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Seth Fucks Hairy Amateur’s Ass

bearded man has gay sex with hairy chested bald man

Craig Spade is the latest newcomer to visit Seth Chase and Aaron French at the Fuck Off Guys apartment. Craig is a former military man that likes it fast and rough. Craig starts things off by doing some photo poses by himself. He gets naked to show us his lean and hairy body. Craig keeps his chest trimmed short but as you can clearly see, Craig is one hairy boy. The chest hair extends to his shoulders, upper back, legs, and butt too. About the only part of Craig that isn’t hairy is his smooth bald head.

When Seth enters the scene Craig is all horned up and ready to get started. He undoes Seth’s pants to gain access to Seth’s cock and starts sucking. Seth is always ready for sex with new men and gets hard quickly. Before long Seth is naked, wearing nothing except his glasses. Craig licks and slurps on the bearded man’s growing cock until it is fully hard and dripping with saliva and precum. Once Seth is fully ready he bends Craig over to prep the new guy’s hairy behind. Seth rubs a handful of lube around the furry hole and puts a condom on. Seth pushes his dick in slow at first for Craig to adjust then goes to town pounding the skinny bald guys ass. Graig gets to liking the hard dick in his ass and takes a bit to ride it after the doggy style fucking. When Seth gets ready to nut he moves up to Craig’s chest and strokes his load into Craig’s mouth and across his face. The foamy jizz is pouring from Graig’s mouth by the time Seth is done dumping his load. The white cum looks great running down Craig’s chin onto his hairy chest. By the look on his face, it seems as if Craig had a very good time. Maybe we’ll see him back in action again sometime soon.

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Billy Gets Blown

straight guy gets rimmed and blown

The last time Billy was visiting New York he called the guys at NY Straight Men to see about getting another blowjob. There is a new cocksucker that loves hairy men and was very happy at the chance to get Billy’s cock in his mouth. Billy wore his Lucky brand jeans to the taping which is kind of funny. If you are not familiar with Lucky jeans, the inside edge of the zipper (or in this case the button fly) says “Lucky You” on them with a four leaf clover. The NYSM cocksucker gets on his knees to rub Billy’s dick through his black briefs then pulls them down to start sucking. Billy has a red bushy beard and a coat of thick dark fur that covers his chest and stomach. The lucky sucker can’t keep his hands from Billy’s hairy body as he sucks Billy’s dick and rims his hairy ass. The rimming really gets Billy going and ready to bust his nut when the dick sucking continues. Billy blasts a very thick load of jizz that lands in the fur on his lower stomach. As you can see in the picture, the dick sucker doesn’t care that Billy has cum and keeps up with the sucking and licking until the hairy straight man goes soft.

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Owen Jacks Off In The Kitchen

Owen gives a tour of his kitchen then strips and jerks his uncut cock

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Owen is back showing off his tattoos and hard cock as he jerks off in his own NYC kitchen. As he gives the tour of his kitchen and talks about his cooking skills it is obvious that this amateur is ready to get down to action. He keeps rubbing his dick through his jeans and as soon as the camera guy says show us your cock Owen instantly drops his pants and underwear to show his soft uncut dick. After removing all his clothes except socks he spreads his cheeks and gives us a view of his smooth NYC boy butt. The ass action doesn’t last long as Own is more focused on his cock. He sits on the counter near the sink and gets to work stroking his hard cock. Owen knows what he likes as he masturbates… he licks his own armpit and rubs his pink nipples just below a huge eagle tattoo on his smooth chest. Owen doesn’t make a lot of noise as he jerks his cock and gives little to no warning except for the flexing of his whole body just before he shoots his cum out. In my opinion, Owen is one of the cutest of amateur NYC guys that get off at Dirty Boy Videos.





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