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Drake Temple shower time fun

hairy man pulls off swim suite to rub his fat uncut cock in the shower

Drake Temple is the kind of guy you look at and go WOOF! Not so much a “bear” but rather a good looking man with a beard and lots of chest hair. Most of the “mates” at Bentley Race are Australian but many are simply guys that Ben meets while traveling. Such is the case with Drake who is actually from California in the U.S.

Drake wanted to do something in the shower which caused some issues for Ben working in a small place. Actually, Ben says he didn’t mind being so close to Drake during the photography. Who can blame him? Drake is wearing a skin-tight Aussie Bum swim suite when he gets into the shower and adjusts the water to a temperature warm enough to feel good and not enough to steam up the camera lens. The bulge in the tight briefs looks great when the water starts flowing down Drake’s hairy chest and stomach. It gets noticeably bigger quite quickly when he begins rubbing his big hands along the growing shaft. Drake wants to put on a good show for the viewers but he also wants to get to it getting off. He pulls the swim suite off fast and lets his fat uncut dick out. Drake keeps his pubes trimmed and balls & ass shaved in stark contrast to his torso and legs. Even fully hard, when Drake’s dick isn’t being stroked, the foreskin covers most of the thick head. Guys must love munching on that baby. Drake puts on a nice show that will have a little something for everyone before leaving the shower to finish jerking his load at the bathroom sink.

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Blake Bennet teaches Tyler Blaze to suck dick

Blake Bennet & Tyler Blaze trade blowjobs

The sex video with Blake Bennet and Tyler Blaze starts like most at Broke Straight Boys, with the guys talking and having fun as they get undressed. Blake has no confusion about what is going to go down. First him and then Tyler. “I’m going to be blowing him, basically” says Blake. “And the favor will be returned. Sorry it has to be fair” he continues. It’s reassuring to Tyler that Blake will be doing him first and the guys are naked in no time. Both young straight men have scruffy faces and semi hairy chests. Nice to see more natural looking amateurs at BSB again! Blake does an amazing job swallowing every hard inch of Tyler’s throbbing cock. When Blakes lips get to the base you can see how great it feels from the look on Tyler’s expression. The ass licking is something new for the straight guy but that too is awesome!

The time comes for Tyler to return the oral pleasures and Blake’s cock is rock hard and ready. Tyler uses his new found skills to choke down Blake’s cock. The deep throating skills aren’t there quite yet but it sure seems as if both had a good time and enjoyed themselves exchanging blowjobs.

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Aaron White gets Full Service Massage from Josh Long

hairy guys has gay sex with tattooed college jock

19 year old Aaron White looked pretty hot in his jerk off video but is still a little hesitant about sex with a guy on camera. Luckily, Josh Long knows how to put the young jock’s mind at ease. Josh gets Aaron naked on a massage table and gives him a long relaxing massage. He rubs Aaron’s neck, back, ass, and legs to get him relaxed and ready. During the erotic rub down Josh moves to the top of the massage table to stand at Aaron’s head. Aaron is obviously ready for some action because he takes hold of Josh’s hairy cock and starts sucking on it. For a newbie, Aaron does a wonderful job slurping down every inch of Josh’s 7 inch dick. Josh is rock hard and ready when he climbs onto the table to return the oral gratification to the smooth young man. Aaron’s dick is a half inch shorter than Josh but looks mighty nice going pubes deep into Josh’s bearded face. Now that Aaron is obviously excited and ready, Josh gets him ready for an on camera fucking. Remaining on the massage table, Josh does Aaron doggy style and face to face. The face to face is fucking is awesome. The dark skin and hairy chest of Josh contrasts well with the pale smooth body of Aaron. Even though the guys are only a year apart in age, they look completely different from each other. In a hot way! Even hotter is watching both young men shoot their loads in the explosive ending that will leave you as wet as Aaron.

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Duke Jacks Off in Garage While Smoking

skinny guy jacks off while smoking a cigarette

Duke is the latest skater dude to get naked and get off while enjoying a smoke at Boys Smoking. The garage houses a dust covered vintage convertible that allows a perfect vantage point for us to watch him lean back and enjoy his first cigarette while taking off his clothes. Duke has a small patch of hair in the center of his chest and a dark patch of thick fur on his stomach. The stomach hair more matches the big bush of pubes at the base of his growing cock. Siting on the car we get to see every inch of Duke from the bottom of his feet, up his hairy legs to his big bush cock and balls, and skinny body and bearded face. Duke’s average looks and don’t give a fuck attitude as he slowly strokes himself is what amateur gay porn is supposed to be about! Duke seems to enjoy the smokes as much if not more than the feeling of rubbing his growing dick. The young man takes his time slowing moving his hand up and down his dick while taking long drags of his Marlboro Blacks. His timing is about perfect for cumming too. Just as he gets near the bottom of his last smoke his cock throbs and releases a flow of thick cum that runs down the shaft of his dick and pools in his dark pubes and runs down his shaved ball sack. The camera guy gets in nice and close to show us the sticky jizz covered dick as Duke blows out a big cloud of smoke and a sigh.


Blake Savage Pumps His Thick Hairy Cock

amateur straight man Blake Savage strips naked and jacks his hairy cock

Blake Savage is a young straight man that loves to play football and baseball. When he was desperate for cash to pay the rent he was told about Broke Straight Boys. Blake takes a bit to get comfortable in front of the camera but loosens up during the interview and seems to have no troubles at all getting undressed. While he is wearing only a pair of black socks and his half off underwear Blake even gets on his knees to display his virgin ass. Like his hairy legs, Blake’s butt crack is lined with a thin coat of fur.  Looking at his crotch it is clear that Blake likes to leave his pubes all natural. The big bush makes his soft dick look kind of small. (at first) Blake strokes, tugs, and does everything he can to get hard while showing off his naked body but just can’t seem to get it up. Eventually he closes his eyes and goes to his own fantasy land. What ever it is he’s thinking about it does the trick! Blake’s dick grows longer and gets noticeably thicker. The hair grows up the bottom inch of his hard shaft leaving about 5 to 6 inches of smooth cock perfect for sucking or stroking. Blake lies back on the bed and continues in his own dream land rubbing his shoulders and smooth chest as he pumps away at his throbbing dick. His big balls bounce only a little as his hairy sac pulls up tight just before Blake lets loose a nice stream of jizz. The creamy cumshot may have ended Blake’s first show at Broke Straight Boys for now but with looks like his and that nice looking cock, I’m guessing they will have this straight boy enjoying gay head in no time. Any volunteers?

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Dave Is Back Bold & Bald

hairy chested bald man gets a gay blowjob

It has been a while since Dave has visited the oral palace that is NY Straight Men. Since his last visit Dave has made a few life changes. For example, he has a new girlfriend that asked him to shave his head. I’ve never met the girl but will say that I like her taste. Dave looks completely hot with a shaved head. I’m not 100% but it looks like he is more bulked than before as well. His shoulders, chest, and butt look awesome! One thing that hasn’t changed is the love Dave has for the best blowjobs in town. He stopped by for a quick servicing by the resident cocksucker, Trey. After very little small talk, Trey gets on his knees to pull Dave’s dick out through the fly in his form fitting jeans. Dave lifts his shirt to expose his hairy yet trimmed chest. Guys like Dave with hairy muscular chests and pierced nipples are great for men that like some hair but are not into the chub/bear scene. Trey does his magic getting Dave hard in no time then moves him over to the sofa where he removes Dave’s shoes, socks, and pants. For some, watching Trey undress this hunky straight man will be the best part. Once naked, Trey gets back to sucking Dave’s dick. Dave provides great feedback as to what he really likes Trey to do for him. The moans of pleasure and look of ecstasy on his face when Trey forces the head of Dave’s cock down the back of his throat is the best example. It’s reasons like Trey’s deep throating that keep straight men like Dave coming back! Dave squirms and breaths faster as Trey sucks and strokes his saliva drenched dick to cum. The stream of cum pulses and runs down the back of Trey’s hand. Trey continues to stroke Dave’s sensitive cock for the full pleasure/pain sensation and a fitting end to a hot blowjob.

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Leo Rocca Strokes His Hard Aussie Cock

hairy chested Aussie jerks off wearing a cockring

One of the nice things about Australia is the men who move there from all over the world. Take this sexy Italian Leo Rocca for instance. Leo contacted Ben wanting to appear at Bentley Race. He had appeared on an amateur porn site before but all shaved up. Ben asked Leo to let his body hair grow and call him back. We are glad that Leo did as told and remembered to call. Leo has a nice hairy chest that matches his hairy butt. In keeping with the hair thing, Leo didn’t shave his face the day he came over to get off either so he has a scruffy look that is so sexy when he looks deep into the camera with his come fuck me eyes. Ben started the photo session in a public restroom across from his apartment. When he sen how big Leo’s swinging cock as he  packed up and headed back to his apartment. Leo gets mostly naked in the stairwell to start. He leaves a sweat band, cap, shoes, and cockring on for a sporty look. After showing off his long legs and ass in the stairs Leo goes inside to jerk a load. He kneels on a bed with a beach towel containing an Australian flag and gets to work stroking his growing cock. The ring around the base makes the veins stand out and head swell nicely. Ben loves to get creative with the camera and gives us some nice views from interesting angles that you won’t want to miss. Ben stays out of the action this time but tells Leo if he behaves and keps the hair that he can come back for some man on man action. Personally, I can’t wait to se if Leo gives or takes in his first action scene at Bentley Race.

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