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Genesis Fucks Tony Newport at Southern Strokes

horny men have gay sex outside at a ranch

Genesis first met Tony Newport at a San Antonio dance club. He has wanted a crack at the young jock ever since. When the two bumped into each other at a Southern Strokes party, Genesis hounded the producers to set something up. Watching the way these two guys go at each other, it is obvious that they both wanted this to happen! Tony can’t wait to get slurping down Genesis’ growing cock. Tony licks his way down the hairy chest and ripped abs to suck and lick every inch of his 8 inch cock. Genesis gets up close and personal with Tony’s ass as the guys 69 a bit. The camera guy gets right in for a close up look at Tony’s completely hairless hole. I really thought that Genesis was going to dominate the horny lad but,  surprise! It is Tony that plays the aggressor and climbs on top of Genesis to lower himself slowly onto his condom covered cock. Once in, Genesis goes to it pounding the crap out of the 20 year olds tight butt. Genesis pounds him from three different positions while occasionally leaning in for a deep kiss. It is when Tony is getting fucked on his back and stroking his dick that he spurts his load. Seeing two loads spread across Tony’s tanned abs and Genesis’ semi hard dripping cock as a final image was a very fine ending to a hotter than usual scene at Southern Strokes.


Levi Madison – Tall Dark and Hung

tall dark and hung amateur jerks off outdoors on the grass

Levi Madison is the latest southern amateur discovered by the guys at Southern Strokes. Levi is a 23 year old college student with dark skin that makes his eyes stand out. The eyes always get me first. It only took a second though as the yes wonder down his completely smooth chest and ripped abs. With his shirt open the view is nice and leads your attention straight down to his bulging loose jeans. Levi is a skinny dude. He is 6 feet tall and only weighs 150 pounds. It’s hard to find pants that fit when you’re tall with a 28 inch waist. That just makes it easier to slide your hands down and take a feel of the growing meat beneath. Levi makes it easy by not wearing any underwear. His dick matches his stomach, it is hairless. Levi’s pubes are trimmed so short they are about shaved. That makes his semi hard 7.5 inch cock look even bigger! Levi strips off the shirt and pants altogether and gets to work pumping his big dick. We get some nice looks at his tight ass and shaved balls as he moves around showing it all off. Eventually he kneels down, cups his balls, and spurts his spunk onto his jeans.

see it all now at Southern Strokes


College Jocks Play Naked Beach Football

Darren and Kaleo play football naked on a beach

Darren brought his college buddy with him to his latest adventure at Island Studs. Darren is the tanned guy on the right in the picture above. He is straight and works as a life guard at a Waikiki beach. Darren’s college friend is Kaleo who is straight also. Kaleo played football in high school so getting him comfortable in front of the camera was easy. They handed him a ball and to Darren to go long. That isn’t an issue for Darren. After some fun with their shorts off Darren ups the excitement by taking his board shorts off to play naked. It takes some convincing to get Kaleo to lose his shorts too but once he does, the hairy hunk has a good time playing some football naked. Kaleo isn’t into the guy on guy thing so there isn’t any sex in this scene but both guys look awesome in the sun and in the shower. In typical Island Studs fashion, there is a shower at the end of the naked beach play.

see more at Island Studs


A Member’s Favorite Returns at Southern Strokes

southern man poses naked with semi hard dick

Southern Strokes has been photographing and video taping amateur southern men for a few years now. With regular updates and special features, they have passed the 300 mark. Technology changes and the web gets faster making old pictures and vids look small or of less quality even though they may have been top of the line at the time they were released. The producers know this and know that we like to see our amateurs crystal clear. Southern Strokes has started doing something called Flashback. They take some of the highest rated and most viewed men from the past and re release them with a bit of touching up and modernization. Brandon is one of the member’s favorites to flash back and he looks great doing it.

Brandon is (was) a 20 year old man that enjoys martial arts and getting off. His clean cut looks are a perfect match for his southern charm. Brandon smiles throughout his photo session outside by the lake. He seems excited as he gives us a first look at his 8 inch dick. After the photos, Brandon goes inside to strip naked and starts jerking off on video. As Brandon changes positions we get to watch as his stomach and shoulder muscles flex. You can tell that he is more athletic than he seems at first glance. You can really see how low his big balls hang too. With those hairy legs and butt it is interesting that Brandon shaves his balls. Personally, I like it because it makes licking so much more enjoyable. Maybe he likes it too because his dick gets noticeably harder as he rubs his balls and inner thigh while jerking his meat.

see more of Brandon here


Alex Andrews Outdoor Jerkoff


watch Alex cum at Next Door Male

Alex Andrews caught my attention recently while browsing the great looking men that jack off for us at Next Door Male. The reason is because he LOOKS AMATEUR. Alex does not have completely shaved gym ripped body. What Alex does have is classic good looks with an in-shape body, and a very sweet ass. If you look at some of his pictures where he is smiling you may even see that he looks a little like Ryan Reynolds from Van Wilder (before he bulked up for Blade). That very sweet ass part along with his uncut dick that gets hard as he is undressing and stays that way for most of his photo and video shoot is what (IMO) makes him so hot to watch.

Like most of the scenes at NDM, the men start off doing a high quality photo shoot then do a full length video. As Alex lowers his pants in the photos his dick is already getting hard. You can almost see the foreskin sliding back over the head of his growing cock from picture to picture. We also get a plenty good number of views of Alex’s awesome butt. This man may have average looks but there is nothing ordinary about his ass. We get to see plenty of it in his 90 pictures and he shows it off quite well in the 20 minute jack off video that follows. It really is guys like Alex that make me love the amateurs so much.

naked guy with awesome butt and looks a little like Ryan Reynolds

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Tristan Scott’s Poolside Jerk Off

Tristan Scott strokes his cock by the pool

The scouts at Randy Blue definitely have a knack for finding some of the hottest amateurs in gay porn. Tristan Scott is the latest newbie to make the plunge. He has already done a Randy Blue live webcam show with members and was so well received that they are setting him up to come back for some man on man action. The pictures above are from his first photo and video performance. Tristan relaxes by the pool in warm Palm Springs. You can see the beads of sweat on his semi-smooth chest and the glare off his sun glasses. Tristan is so GQ that he could easily be a mainstream model. Even before seeing him naked, Tristan would get me looking twice (or more) to any pair of underwear he was selling. His tight white swim suite shows a nice bulge from his thick cock. Tristan lowers his shorts to let it out and jerks off in a lounge chair beside the pool. Tristan’s cock is about real life average size but looks very nice in combination with his ripped abs and trimmed pubes. Although average length, it has some girth to it. When he is finished he gets into the pool naked to cool off. His light brown to sun bleached blond hair and big friendly smile looks amazing with the blue-green water behind him. It’s very easy to see why he was so well received and I have a feeling that Tristan won’t be “an amateur” much longer.

see Tristan’s free preview video here

Hawaii Surfer Strokes His Long Banana

Reed strokes his long cock

If Reed’s jack off video went up earlier in the year he would have been one of the member’s favorites of 2010. I know because the favorites of Island Studs 2010 were my personal choices as well. Reed has many of the same qualities plus a big bonus. After riding some waves, he returns with his board and a desire to get off. It is obvious that Reed spends time in the sun with his dark tan. His white ass looks nice and really contrasts well with his darker parts. When you first look at Reed’s dick it looks about average. As it swings while walking across the beach it seems to keep getting longer. By the time he settles down on a piece of driftwood it is really long and looking huge. Reed starts his stroking to get it good and hard. The only problem with guys like Reed is that his cock is so big that it doesn’t stand up when stiff. That’s okay for me as I’d still love to play with his big banana. Reed strokes his dick and rubs his ripped belly until he cums. After his jerk off session he walks to a nearby shower to clean up. Seeing his dark lean body with warm water running down his chest and off the end of his cock was enough to start getting me hard again.

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