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Amateur Skaters Fuck Video

Preston and Greg are 2 skaters from sunny Florida. Jeremy met them when visiting Key West. He seen that they were always hanging around the hotel lobby and thought they were cute so one day he approached them, showed them his web site, and made an offer.  Preston called later that night and said that he was game. You can tell Preston loves to be in front of the camera but was a little nervous when Greg showed up to join him in the shoot. Greg does a good job making Preston comfortable. The two start with some kissing that leads to deep tonguing and Preston pushing his pierced tongue deep into Greg’s mouth. Greg moves down and unzips Preston’s shorts and starts jacking and sucking his thick cock. The two get completely undressed and 69 a bit with Preston taking ever inch of Greg’s uncut dick in his mouth. Preston moves from Greg’s cock and preps Greg’s ass with a wet rimming that opens his hole up. The close up view of Preston’s pierced tongue going around that pink hole is sweet. Then Preston puts a condom on his rock hard 8 inch cock and starts to fuck Greg’s ass. Greg loves every moment of it and moans in pleasure as he grabs Preston to pull him in deeper. You get a really good view of Preston’s ripped abs and body when he has Greg on his back. These skater dudes know how to have a good time for sure and you will have a good time as well watching their amateur porn video at Club Jeremy Hall.

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