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Drake Temple shower time fun

hairy man pulls off swim suite to rub his fat uncut cock in the shower

Drake Temple is the kind of guy you look at and go WOOF! Not so much a “bear” but rather a good looking man with a beard and lots of chest hair. Most of the “mates” at Bentley Race are Australian but many are simply guys that Ben meets while traveling. Such is the case with Drake who is actually from California in the U.S.

Drake wanted to do something in the shower which caused some issues for Ben working in a small place. Actually, Ben says he didn’t mind being so close to Drake during the photography. Who can blame him? Drake is wearing a skin-tight Aussie Bum swim suite when he gets into the shower and adjusts the water to a temperature warm enough to feel good and not enough to steam up the camera lens. The bulge in the tight briefs looks great when the water starts flowing down Drake’s hairy chest and stomach. It gets noticeably bigger quite quickly when he begins rubbing his big hands along the growing shaft. Drake wants to put on a good show for the viewers but he also wants to get to it getting off. He pulls the swim suite off fast and lets his fat uncut dick out. Drake keeps his pubes trimmed and balls & ass shaved in stark contrast to his torso and legs. Even fully hard, when Drake’s dick isn’t being stroked, the foreskin covers most of the thick head. Guys must love munching on that baby. Drake puts on a nice show that will have a little something for everyone before leaving the shower to finish jerking his load at the bathroom sink.

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Jake Randel and Tate Ryder Have Fun In The Jacuzzi

Jake Randel has gay sex with Tate Ryder in a hotel room jacuzzi

A Bentley Race favorite, Tate Ryder hooks up with Jake Randel in a hotel room with a jacuzzi tub for some hot & wet suck and fuck action. The guys start things off undressing each other from their flannel shirts and jeans. Already they can’t keep their hands or mouths off of each other. Why they bother to put on a swim suite is beyond me except that nearly every model on Bentley Race wears Aussie Bum gear. Anyway, the suits don’t stay on long. Tate has Jake’s suite off and is busy sucking his hard cock as he sits on the edge of the tub. The guys don’t bother to close the curtains making this scene all the hotter knowing that other guests could easily look in and see. Lucky bastards! Both men are naked, hard, and wet when they decide to move the action over to the bed where there is more room to play. Tate puts his smooth shaved ass in the air for us all to see and Jake to fuck. And fuck Tate’s ass he does, from three positions Jake gives the full length to Tate.

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James Rider Gets Us Into The Holiday Spirit

frisky boy wearing nothing except a red christmas hat and a red jock strap

To be honest, I have not been in the mood to do any holiday posts this year. The past few years I had to hunt to find something hot, fun, and festive. This year the holiday men are in full force on nearly every amateur site out there. For some reason James Rider at Buzz West caught my attention. This moppy headed young man showed up to do his first porn performance wearing a red mad bombers hat with white fur embroidered with “Seasons Greetings”. Having the guts to wear a hat like that in public is one thing but showing up to a porn shoot… that’s awesome! Things continue to get better as things go too.

James tells us in his interview that he is straight and has a girlfriend. He hasn’t cum in a few days so he shouldn’t have any trouble shooting a nice load for us. How considerate. James starts getting undressed and surprises with a festive red jock strap under his jeans. Now, wearing only the red jock and the furry hay, James lies back to show off his ass from a position that most straight men would never try in public let alone be filmed doing. It’s hot and gets the young man in the mood for more. James starts rubbing his dick through the jock making a big bulge. The profile for James says he has a 9 inch dick and seeing the size of the stuffed jock, I’d believe it. With him hard and ready the jock comes off and he gets to it stroking. It is the lets get to business attitude that most amateurs show that I like so much. No funny talking or attempts at cheesy strip teases, just down to it jacking and fucking. Okay, so James is only Jacking but he gets right to it once his cock is out. The two days without sex or all the rubbing early on has done something because it doesn’t take long before James is getting flushed and pumping out a stream of cum. After cumming James goes in and takes a nice warm shower. Seeing him with that hair and a wet body may just be the best part of this scene.

see more of James Rider at Buzz West


Leo Rocca Strokes His Hard Aussie Cock

hairy chested Aussie jerks off wearing a cockring

One of the nice things about Australia is the men who move there from all over the world. Take this sexy Italian Leo Rocca for instance. Leo contacted Ben wanting to appear at Bentley Race. He had appeared on an amateur porn site before but all shaved up. Ben asked Leo to let his body hair grow and call him back. We are glad that Leo did as told and remembered to call. Leo has a nice hairy chest that matches his hairy butt. In keeping with the hair thing, Leo didn’t shave his face the day he came over to get off either so he has a scruffy look that is so sexy when he looks deep into the camera with his come fuck me eyes. Ben started the photo session in a public restroom across from his apartment. When he sen how big Leo’s swinging cock as heĀ  packed up and headed back to his apartment. Leo gets mostly naked in the stairwell to start. He leaves a sweat band, cap, shoes, and cockring on for a sporty look. After showing off his long legs and ass in the stairs Leo goes inside to jerk a load. He kneels on a bed with a beach towel containing an Australian flag and gets to work stroking his growing cock. The ring around the base makes the veins stand out and head swell nicely. Ben loves to get creative with the camera and gives us some nice views from interesting angles that you won’t want to miss. Ben stays out of the action this time but tells Leo if he behaves and keps the hair that he can come back for some man on man action. Personally, I can’t wait to se if Leo gives or takes in his first action scene at Bentley Race.

amateur Aussie men at Bentley Race


Doug Leaves His Socks On as Trey Blows Him

bearded straight guy leaves his socks on while getting a gay blowjob

When bearded straight man Doug showed up for his blowjob from Trey he had already been riding his bike all over New York City. That’s all the better for guys like Trey that love the musky man smell given off after a hot day in the sun. Trey gets down on his knees to take Doug’s dick out and start sucking. As Trey goes to work, Doug takes off his shirt giving us a look at his skinny and tattooed body. With that big beard I thought that he would be a hairy dude but he isn’t. Doug has a little tuft of hair in the center of his chest and a light coat of fur on his skinny belly. As the dick sucking continues Doug’s clothes all come off except for his crazy gray tube socks. I always laugh when I see or hear about guys that leave just their socks on while having sex. I used to have a boyfriend that would get upset if I took my off so I guess there are guys into that. After the usual underneath camera angle that NYSM is kind of known for, the men move to the sofa to finish things up. Trey deep throats Doug and reaches up to tweak the straight man’s nipples sending Doug into a state of pure pleasure. Trey has lots of practice giving his visitors what they like and Doug is no exception. After he cums Doug has a huge smile on his face. As always, everyone leaves happy from the NY Straight Men apartment.

watch the video of Doug’s gay blowjob here


Amateur Aussie’s First Porn Video

skinny guy jacks his long dick

Bentley Race has a new Aussie mate that is itching to do some porn. TJ Nelson is this new guys name and if his debut jack off vid is used as a sort of audition, I’m fairly sure we will be seeing him back for some sex scenes soon. TJ is a natural in front of the camera. He does some poses wearing only a cap, sweat bands, blue briefs, and socks. Once of the best parts of amateur porn is the real look of the guys. In so much gay porn the guys are all air brushed looking pretty boys. TJ has a scruffy face and a skinny, semi-hairy body that is trimmed but not shaved. His body has so little fat that you can see his underlying bones and his abs naturally ripped. TJ gives us a look at his butt first by pulling down the back of his inderwear then turns to show off his long uncut cock. The underwear comes off but he leaves the other sporting gear on as he starts jerking. TJ strokes faster and harder stopping once in a while to show us how hard he is and rub his balls a little. When it comes to cumming TJ has porn quality cumshot too! The jizz covers his abs with big squirts and even gets some on the sofa.

watch TJ’s cumshot at Bentley Race

Oh Man – Todd Beauman!

Ripped jock with tattoos and pierced nipples jerks his hard cock

watch Todd jack off and cum shot now for only $1.99

Wow! The guys at Randy Blue are really on a roll with hot blond boys. Last week we were treated to blond Russian stud Alexander Kudrov and now another wet dream cum true; Todd Beauman. There are certain things that really do it for me: cute looks, blonds & redheads, defined or ripped body, tattoos, body piercings, and self sucking ability. My problem is that very few men can meet all of those criteria so I usually pick guys that meet one or two. Todd is like Stacy’s Mom and has it ALL going on. Even fully dressed Todd is so damn cute. The blond hair, blue eyes, and come suck me grin. As Todd lifts his shirt we first see a set of ripped 6 pack abs that move up to a muscular chest with a very fine covering of hair and pierced nipples. Then the clincher, a big tattoo on his shoulder and another in the middle of his muscular V shaped back. Those qualities are already enough for me and I could care less about his cock or ass. Until I saw them anyways. Todd shows off his muscular body wearing only a designer red and white Andrew Christian jock strap. Hmmm that ass is so delicious! When Todd started he said he was straight and horny and looking at the bulge in that jock after he plays with his ass I certainly agree with the horny part. Todd releases his rock hard cock from its cage and gives it a good spanking. The intensity as he jacks off and every so often lets go his dick throbs and bobs on its own is amazing and rarely seen in porn. Like all the men at Randy Blue, Todd puts on a hell of a show. Except for the self sucking Todd Beauman is the perfecta of straight boy jerk off porn. You can watch his full length video with interview, strip show, jack off, and cum shot now in the members area of Randy Blue. While you are there, be sure to tell Randy we want more of Todd!





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