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Straight Boy Self Sucks Then Fucks Gay Neighbor

Gay boy Micah sucks his straight self sucking neighbors cock

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Micah Andrews is a good looking young gay man who moved into a new apartment and very quickly noticed his sexy in shape neighbor Ryan Matthews. Ryan goes for a shirtless run about the same time every day and Micah is sure to be outside doing something to see him as he returns with his smooth tattooed body covered in sweat. Micah called Caruso to help convince the straight boy that he needed to get his dick sucked. It didn’t take much to get Ryan interested. After all, what straight dude doesn’t love to get blown and get paid for it? He wasn’t real impressed when he discovered the BJ would be from a guy and says “God made Adam and Eve. Not Adam and Steve.” Caruso tells him they aren’t making a God video they are shooting porn and he is still getting paid to get blown. Ryan can’t argue with that kind of logic and lays back on Micah’s sofa to get his blow job.

Micah slides the straight jocks shorts off and gets right down to taking Ryan’s cock in his mouth. Ryan seems nervous at first but loves the oral pleasure provided by his horny gay neighbor. This is where thing get even more interesting… Ryan boldly claims that he can suck his own dick and is willing to do it on camera if they pay him extra. Self suckers are a rare find so of course they offer Ryan more money to see him put his cock into his own mouth. Ryan puts his hands under his legs to pull his head down to his semi hard dick. Ryan does a very good job sucking his own dick! Unlike a lot of self suckers, Ryan takes nearly the entire length of his cock into his mouth. He also continues to get harder as he sucks away. I guess he knows what he likes and is able to deliver.

Micah is totally horned up now seeing Ryan completely naked and rock hard. The gay guy offers Ryan a new hole to fuck, namely his tight ass. Ryan quickly puts on a condom and gets behind Micah who is bent over on his hands and knees. Ryan slowly slides his long hard dick up Micah’s smooth tight butt. Both guys look like they are in totally ecstasy. Ryan fucks the gay boys ass slow at first then gets faster and harder as he determines that his partner is loving it. Micah rolls onto his back and continues to get his ass slammed by his straight neighbor. Ryan holds Micah’s legs up as he fucks away and holds on tight right up to the point where he pulls out to shoot his jizz across the gay boys body. Ryan shoots a nice load and has a satisfied look on his face when Caruso makes one last offer for more cash. Caruso offers the straight self sucker more money if he will lick the cum off his own jizz soaked dick. Download the full length video today to see if Ryan follows up on the offer and licks the cum off his own cock after it was up a gay mans ass.





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