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Inked Military Dude Gets Off

skinny tattooed guy gets jerked off by a guy and cums

Mike Nelson is the latest of young military men in the San Diego area to stop by Jason’s place to get naked and get off for us at Spunk Worthy. The 21 year old says that he has wanted to be in a porn video for a while and would prefer to do straight but knows that gay porn is the break in. Besides, he wanted the money now. Mike has no troubles getting naked on camera and showing off every inch of his lean inked body. Lots of straight men are not comfortable showing their ass but that isn’t the case here. Mike goes to a knees to elbow position on the bed and spreads his cheeks for a close up look at his hairy crack and hole. The sight of Mike in this position is too much for Jason. He reaches out and grabs hold of Mike’s hard dick from behind. The feel of someone’s hand on his cock makes it throb. Mike says that he has never had sex with a dude before but did help a friend get off once when him and 6 buddies from his platoon had a circle jerk. Oh… that would have been fun to see! Mike’s cock gets hard as Jason continues stroking all the while taping for a POV video with plenty of close up shots including the gusher of cum that flies up his chest and splashes across his shoulder.

Mike Nelson’s video at Spunkworthy

Hairy Brady Gets a Handie

hairy chested man gets gay handjob

Brady seems open minded for a young straight man fresh out of the military. He’s on the couch in the Spunk Worthy apartment for his second ever on camera jerk off. He did a previous video a few years ago for another site then gave it up so not to jeopardize his military status. During that time Brady has developed a fair amount of body hair and bulk. His chest looks trimmed short but is obviously hairy. His ass has a nice line of fur along the crack but his balls looked shaved and ready to lick.

That’s what the camera man was thinking too. As Brady gets naked and does his interview, Jason has a hard time concentrating. Brady is showing off his sweet butt and stroking his hard cock when Jason asks him if he can measure it. Brady doesn’t flinch at all as Jason grabs the tape to measure Brady’s 7 inch long cock. While he was down there Jason took other liberties as well; grabbing on full grip to the 5.5 inch round thick shaft. Brady seemed to enjoy the feel of an expert hand griping his growing cock so Jason keeps going. Looking at Brady’s face you can see that he clearly likes the attention on his man parts. Jason strokes his long shaft and cups his big hanging balls as he slowly jerks Brady off. The big guy’s head comes up to look just as he gets ready to cum but doesn’t move his hands. Brady lets Jason go all the way making him shoot his load of white jizz. The cum lands on Brady’s stomach and runs down Jason’s hand as we get a nice close up view.

see the full video at Spunk Worthy


A New Spunkworthy Favorite?

skinny guy with big tattoos and big hard dick

I’m not 100% sure yet but I may have a new favorite at SpunkWorthy. Lets give a big welcome to Colby! This impressive young amateur has just about everything I love about guys. First even dressed he is cute. His spiked hair with crystal blue eyes and big friendly smile would earn him a few drinks from me any night out. That is without even seeing him with his shirt off. Colby has a thin body with a hint of fuzz on his ripped belly and a huge tattoo of what looks like a military unit insignia. That would make sense as Colby recently got out of the army where he spent a good part of his time in Alaska. It probably gave him plenty of time to get lots ot tattoos and jerk off a lot. That brings us to the next and probably most notable thing about Colby’s first porn video… his huge dick. When Colby starts his interview he says ya, it’s about average size. Damn boy, if you think 8 fat inches is average I’d love to meet your friends that you’ve been comparing yourself against. Eight inches in the dick department may not seem THAT big but look at his body. He can’t weight more than 150 pounds tops. Hell, 2.5 pounds of that is probably his dick. Colby told the photographer that he was nervous about getting naked and hard in front of another guy and might have a hard time performing or cumming. That didn’t seem to be too much a problem once he got going though. I think that he actually got turned on by the camera and maybe the thought of guys like us getting off watching him show off his ass and big dick. The only thing keeping me from giving Colby a perfect 10 for his performance is his cumshot. Colby pumps his cock pretty hard and starts to even sweat a little before cumming which is impressive but the stream of cum doesn’t go up his body. Don’t get me wrong, his cum looks totally lickable on those ripped abs of his but because of the lack of distance Colby is only getting a 9.7/10 from me. If you want that 10 Colby; I’d be happy to help you next time around.

watch Colby’s preview and rate him yourself


Corpsman Tanner Blows AC

navy guy gives straight marine a blowjob and swallows

Dirty Tony may not know the differnece between a marine and a navy guy but he definitely knows how to get these military guys off. Today we see corpsman Tanner on a bivouac with straight marine AC. AC seems a little uncomfortable with the navy boy’s advances but gives in as his cock grows hard under his BDUs. Tanner looks amazingly hot in his white uniform and AC, well AC would look hot in (or out) of anything he wears. Tanner pulls the marine’s cock out and starts sucking. AC leans back on the cot at first but later assumes a position better suited to face fuck the navy boys hot mouth. Tanner loves the cock and AC doesn’t seem to care at this point who gets him off. You know how those straight guys are, as long as they cum they don’t care. Tanner deep throats the big cock and plays with his balls up to the point where AC pulls out and sprays his load all over Tanner’s face. Tanner looks continues to lick the remaining jizz from AC’s dick as the cum runs down the side of his face and neck down into the collar of his uniform shirt.

see the free preview here

Straight Marine Gets Blowjob For Cash

Watch Raph’s full video at Straight Fraternity

Raph is a thin, straight, marine that recently got engaged and needs some money for the wedding his girl deserves. So how does an enlisted man make extra cash over the holidays? Easy… go to the straight fraternity house, show them your thick cock, and let the pledge master blow you. Raph is pretty comfortable talking about himself and his straightness then gets a little nervous as he takes off his clothes. Raph has a thin body with smooth chest and slightly hairy stomach. The real eye popper comes as he lowers his boxer briefs and his thick semi-hard cock flops out. Damn his cock looks nice! The pledge master must think so too because it isn’t long after Raph starts getting hard that his hand and mouth are all over the amateur marine’s hard dick. Raph gets comfortable after a bit and leans back to enjoy the attention being provided to his cock and hairy balls. The second best part of the video is the cumshot. As Raph gets close his head tilts back and his upper chest get red as the pressure inside him builds. His cumshot doesn’t spray as much as some of the other men at Straight Fraternity but it looks awfully nice pooling in the hair of his belly and thick bushy pubes. The pledge master likes Raph’s cum so much that he reaches down and scoops some up for himself. I hope that his girlfriend appreciates the length that Raph goes to make her happy. I know that I sure did.

Straight marine Raph gets a gay blow job for cash

Kaden Recruits Evan to Jerk Off at Active Duty

Smooth and tattooed navy boy Evan jerks his big cock

Kaden has been such a hit at Active Duty that Dink sent him out to recruit some of his navy buddies to get naked and get off for us. One of Kaden’s first was this beautiful specimen, Evan. It seems strange to use the word beautiful to describe a tattooed military man but it fits Evan perfectly. His short strawberry blond hair sets off his sparkling blue eyes and his face is completely smooth. Not like a close shave smooth but more like a “I don’t shave yet” smooth. Except for a little hair under his arms, around his butt hole, and the lower half of his legs, the rest of Evan is smooth as well. Evan is different from the majority of Active Duty men too in that he isn’t a real muscular guy. His is a lean body free of extra fat but not packed with bulging muscles either. He like other Active Duty models when it comes to his cock and ability to perform though. When this cute twinkish dude lowers his pants and that big semi hard cock is seen for the first time my mouth started to water instantly. His shaved cock looks to be about 7.5 to 8 inches with a nice thick and veiny shaft. For a first timer straight guy, Evan doesn’t mind showing it all off, giving plenty of close ups of his butt and hole before he sits down to stroke his dick.

Evan’s video is streaming this week at Active Duty

Zander is in the War Chest

Zander shows off his tight tattooed body and big hard dick

Zandre’s video is streaming now in the war chest

Ya gotta love it when Dink brings back hotties like Zander. This 21 year old Buffalo native did a solo photo shoot for Active duty and then a jerk off video. As you can see in his pictures, Zander is a very good looking guy. He has just above average looks fully dressed. He looks nice shirtless showing off the tattoo on his smooth chest and his toned hairy belly. As he pulls his pants down to give us a peek at his cock Zander becomes all that much more exciting. In the video he is such a tease. You gotta love these straight guys that know the camera guy wants in on the fun but can’t. Even soft, Zander has a good looking cock. Dink must have thought so as well because he smiles when seeing it and Zander’s personality changes. Zander’s cock gets hard with nearly any stroking and he starts egging Dink to come over and take care of him. With a dude as cute and hung as as Zander you know that it won’t be long before someone takes him up on his offer for a hand job. Dink moves in to massage his rock hard cock. As Dink’s hand moves up and down the shaft, Zander’s balls tighten up to his body and his legs start to tense just before he blows a huge load. The cum shoots out onto his stomach then continues flowing out covering Zander’s cock and Dink’s hand with a thick layer of cum. You can see the solo pictures as well as Zander’s hand job video this week in the war chest at Active Duty.





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