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Cock Junkie Gets His Fix

Rusty Shawn and Ryan in an amateur gay 3 way at Cocksure Men

Rusty, Shawn, and Ryan have all done solo performances but it’s this hot cock action 3 way that gets the blood and other things pumping at Cocksure Men.  All three men are good looking in their own way and all three have very nice cocks.  Ryan is a shorter guy with short spiked hair, a few tattoos, and a choker chain around his neck.  He has a tight body with just a hint of chest and stomach hair.  It’s Ryan that starts things off getting the other two naked and hard by sucking their cocks to erection.  The three suck each other in hot triangle action then Rusty gets on his knees to take Ryan’s hard curved cock.  Rusty is a tall well built guy with a high and tight haircut, a large tat on his back, and one hell of a nice ass.  Ryan loosens Rusty’s ass with his pierced tongue then slides his dick in as Rusty fills his mouth with Shawn’s big cock.  Ryan fucks Rusty’s ass until he shoots a load all over his crack.  The Rusty flips onto his back in preparation for Shawn to have his turn.  Shawn slams his cock into Rusty’s hole hard and fast while Ryan gets hard and ready again.  Once Rusty has had his cock fix the three lay together and jerk off until each shoots onto their chest. 

To watch these three guys cock sucking and ass fucking vide you need to head over to Cocksure Men.  While your there be sure to check out their solo videos too.





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