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Torque Fingers Roar Then Fucks Him


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Torque runs into his old friend Roar while hanging out and invites him back to his place. The guys end up watching some porn together jerking off on the sofa. When horny boyz get together like this you know the sex is soon to come and it does, twice. Before long the guys are naked except for some studded leather bracelets. Torque goes to work fingering Roar’s butt hole. He slides his fingers in deep and hard to prep the hole for something bigger. Roar is on his back with hairy tattooed legs in the air as Torque fucks him good and hard. Roar is moaning and panting while stroking himself to shoot a load across his chest. Without missing a beat, Torque leans down to lick the sweet jizz off Roar’s body.


Horny Cop Punishes Long Haired Thrasher

police officer uses his nightstick on Thrasher's ass before fucking him

From “Occupy Ball Street” part IV: When uniformed police officer, Cliff Jensen finds a long haired and tattooed dude, Thrasher pilfering a tent he delivers a stiff form of punishment. Cliff doesn’t know the meaning of going easy but Thrasher takes every bit of it. First Cliff gets Thrasher on his knees to suck on his dick. Thrasher must open his mouth as wide as it will go to fit the police officer’s fat cock. Once he is orally satisfied, Cliff turns his abusive authority to Thrasher’s ass. The way that Cliff uses his nightstick, you’d think these men were in New York instead of LA. At least Cliff has enough though to cover the stick with a condom before plunging it deep into the alternative dudes butt. Cliff plunges the stick in deep while wrapping his belt around Thrasher’s neck to control him from behind. Once the tattooed dude’s ass is stretched, Cliff puts a condom on his thick dick to fuck Thrasher. If Thrasher thought the stick was painful, he begs for mercy from Cliff as he gets fucked doggy style in the tent. The horny police officer doesn’t go easy at all, he goes harder and deeper. Cliff pounds Thrasher from a few positions before pulling out. Thrasher grabs his cock to jerk off as Cliff kneels beside him. Thrasher sprays his load onto his inked belly while Cliff deposits his load onto the bad boy’s face and neck.

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Long Haired LA Twink Jerks Off in an Elevator

long haired twink jacks his uncut cock and fingers his ass in a freight elevator

Angel Garcia is a long haired LA Latino twink. Angel talks openly about what he likes in a guy including big dick, tattoos, piercings, and big dick. He loves to get fucked by hunky guys with huge cocks. In this scene at Alternadudes Angel’s bottom preference shows even as he jerks himself off. The scene starts like most amateur videos, with an interview as he gets undressed. You know, it is important to make those first timers feel comfortable before expecting them to get hard and cum. Angel is excited about doing his first porn video and gets naked easily enough. When it comes time to get hard he is on and off with his game at first. He strokes his soft dick and plays with his foreskin until he’s semi hard. Angel has lots of foreskin too. Even when he gets hard the skin covers about three fourths of the swollen head. As he slides his hand down the shaft the skin barely comes to the back of the head. Angel strokes and pumps his dick but doesn’t get really hard until he starts fingering his ass. He gets up onto a metal cart to show us his shaved boy hole then licks his fingers and starts probing his hole. He did say that he loves to get fucked. He continues to finger fuck himself as he jacks his (now) hard cock. This amateur twink really gets into the pumping and fingering too. After a while he has worked up a sweat that makes his tanned skin glisten in the light. His cumshot flies up his smooth chest mixing with the sweat to make a sweet mix that runs down his body when he sits up. After cumming he gets soft fast but plays with his cum as he tells us what a good time he had doing his first but hopefully not last scene at Alternadudes.

Angel Garcia Video Preview

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Ramses Deep Throats Stagg

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Ramses says that he is a goth dude with an oral fixation. He shows us just how good he is at sucking cock today with the help of a big dicked bald rocker, Stagg. Ramses doesn’t hesitate to pull Stagg’s pants down to expose his soft dick. He takes the rocker’s meat into his mouth and puts his oral talents to use. It isn’t long until Stag’s dick is fully hard. It is obvious here that Stagg is a grower not a shower as he dick looks lots bigger than I expected it would be. Ramses is like a pro, taking it all in without the slightest gag. He treats Stagg to a session of deep throat action and ass rimming that causes him to shoot his load into Ramses mouth and onto his chest. Ramses own uncut cock is ready to explode now too and explode it does. His cumshot is awesome and makes a nice big pool of jizz on his goth boy chest.

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Owen Jacks Off In The Kitchen

Owen gives a tour of his kitchen then strips and jerks his uncut cock

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Owen is back showing off his tattoos and hard cock as he jerks off in his own NYC kitchen. As he gives the tour of his kitchen and talks about his cooking skills it is obvious that this amateur is ready to get down to action. He keeps rubbing his dick through his jeans and as soon as the camera guy says show us your cock Owen instantly drops his pants and underwear to show his soft uncut dick. After removing all his clothes except socks he spreads his cheeks and gives us a view of his smooth NYC boy butt. The ass action doesn’t last long as Own is more focused on his cock. He sits on the counter near the sink and gets to work stroking his hard cock. Owen knows what he likes as he masturbates… he licks his own armpit and rubs his pink nipples just below a huge eagle tattoo on his smooth chest. Owen doesn’t make a lot of noise as he jerks his cock and gives little to no warning except for the flexing of his whole body just before he shoots his cum out. In my opinion, Owen is one of the cutest of amateur NYC guys that get off at Dirty Boy Videos.

Tattooed Punker Jacks Off In The Tub

Achilles is a hardcore punk complete with a pink Mohawk, lots of ink, and an anti-authority attitude. He can’t wait to get his pants undone and into the tub to get down to business. Once he decides to go for it, he snuffs out his cigarette and goes to town for full on, hot-as-hell man-release!

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Cock Junkie Gets His Fix

Rusty Shawn and Ryan in an amateur gay 3 way at Cocksure Men

Rusty, Shawn, and Ryan have all done solo performances but it’s this hot cock action 3 way that gets the blood and other things pumping at Cocksure Men.  All three men are good looking in their own way and all three have very nice cocks.  Ryan is a shorter guy with short spiked hair, a few tattoos, and a choker chain around his neck.  He has a tight body with just a hint of chest and stomach hair.  It’s Ryan that starts things off getting the other two naked and hard by sucking their cocks to erection.  The three suck each other in hot triangle action then Rusty gets on his knees to take Ryan’s hard curved cock.  Rusty is a tall well built guy with a high and tight haircut, a large tat on his back, and one hell of a nice ass.  Ryan loosens Rusty’s ass with his pierced tongue then slides his dick in as Rusty fills his mouth with Shawn’s big cock.  Ryan fucks Rusty’s ass until he shoots a load all over his crack.  The Rusty flips onto his back in preparation for Shawn to have his turn.  Shawn slams his cock into Rusty’s hole hard and fast while Ryan gets hard and ready again.  Once Rusty has had his cock fix the three lay together and jerk off until each shoots onto their chest. 

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