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Thank You Sir – May I Have Another

Frat pledges are forced to suck dick and the smallest guy gets fucked

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The college frat boys are back in full swing with a new group of pledges to humiliate and abuse as universities around the country get back in session. This group of pledges are subjected to traditional hazing to the extreme in one young college boys case.

Three members of the fraternity are initiating five new recruits into the brotherhood. Two of the guys are taller than the other three and seem to be spared the sexual torment that the three shorter guys go through. All 5 are commanded to remove their pants and underwear. They are verbally abused by the masters who wear black robes over their jeans and tee shirts. The three shorter guys are ordered to drop and do push ups while the taller two tea bag them with their exposed balls. After a series of push ups the guys are taken to a long wooden table where the classic “Thank you sir! May I have another?” bare assed paddling takes place. The humiliation for two of the pledges has been pretty even till now. The guys are kneeling on the floor and forced to suck the hard cock of one of the taller pledges. The guy at the end of the line is a lean dark haired jock type with a scruffy face. Being he is last to suck, he is the one to take the cum shot. The pledge master is generous and allows the cock sucking pledge to take the spray onto his shirtless chest rather than in his mouth. The smallest of the pledges is the one who really takes it up the ass though. Literally! The small framed college boy is placed in the center of the room with his exposed cock and bare ass there for everyone to see. Again, one of the taller pledges takes up the position of authority and lifts the legs of the small skinny guy to fuck him in the ass. He must feel sorry for the little guy because he goes pretty gentle on him. The redhead pledge in the checkered button down shirt isn’t so nice. He bends the smaller pledge over the table and fucks the hell out of his tight college boy ass while the others stand back and watch. These underclassmen don’t look like they had much fun at the hands of the pledge master but I sure had fun watching.

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College Dudes 247 Changes Name

College jocks jack off, suck dick, and fuck in duos or groups

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College Dudes 247 has been one of my favorite college jock sites for a while. Basically since the day I found them! The guys are very hot college age jocks that certainly take care of their bodies and sometimes take care of their friends body too. Recently College Dudes 247 went through some changes and from what I can tell, they are all for the good. First and most important: College Dudes 247 is now called College Dudes. Next: a new $1 trial membership option has been added. If you were not sure if membership to the site was worth $24 now you don’t need to worry. You can join College Dudes for only $1 and check out the members area for yourself with no risk. I have found the guys, videos, and action inside College Dudes 247 to worth every penny of a monthly membership which bring me to the final important point. Content: the new College Dudes still has the previous content and still updates every week with new content.

At the new College Dudes you will still see HD video and professional hi res digital photos of some of the hottest naked college jocks available on the internet. Most of the guys do a jerk off video for their first appearance and if the members like them, they come back for more hardcore action with another hard bodied and hard dicked jock. The guys suck dick, rim, and fuck like crazy. There are duos as well as 3 way and even a few group sex scenes available. Visit College Dudes today and look around the inside for $1.  You won’t be disappointed!

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Amateur Straight Guy 3 Way

Straight guys have gay 3 way for pay

The guys at Broke Straight Boys masturbate, suck dick and fuck in first time gay sex, and after they become at ease in front of the camera are invited back for a chance to make even more money as part of a group. That is what happens with Josh & Shane who have each done one scene before as they team up with BSB member’s favorite Mike. Usually it’s the awkward sex and facial expressions the straight men make as they suck dick or get fucked for the first time but this scene it was the interview that had me grinning. The producer says “if only this futon could talk” to which one of the guys responds “it would be choking on cum”. It’s just too damn funny as over 100 of guys have shot their load atop that sheet covered futon.

After a brief introduction and conversation of the most important issue of how much each is going to make, the guys agree on a plan and get right to it. All three take off their clothes and underwear. It looks like Mike has more ink on him each time he returns and he looks a little scruffier than usual as well. He joins Josh & Shane on the futon and all three lend a hand to each other jerking their buddies dick. With each man semi hard they move into the signature BSB wave formation. This formation is when all the guys are sucking cock and in this instance it’s Josh taking Shane’s dick and Mike swallowing Josh’s hard cock. They go on sucking each other off for a while then get into the fucking action. Josh easily agreed that he would be the one getting fucked today but only by Shane. (how sweet) That left Mike to observe, provide instructions, and shove his hard meat into Josh’s mouth while Shane pounds his ass. We get an awesome view at Shane’s tall lean body as he hammers Josh’s virgin ass. The close up view of Shane’s long cock sliding back and forth with his ripped abs and dark treasure trail is great!

Shane & Mike go on fucking Josh from both ends until Shane pulls his long dick out and spurts his jizz across Josh’s body. The cum trails from Josh’s left shoulder and throat down his chest and belly. Josh cums next; adding to the pond of spunk on his belly. Mike adds his spunk to the mix with his signature explosive cum shot that sends cum flying across Josh’s shoulder all the way down to his thigh. Josh is covered in the 3 straight guys cum as they finish and head off to shower. I wonder if they shower together? Hot!

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Important News Regarding Active Duty Memberships

Important News:

Dink Flamingo announced yesterday (July 6, 2010) that Active Duty members will be able to download entire scenes from his premier Dirty Bird Pictures library. These downloads do not replace the 12 video streams already available in the members area. They are a summer time member bonus!

Currently all 5 scenes are online from Summer Recruits and are available for download in the members area. The scenes will be online until Sunday when 5 new scenes from a different title will be made available. The scenes will update twice a week so members can download up to 8 complete videos a month. If you were to buy the DVDs they would cost $29 each and up. You can get them (DRM Free) on your computer for the monthly membership price of only $24.95. Dink has not said what video will go online next or how long this offer will last so head over to Active Duty now to start downloading Summer Recruits.

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Hayden and Carter Pound Logans Ass

College jock and experienced bottom Logan Birch takes Hayden Wolfe and Carter Nash’s hard cocks up his ass in hot gay 3 way action at College Dudes 247. The three men start with some kissing that quickly turns to dick sucking. Logan gets down on his knees and takes Carter and Hayden’s dick in his mouth. What happens next leaves no doubt that Logan loves the cock and can take it a little rough. After some rimming Hayden and Carter take turns pounding Logan’s tight jock ass. Logan loves every inch of hard cock as it slides in and out of his butt hole. In the end, Logan takes the cum from the two hard studs across his face and body. This is one of the most aggressive group sex scenes I have seen at CD247 in a while!

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Steve Gets Double Stuffed and Takes Cum Bath

Kissing cousins Mike and Anthony are back at Broke Straight Boys and this time they share their hard cocks with a newcomer Steven. Steven has only done one visit before so still gets nervous. His first appearance was with Mike so he’s comfortable doing stuff with him. The straight guys sit on the sofa and get to know each other a bit. Then they have some fun mooning the camera and slapping each others ass as they take off their underwear. The three start jerking their dicks to get hard. At one point Mike is caught looking over at Anthony’s big curved dick. The photographer says he can suck on it. Steven beats him to it and puts his mouth over the big tool. Mike leans over to suck blond boy Steven and gets him good and hard with just a few licks. The guys joke about who is going to be the one to get fucked then the owner offers a big bonus if all three will flip fuck so that each bottoms and each tops in this gay 3 way. They all say yes but Mike looked a little resistant. Mike bends over into a doggie position and Anthony slides up behind him with a condom on his throbbing dick. Anthony is so big and Mike is so tight that Anthony wasn’t able to get his cock into Mike’s ass and Steve was getting soft. Mike sucks Steve a bit while Anthony continues to loosen his hole to be fucked. Eventually they give up and Steve ends up on his back being filled from both ends with Anthony in his mouth and Mike filling his tight butt hole. Anthony shoots his cum across Steve’s skinny chest then goes down to blow Steve as Mike continues to fuck him. It isn’t long before Steve is busting his nut and Mike adds to Steve’s cum bath.

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Montreal Men Have Gay Orgy

Jessy and Leo are hanging out bored one day and looking for something to do. Leo really wants to go out but Jessy wants to stay in. Jessy makes a call to a few friends and asks them to come over and convince Leo that staying in is a good idea. Who should show up but three guys with the biggest dicks in the city; Derrick, Symon, and 10 inch Sascha. Yes, Sascha has a fat 10 inch uncut cock. The guys get undressed and play with each other’s dicks then the sucking begins. Jessy and Leo get on their knees and take turns sucking their guest until every one in the room has a raging hard on. Jessy’s ass is looking pretty hot and tempting as he is on all fours sucking away at Derrick and Symon’s dicks. The boys decide to fill Jessy’s hot ass and he is more than happy to let them. He loves cock up his ass so much that he lets both hung boys fuck him at the same time! The railing of Jessy’s ass and other sexual pleasures continue until Jessy lays on a small bench and the other four spray their cum all over his face, chest, and stomach giving him a cum bath he won’t ever forget.

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