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Shy College Boy – Braxton Strokes His Cock for Cash

FratMen TV Braxton - college jock poses naked and strokes his hard dick

I guess being me, it is hard to believe that a guy as good looking as Braxton from FratMen TV could be shy. First he is so damn cute that he must be getting hit on by girs and guys alike at his campus. With a body like his, you know he spends time in the gym. With the gym comes the showers where horny gay and bisexual dudes look for some action. Secondly, he is doing a naked jack off video on the internet! There are not many shy guys I know that will strip naked on camera. Of course not many of my shy friends look like Braxton either. I can kind of understand his motivation though. If I had a body like that I’d want to show it off too. Getting paid to do it would be enough motivation for me.

Braxton blushes a little as he does the out doors part of his photo session. He slowly takes off his shirt to display his smooth ripped body. The only hair on his torso is a small patch growing just below his navel. As things move along he gets a little more daring by opening his button fly jeans to show us his cock while standing in the hallway. In another show of his personality… Braxton doesn’t wear underwear. His dick doesn’t look too big when he takes it out but when he turns we get to see his amazing pale while ass. The gym has been good to every part of this college boy! Braxton goes inside to continue his slow and tempting strip. Some amateur men go slow to be sexy but Braxton goes slow because he honestly looks embarrassed or afraid. The way he blushes when his dick starts to get hard is so cute. Braxton goes to the shower where we get to watch him lather up his growing cock, tanned abs, and sweet ass. Have I mentioned how amazing his ass is yet? After the shower he moves to a lounger where he lies back and strokes his dick to a creamy finish. For showmanship Braxton gets a C, cuteness B+, body A-, and finally; ability to get guys worked up and jacking an easy A.

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Sam Johnson Services Jamie West at English Lads

Sam Johnson sucks Jamie West uncuct cock then takes a ride reverse cowboy style

The look on Jamie West face as he gets serviced by Sam Johnson is so cool. This whole scene Sam has a smile like a kid at Christmas while Jamie is like “ya, this feels good. What’s next?”. Jamie has done a number of man on man sex scenes before while 18 year old Sam is still kind of new at this with this only his third scene and first time with another guy. Sam says he is straight and Dog love him for it but he sure does seem to love sucking on Jamie’s cock. He is the first to get completely naked. When he climbs up to ride Jaimie reverse cowboy his dick stays hard and that smile remains throughout. If I was with Jamie I’d be smiling, naked, and hard too. Something about his face and that ripped smooth body makes Jamie one of my English boy favorites but I’m gay so… If anything, I’d say Sam is a closeted bi boy. Good for him. I think he is way fun to watch and can’t wait to see him come back for more!

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Jake Randel and Tate Ryder Have Fun In The Jacuzzi

Jake Randel has gay sex with Tate Ryder in a hotel room jacuzzi

A Bentley Race favorite, Tate Ryder hooks up with Jake Randel in a hotel room with a jacuzzi tub for some hot & wet suck and fuck action. The guys start things off undressing each other from their flannel shirts and jeans. Already they can’t keep their hands or mouths off of each other. Why they bother to put on a swim suite is beyond me except that nearly every model on Bentley Race wears Aussie Bum gear. Anyway, the suits don’t stay on long. Tate has Jake’s suite off and is busy sucking his hard cock as he sits on the edge of the tub. The guys don’t bother to close the curtains making this scene all the hotter knowing that other guests could easily look in and see. Lucky bastards! Both men are naked, hard, and wet when they decide to move the action over to the bed where there is more room to play. Tate puts his smooth shaved ass in the air for us all to see and Jake to fuck. And fuck Tate’s ass he does, from three positions Jake gives the full length to Tate.

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Tyler Sweet Rides a Straight Boy’s Cock

cute southern jock, Tyler Sweet rides a straight guy's cock and shoots a huge load of cum

Wow have I been missing out the past month at Southern Strokes. Work has been so busy that I have not had much time to browse my usual favorite amateur gay porn sites, Southern Strokes included. Too bad for me because the first week of November a new southern hottie hit the set running and has been burning things up since. His name is Tyler Sweet and damn is this southern boy CUTE! Tyler is like a cross between a twink and a jock. However you classify his hairless ripped body, it is clear that Tyler loves two things for sure; men’s dick and getting off. Tyler has done his debut jerk off video and 3 gay sex scenes including this latest romp with a new straight boy, Witten Cooper.

Tyler is an energetic bottom if ever I’ve seen one. This young 18 year old loves getting fucked. When he hooks up with Witten (Witt) he can’t wait to see the big 8 inch cock he’s heard about. Tyler goes right to it taking the straight guys big dick out to start rubbing and sucking. Witt seems a bit surprised at first but obviously enjoys getting serviced by Tyler. Witt loves the dick sucking by Tyler and Tyler is just as turned on with a throbbing hard cock from simply having Will naked. The passive yet pleasure seeking Witt changes once Tyler lubes up and sits on his ragging hard dick. Tyler goes slow at first and winces a little when Will shoves the last inch up his smooth ass. The look of pleasure mixed with pain on Tyler’s boyish face is so damn hot. The fucking gets hard and fast as Witt speeds things up and starts slamming his new gay fuck buddy ass. Tyler is panting hard saying “fuck ya, fuck ya” as Witt slams him so hard you can hear their skin slapping together. All the wile Tyler stays hard. If you haven’t noticed, this guy is seriously turned on. The guys lie beside each other in the end to jerk their loads. In a fitting end to a stellar performance, Tyler shoots a huge load of cum that flies through the air making a spectacular mess across his ripped belly and chest. Witt and Tyler both look happy lying beside each other covered with cum and sweat.

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English Jocks Have Gay 3 Way

Dan Broughton, Darius Fernand, and Dan James have a gay sex 3 way

When Dan Broughton, Darius Fernand, and Dan James hook up it leads to a fun three way at English Lads. All three of the British men have athletic bodies and nice big uncut cocks. Dan B and Darius both sport 7.5 inches and Dan James measures in with a full 8.5 inch dick. Darius and Dan B have some fun playing with Dan James cock through his tight underwear as the action starts. They rub, stroke, grope, and massage the blond lads big dick until it makes an impressive outline in his tight black underwear. Once his cock is out is dick sucking time for all. The guys all take turns sucking each others hard cocks. Darius ends up in the middle slurping down Dan J’s big dick as Dan B moves behind him to play with his skinny ass. The ass play leads to a fucking in no time and Darius is having both holes filled at the same time. All three get the best out of their experience together but, IMO, Dan Broughton is the winner. He gets to suck Dan J, fuck Darius Fernand, and has sex with two hot guys at the same time. Awesome!

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Dave Is Back Bold & Bald

hairy chested bald man gets a gay blowjob

It has been a while since Dave has visited the oral palace that is NY Straight Men. Since his last visit Dave has made a few life changes. For example, he has a new girlfriend that asked him to shave his head. I’ve never met the girl but will say that I like her taste. Dave looks completely hot with a shaved head. I’m not 100% but it looks like he is more bulked than before as well. His shoulders, chest, and butt look awesome! One thing that hasn’t changed is the love Dave has for the best blowjobs in town. He stopped by for a quick servicing by the resident cocksucker, Trey. After very little small talk, Trey gets on his knees to pull Dave’s dick out through the fly in his form fitting jeans. Dave lifts his shirt to expose his hairy yet trimmed chest. Guys like Dave with hairy muscular chests and pierced nipples are great for men that like some hair but are not into the chub/bear scene. Trey does his magic getting Dave hard in no time then moves him over to the sofa where he removes Dave’s shoes, socks, and pants. For some, watching Trey undress this hunky straight man will be the best part. Once naked, Trey gets back to sucking Dave’s dick. Dave provides great feedback as to what he really likes Trey to do for him. The moans of pleasure and look of ecstasy on his face when Trey forces the head of Dave’s cock down the back of his throat is the best example. It’s reasons like Trey’s deep throating that keep straight men like Dave coming back! Dave squirms and breaths faster as Trey sucks and strokes his saliva drenched dick to cum. The stream of cum pulses and runs down the back of Trey’s hand. Trey continues to stroke Dave’s sensitive cock for the full pleasure/pain sensation and a fitting end to a hot blowjob.

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College Jocks Play Naked Beach Football

Darren and Kaleo play football naked on a beach

Darren brought his college buddy with him to his latest adventure at Island Studs. Darren is the tanned guy on the right in the picture above. He is straight and works as a life guard at a Waikiki beach. Darren’s college friend is Kaleo who is straight also. Kaleo played football in high school so getting him comfortable in front of the camera was easy. They handed him a ball and to Darren to go long. That isn’t an issue for Darren. After some fun with their shorts off Darren ups the excitement by taking his board shorts off to play naked. It takes some convincing to get Kaleo to lose his shorts too but once he does, the hairy hunk has a good time playing some football naked. Kaleo isn’t into the guy on guy thing so there isn’t any sex in this scene but both guys look awesome in the sun and in the shower. In typical Island Studs fashion, there is a shower at the end of the naked beach play.

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