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Leo Rocca Strokes His Hard Aussie Cock

hairy chested Aussie jerks off wearing a cockring

One of the nice things about Australia is the men who move there from all over the world. Take this sexy Italian Leo Rocca for instance. Leo contacted Ben wanting to appear at Bentley Race. He had appeared on an amateur porn site before but all shaved up. Ben asked Leo to let his body hair grow and call him back. We are glad that Leo did as told and remembered to call. Leo has a nice hairy chest that matches his hairy butt. In keeping with the hair thing, Leo didn’t shave his face the day he came over to get off either so he has a scruffy look that is so sexy when he looks deep into the camera with his come fuck me eyes. Ben started the photo session in a public restroom across from his apartment. When he sen how big Leo’s swinging cock as heĀ  packed up and headed back to his apartment. Leo gets mostly naked in the stairwell to start. He leaves a sweat band, cap, shoes, and cockring on for a sporty look. After showing off his long legs and ass in the stairs Leo goes inside to jerk a load. He kneels on a bed with a beach towel containing an Australian flag and gets to work stroking his growing cock. The ring around the base makes the veins stand out and head swell nicely. Ben loves to get creative with the camera and gives us some nice views from interesting angles that you won’t want to miss. Ben stays out of the action this time but tells Leo if he behaves and keps the hair that he can come back for some man on man action. Personally, I can’t wait to se if Leo gives or takes in his first action scene at Bentley Race.

amateur Aussie men at Bentley Race






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