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Aiden Carter Gets Blown

bearded man sucks big dick of amateur gay porn newbie

Aiden Carter is a 26 year old gay porn newbie. This is his first time getting naked on camera and he is excited for two reasons. First is obvious, it’s his first time and like the first time doing anything new there is always a hint of anxiousness. Second is because he knows what Suck Off Guys is all about and he is ready to receive a blowjob from Aaron French, the cock sucker extraordinaire. Aiden says that he loves cock and is usually the one doing the sucking so it will be nice to be on the receiving end this time.

Aiden strips naked to do some pictures and get comfortable in front of the camera as well as Aaron and Seth, who is working the camera in this scene. Aiden has some fun flexing his skinny arms after taking off his shirt. His skinny body isn’t much but he does have a little bulge where his biceps are and he smiles showing them off. You gotta love a guy with confidence. When Aiden drops his pants it is clear where that confidence comes from. This young man has a very nice big dick. Even soft is big. For a guy his age, it is no wonder that he usually does the sucking. Not many guys can take a dick that big without a few years practice. Lucky for everyone (Aiden and us), Aaron has plenty of experience and has swallowed bigger than Aiden before.

Aaron slides up next to Aiden to start playing with his dick and gets to sucking. Watching that long tool move in and out of Aaron’s mouth is hot. It gets even better when Aiden stands up and we get the under view. After sucking Aiden’s dick while standing the guys move to the bed where Aiden lies back and lets Aaron do his magic. With all the saliva running down Aiden’s balls and across his ass it is tempting for Aaron to start fingering his ass. Aiden gets harder with the stimulation and is bucking his hips thrusting his dick deeper into Aaron’s mouth. Everyone gets off when Aaron blows someone and Aiden is no exception. Aiden cums as Aaron strokes his long pole shooting his jizz onto his belly. You know that Aaron hates to waste a good load of cum and licks it off the new guys stomach. I can’t tell if Aiden is smiling because Aaron’s beard tickles or he is just pleased that he did so well for his first porn video.

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An Aussie Favorite – TJ Nelson is Back

big dicked Aiussie mate TL Nelson wearing a jock showing his hairy ass

Ben at Bentley Race says that TJ Nelson has been a top rated “mate” since he first appeared on the amateur Aussie site. TJ has done a few solo and hardcore gay sex scenes that always leave someone covered with lots of cum. This time around TJ is by himself stroking his big uncut cock.

TJ Starts wearing a green polo shirt, athletic socks, and a white jock strap. (it must have been a Thursday) TJ does a few poses in the jock to show us his hairy ass and skinny legs. He rubs his dick a little through the jock to get it semi hard but the bulge doesn’t look too impressive. When TJ lowers the jock we see his dick hanging with the foreskin covering the swelling head. The cool air, the freedom to move, or something sure gets TJ going. His cock gets bigger and swells to full size before our eyes. TJ takes the jock off but leaves on his shirt and socks. The cloth of the shirt feels great on TJ’s hard cock. He wraps it around the thick shaft and strokes his dick with it for a special feeling. As usual, TJ does some additional poses that show off his fat Aussie cock and thin hairy body. We get a good look at his hairy butt too. Once he’s done showing off for the camera he sits back to jerk out one of his famous loads. If you love big cummers with big cocks you won’t be disappointed with TJ’s explosive finish either.

see the cumshot video at Bentley Race


Hairy Amateur Jock’s Debut – Reid Jacks Off

hairy chested jock Reid does a jerk off

It’s no big secret among my friends and regular readers that I tend to gravitate towards the smooth, younger, ripped type when it comes to men. The past year or so I have seen too many hot men with hair to not be interested though. Reid definitely falls into the category of hot hairy men. Like most of the solo men that appear at Chaos Men, Reid starts with some artistic photos against a plain black background. Bryan is an amazing photographer and sometimes looking at the studio photos do more for me than watching the guys videos. Don’t get me wrong, the videos are hot but some of these guys simply look amazing with the side lighting against black. Reid is one of them. As soon as I seen his deep blue eyes, tattoos, and ripped body I was hooked on this (cough) “straight” stud. Reid says that he is straight but as Bryan tells it, he had some interesting reactions to the motivational porn that was playing off screen.

After the studio photos Reid moves to the bedroom where the lighting is perfect and there is plenty of room to move around; giving us the best views possible of the amateur men that get off. Reid shows off his hairy muscular body and gives a look at his ass before settling in to start stroking. Reid was having troubles getting hard and Reid swears that he is completely straight so Bryan put on some straight porn for him to get pumped with. The straight porn did nothing for him so Bryan used a trick that I have used to seduce straight guys for years. He put in a bisexual porn where two good looking men have sex with a woman and each other. BANG – the bisexual porn did the trick and Reid was hard and stroking in no time. What Reid lacks in dick size he more than makes up for with his hotness and enthusiasm. For such a slow start Reid proves that he knows how to please himself and have a good time as he shows off his hard cock and jerks out a load for us.

Aside from the three updates a week and great photography, one of the nice things about Chaos Men is that members can write Bryan (the owner and photographer) with requests. The past few months he has been adding more average looking and hairy men to the site. I love it! Guys like Reid that are hairy AND hot with guy next door looks is what I think amateur porn should be. Keep them cumming Bryan! If you join Chaos Men be sure to write Bryan and let him know what you’d like to see more of.

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Doug Leaves His Socks On as Trey Blows Him

bearded straight guy leaves his socks on while getting a gay blowjob

When bearded straight man Doug showed up for his blowjob from Trey he had already been riding his bike all over New York City. That’s all the better for guys like Trey that love the musky man smell given off after a hot day in the sun. Trey gets down on his knees to take Doug’s dick out and start sucking. As Trey goes to work, Doug takes off his shirt giving us a look at his skinny and tattooed body. With that big beard I thought that he would be a hairy dude but he isn’t. Doug has a little tuft of hair in the center of his chest and a light coat of fur on his skinny belly. As the dick sucking continues Doug’s clothes all come off except for his crazy gray tube socks. I always laugh when I see or hear about guys that leave just their socks on while having sex. I used to have a boyfriend that would get upset if I took my off so I guess there are guys into that. After the usual underneath camera angle that NYSM is kind of known for, the men move to the sofa to finish things up. Trey deep throats Doug and reaches up to tweak the straight man’s nipples sending Doug into a state of pure pleasure. Trey has lots of practice giving his visitors what they like and Doug is no exception. After he cums Doug has a huge smile on his face. As always, everyone leaves happy from the NY Straight Men apartment.

watch the video of Doug’s gay blowjob here


Logan Taylor: Tanned & Tattooed Southern Hunk

 sexy southern guy shows his hairy ass and jacks his 6 inch dick

Logan Taylor visited the Southern Strokes lake house recently with another newcomer Austin Perry. Both men say they are straight but had no problems hanging out half naked together for the weekend of fun. The owner at Southern Strokes says that 22 year old Logan had his shirt off the entire weekend. Looking at his dark tanned body in the picture above it is easy to believe that Logan goes shirtless often. And why not? Look at his amazing body. Logan is an avid weight lifter and works as a personal trainer so he gets plenty of time to work on his body. The ink on his arms are nice and make his shoulders look huge while the “Get Hard” tattoo just above his jeans on his lower abdomen could have any number of meanings but I know what I like to think it refers to. Logan trims his chest hair very short but leaves his pubes all natural. Zohan would be proud of his big bush.

When it comes time for Logan to do his first on camera jack off he isn’t shy at all. He gives us a fun interview then gets down to it lowering his pants. You can really see his tan when contrasted against the pale white ass and upper legs. If you like guys with hairy asses you’re going to love Logan. Unlike a lot of guys in porn, Logan has a completely average sized cock. They measure it at about 6.5 inches but it looks small because of his hunky body and big bush. Big or small, it doesn’t matter much how big his dick is when he looks and acts like this. You can sense his traditional southern charm in the preview video below. After showing off his amazing body Logan relaxes on the leather sofa to stroke out a load. Logan didn’t have any trouble getting naked and talking to us before the dick stroking begins but has a little trouble when he wants to get off. Personally I would too if there were a bunch of guys I just met watching me. No problem though; Logan closes his eyes to dream of what ever it is that gets him horny and goes to it. What ever he’s dreaming of it works. His dick is hard in short order and Logan is going to town pumping out a thick load that streams down his dick and pools at the base in that thick dark bush of his.

Knowing how the guys at Southern Strokes work, it won’t be long before a video of Logan with another guy is online. Will this hunky self proclaimed straight guy top or bottom? Personally I don’t care either way. If Logan ever needs a fluffer then sign me up!

watch the full video at Southern Strokes now


Seth Fucks Hairy Amateur’s Ass

bearded man has gay sex with hairy chested bald man

Craig Spade is the latest newcomer to visit Seth Chase and Aaron French at the Fuck Off Guys apartment. Craig is a former military man that likes it fast and rough. Craig starts things off by doing some photo poses by himself. He gets naked to show us his lean and hairy body. Craig keeps his chest trimmed short but as you can clearly see, Craig is one hairy boy. The chest hair extends to his shoulders, upper back, legs, and butt too. About the only part of Craig that isn’t hairy is his smooth bald head.

When Seth enters the scene Craig is all horned up and ready to get started. He undoes Seth’s pants to gain access to Seth’s cock and starts sucking. Seth is always ready for sex with new men and gets hard quickly. Before long Seth is naked, wearing nothing except his glasses. Craig licks and slurps on the bearded man’s growing cock until it is fully hard and dripping with saliva and precum. Once Seth is fully ready he bends Craig over to prep the new guy’s hairy behind. Seth rubs a handful of lube around the furry hole and puts a condom on. Seth pushes his dick in slow at first for Craig to adjust then goes to town pounding the skinny bald guys ass. Graig gets to liking the hard dick in his ass and takes a bit to ride it after the doggy style fucking. When Seth gets ready to nut he moves up to Craig’s chest and strokes his load into Craig’s mouth and across his face. The foamy jizz is pouring from Graig’s mouth by the time Seth is done dumping his load. The white cum looks great running down Craig’s chin onto his hairy chest. By the look on his face, it seems as if Craig had a very good time. Maybe we’ll see him back in action again sometime soon.

watch the video at Fuck Off Guys


Garry Roy Is Back, Bi, and Big As Ever


watch Garry’s full video and cumshot

Garry Roy is back for an encore jack off at Squirtz. Garry is as thin and ripped as ever but shares some new information with us during his interview. During his first show Garry said he was totally straight although having some issues with girlfriend at the time and may be interested in trying sex with a boy. Now Garry is a self identified bisexual. He admits to having sex with both guys and girls now. While mostly a top Garry has bottomed a few times and says it isn’t that bad. He even got fucked by someone with a dick bigger than his. That’s impressive considering he sports an 8.5 inch cock himself.

Garry does a slow strip to get us aroused and interested. His chest and abs are free of any hair or body fat. If you like skinny guys you’re going to love Garry. You can see underlying ribs and while not bulky is totally ripped. Garry knows that men love his ass so he gives us a long look with his underwear on at first then takes them off and spreads his cheeks to show his hairless hole. He pushes his dick down to tease us more then rolls over and gets to stroking. When he is semi hard Garry moves around on the bed to get fully settled in and stroke out a load.


Garry Roy poses naked with big uncut dick and hairless ass






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