan Scott is the latest newbie to make the plunge. He has already done a Randy Blue live webcam show with members and was so well received that they are setting him up to come back for some man on man action. The pictures above are from his first photo and video performance. Tristan relaxes by the pool in warm Palm Springs. You can see the beads of sweat on his semi-smooth chest and the glare off his sun glasses. Tristan is so GQ that he could easily be a mainstream model. Even before seeing him naked, Tristan would get me looking twice (or more) to any pair of underwear he was selling. His tight white swim suite shows a nice bulge from his thick cock. Tristan lowers his shorts to let it out and jerks off in a lounge chair beside the pool. Tristan’s cock is about real life average size but looks very nice in combination with his ripped abs and trimmed pubes. Although average length, it has some girth to it. When he is finished he gets into the pool naked to cool off. His light brown to sun bleached blond hair and big friendly smile looks amazing with the blue-green water behind him. It’s very easy to see why he was so well received and I have a feeling that Tristan won’t be “an amateur” much longer.

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Dan Carver’s Poolside Suck

Dan Carver getting a blowjob by the pool

Straight English jock Dan Carver is back showing us his hard body and uncut cock. This time around he is having some fun with Justin Harris in the pool. The guys toss a ball around, splash, and wrestle a bit. When Dan starts to get out Justin grabs his shorts and starts to pull them down. Dan has been naked a number of times and doesn’t mind showing off his amazing body or cock. Justin wants more than just to see it. He grabs hold of Dan’s dick and starts sucking him while they are still in the pool. Once Dan is hard he knows that the sucking must continue until he gets off and moves out of the water for easier access by Justin and a better view for us. Once out of the water Dan stands along the edge for the dick sucking to continue.

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Theo Jacks Off After Paintball

If you haven’t ever played paintball you can not understand how physically challenging and extreme it can be. It is almost constant running, ducking, and diving for cover as opponents fire plastic balls of paint at 120 feet a second at you. The best players are usually in shape with stamina. Theo loves to play paintball and from the looks of him; takes exceptional care of his athletic body.

Theo is the latest college jock to get naked and get off for us at FratMen TV. Theo took the photographer out to see what paintball is like. With his paintball gear on it’s difficult to see how good looking Theo really is. When he removes his mask we get a look at his face and big toothy grin. After a hard day of running and dodging paint there isn’t anything better than relaxing in a hot shower and jacking off. Lucky for us, Theo lets us come with as he gets undressed, jerks off, and lathers up his muscular body in the shower. Usually when I look at a guy there is a favorite part that defines him for me. With Theo that body part is his stomach. To be sure, Theo has an awesome appearance with a cute face, strong chest, broad shoulders, and defined arms but when my eyes moved down to his abs my mouth began to water and the blood to my crotch was flowing. He has six-pack abs that move down to a narrow waist with that V shape leading the eyes to his nice dick.

Theo doesn’t take much time to get hard and stays that way once he is. He takes time to play with his hard cock and show off his firm muscular butt while getting undressed, relaxing in bed, and showering. The shower part of the video is my favorite. The hot water running over his ripped body down to his erect cock standing out and dripping pre cum. Hmmm… I’d be his back scrubber any day!

Ripped paintball player strips naked and jacks off in the shower

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Lanky Island First Timer

The owner/photographer of Island Studs says that the stories of each model are true. If that is the case, horny guys like me should pack up and move to Hawaii now. He says that he picked up Steve while hitch hiking on the way to the beach. After an hour or so of swimming in the ocean Steve came up treading water and started chatting. The owner was impressed with Steve’s candor and youthful good looks and asked him if he ever thought about posing nude. Steve seemed interested and went back to do a shoot.

Steve is a thin 21 year old with an outgoing personality that matches his friendly smile. He is eager to put on a good show for the site’s members. Steve says that he played football in high school and still likes to work out and keep in shape. He has a lean body a nice chest and shoulders and a flat stomach. His chest is smooth but his crotch hair is all natural (like most of the guys at Island Studs). The real joy for me watching Steve is when he takes his shorts down. Steve has a nice uncut cock! It’s already semi hard as he lowers his shorts and even in an excited state there is plenty of foreskin hanging from the head of his dick. I think Steve was really turned on performing in front of the camera too because his dick gets hard as still pictures are snapped without even touching it. It slowly moves from limp to erect all on its own. Steve shows off his hairy ass crack and big balls as he strokes his throbbing cock. He isn’t much of a shooter as far as cum shots go but does let a nice load of cum run down the shaft of his hard cock to the hairy base and balls. Perfect for someone to lick up and clean off for him. Instead, Steve cleans up in the shower where we get to see his tanned body and uncut cock glisten in the warm water.

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