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Sky Seduces Luis

twink with pierced dick has sex with his uncut neighbor

You things are going to get interesting when pierced and tattooed twink Skye answers the door in nothing except his underwear. Luis notices the big bulge of Skye’s growing cock and bashfully comes in to see what will happen next. Skye talks to Luis a bit as he moves in and starts rubbing Luis’ chest and lifting his shirt to expose his tanned smooth body. The guys kiss each other and Sky starts to lick Luis neck. The neck is a huge erogenous area for Luis causing him to quickly strip off his pants and boxers to stand naked and ready for action with his aggressively cute neighbor. Skye takes the soft uncut cock in his mouth and plays with Luis’ balls. The bulge in Skye’s underwear is getting bigger as he sucks on his visitors hard cock and a small area of precum can be seen leaking through. Now that Luis is fully erect Skye hands him a condom and bottle of lube while he takes off his underwear. The guys move from the kitchen to the dinning area where Luis sits to put the condom on. Skye straddles Luis and sits on the dark skinned boys condom covered cock. After riding Luis in the chair, Skye lays down on the dinning room table for a proper fucking. Luis looks very happy as he slides his long dick all the way in and all the way out of Skye’s semi hairy ass. Sky is loving the feeling of Luis fucking him and jerks himself as they continue. Luis quickly pulls out to remove the condom as he gets close to cumming and strokes his load onto Skye’s balls and ass. Skye follows soon after shooting his own jizz across his hairless stomach. Seeing the fun that Luis had and knowing how much Skye loves the cock; I’m sure this won’t be the last time Luis stops by.

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Tyler West First Porn Video

Tyler West jacks off and cums

A big warm welcome to Tyler West, the latest newbie to get off for us at Southern Strokes. It’s no secrete that I lean towards smooth jocks with piercings and tattoos and Tyler fits the bill perfectly. Tyler is a 21 year old college student from Texas that wasn’t available during the recent Texas sex tour but the guys at Southern Strokes wanted him and made arrangements around his school schedule to get him into the studio for his first jack off gay porn video. Tyler is 5’7′ tall or 5’11” if you count his spiked hair. As he takes off his shirt we get to see his lean smooth body with both nipples pierced. He has an athletic body with sweet abs but isn’t a muscle head. The spiked hair, tattoo, and piercings were already enough for me to get hard but Tyler wasn’t naked yet and things continued to get better as he strips to a black jock strap and poses to show off his ass before taking his dick out. Tyler starts stroking and it isn’t long before his cock is fully hard and standing tall at about 7 inches long. Tyler looks awesome as he pumps his cock back and forth. Just when you think he’s getting ready to shoot he reaches over for a big purple dildo that he slides up his semi hairy hole. The camera shows every inch as it moves up his wet, lubed hole. The way Tyler moves and moans with pleasure from the dildo I just know it won’t be long before we see this little hottie getting fucked. Tyler finishes his debut with a great cumshot that send jizz flying up his smooth body to splatter on his shoulder and leaves a white milky trail running down his stomach.

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Lance Howard Shoots A 3 Day Load

Lance Howard stroking his big uncut cock and cum shot

To be honest, Buzz West kind of fell off my radar for a while. Looking back through the men that have graced their pages over the past 6 months, I don’t know why. Lance Howard is the latest amateur to strip naked and get off for us so, I thought he would be a good example of what we have been missing. I’m not sure what it is about Lance that I like so much and find it hard to classify him into a “type”. He has a masculine face with a strong jaw line but rosy cheeks and a dark sensuous eyes. His thin body is lean but not muscular with a small tuft of hair in the center of his chest and a small ring around each nipple. His 6 pack belly is similarly smooth with a thick line of dark hair running from his pierced belly to his long uncut dick. Oh yes, another thing to absolutely love about Lance. He has a wonderfully long cock and big unshaved ball sack. Lance gives us a good view of everything including a close up of his bottom boy hole. Lance says he is bisexual but is a bottom when he’s with another guy. His hand moves down to stimulate his ass a few times as he jerks off. He lets out a a series of small moaning sounds that will be sure to bring a smile to many as he shoots an impressive 3 day load. The cum goes about half way up his chest and leaves a nice trail across his awesome abdomen.

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Oh Man – Todd Beauman!

Ripped jock with tattoos and pierced nipples jerks his hard cock

watch Todd jack off and cum shot now for only $1.99

Wow! The guys at Randy Blue are really on a roll with hot blond boys. Last week we were treated to blond Russian stud Alexander Kudrov and now another wet dream cum true; Todd Beauman. There are certain things that really do it for me: cute looks, blonds & redheads, defined or ripped body, tattoos, body piercings, and self sucking ability. My problem is that very few men can meet all of those criteria so I usually pick guys that meet one or two. Todd is like Stacy’s Mom and has it ALL going on. Even fully dressed Todd is so damn cute. The blond hair, blue eyes, and come suck me grin. As Todd lifts his shirt we first see a set of ripped 6 pack abs that move up to a muscular chest with a very fine covering of hair and pierced nipples. Then the clincher, a big tattoo on his shoulder and another in the middle of his muscular V shaped back. Those qualities are already enough for me and I could care less about his cock or ass. Until I saw them anyways. Todd shows off his muscular body wearing only a designer red and white Andrew Christian jock strap. Hmmm that ass is so delicious! When Todd started he said he was straight and horny and looking at the bulge in that jock after he plays with his ass I certainly agree with the horny part. Todd releases his rock hard cock from its cage and gives it a good spanking. The intensity as he jacks off and every so often lets go his dick throbs and bobs on its own is amazing and rarely seen in porn. Like all the men at Randy Blue, Todd puts on a hell of a show. Except for the self sucking Todd Beauman is the perfecta of straight boy jerk off porn. You can watch his full length video with interview, strip show, jack off, and cum shot now in the members area of Randy Blue. While you are there, be sure to tell Randy we want more of Todd!

Corey and Randy’s Homemade Porn

Corey and Randy are real life lovers that make a homemade porn for You Love Jack. The video starts with Corey sitting naked on the couch.  Corey is so cute with his thin hairless body and big puppy-dog-eyes. I’m into the cute guys and tattoos so Corey caught my attention right away. Anyway, the video starts with Corey sitting naked on the couch when a voice tells him to put a big glass dildo up his ass. Corey lays back and slides the ass toy all the way to the base inside his ass as he strokes his semi hard cock. Next he is told to start sucking. Randy works the camera and gets some nice close up action of his hard cock sliding in and out of Corey’s mouth. Randy is all horned up now, as I was too, and orders Corey to remove the ass toy so he can insert some real meat. Randy fucks Corey’s sweet ass bareback in a few different positions then pulls out to shoot his load into Corey’s open mouth. Corey smiles and looks like he truly enjoys having his boyfriends cum all over his face. He leans back and continues to shoot his own cum load all over his smooth chest and stomach. Seeing that cute guy with cum all over his face and running down his chest is a very nice ending to a hot amateur fuck and suck video.

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American Jerks Off in Montreal

All American guy-next-door Dylan went to Canada to study philosophy and fell in love with the city and open sex scene so he stayed.  Now he shows off his thin body and cock stroking at  Dylan’s a typical looking college guy with short brown hair and a cute face with a smile accented by a piercing that draws attention.  Dylan gets undressed to reveal a skinny body with very little hair and a few tattoos.  Unlike most of the guys on squirtz, Dylan’s cock is circumcised.  Even soft his dick looks nice standing out from a bed of short trimmed pubes.  He talks with the producer a bit then gets down to business stroking his hard dick until he shoots a load of American jizz onto his smooth chest and belly.  Dylan is so fun to watch as he smiles and looks like he is having fun the entire time.  With a new amateur jerking off every week and lots of guys in the archives you’re likely to have a good time as well.

Pierced and tattooed American amateur Dylan jerks and squirtz

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