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Drunk Fratboys Have Gay Sex Orgy

drunk college jock has gay sex with two frat brothers

If you have ever visited Fraternity X you already know that these college guys love their drugs, sex, and alcohol. This scene is no different. You can see many many beer cans, liqueur bottles, red bull, and a bong sitting on the table as the party kicks into high gear. One of the young men boasts about his cock. When asked to prove it, the three guys each whip their dicks out for each other to examine.  The guy with the smallest cock has to get the other two off. All three of the guys look nice and have okay sized dicks but someone has to be the pivot man in this circle jerk. He gets on his knees and begins sucking the other two guys to a full erection. At one time he tries to take both dicks in his mouth at once. Not that taking two cocks at the same time seems to be a trouble for him. After sucking both guys, they take turns shoving their spit covered cocks deep into his ass. As is the case when many young “straight” guys fool around, condoms are optional. This party is no different. The sexed up bottom takes both men up his ass bareback.

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English Jocks Have Gay 3 Way

Dan Broughton, Darius Fernand, and Dan James have a gay sex 3 way

When Dan Broughton, Darius Fernand, and Dan James hook up it leads to a fun three way at English Lads. All three of the British men have athletic bodies and nice big uncut cocks. Dan B and Darius both sport 7.5 inches and Dan James measures in with a full 8.5 inch dick. Darius and Dan B have some fun playing with Dan James cock through his tight underwear as the action starts. They rub, stroke, grope, and massage the blond lads big dick until it makes an impressive outline in his tight black underwear. Once his cock is out is dick sucking time for all. The guys all take turns sucking each others hard cocks. Darius ends up in the middle slurping down Dan J’s big dick as Dan B moves behind him to play with his skinny ass. The ass play leads to a fucking in no time and Darius is having both holes filled at the same time. All three get the best out of their experience together but, IMO, Dan Broughton is the winner. He gets to suck Dan J, fuck Darius Fernand, and has sex with two hot guys at the same time. Awesome!

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Three College Guys Play Gay Truth or Dare

three college men play a game of gay sex truth or dare

Turk, Carter, and Nikko are doing a special at the Straight Fraternity. It’s kind of like gay chicken but there are three of them so they are calling it truth or dare even though there is very little truthing and more daring going on. The game starts with all three getting naked to show off their naked bodies. Here’s the rundown: Turk is the guy with a beard, some hair on his chest, ripped abs, and a cut dick. Carter is the darker skinned guy with a smooth, lean body and a big uncut dick and Nikko is the jock with trimmed chest hair, cross tattoo, and also sports a nice sized uncut cock. Now that we know the players, what are the stakes? The loser is going to let the two winner jerk a load onto his face. So, let the fun and games begin!

Turk goes first by going to Nikko’s feet to lick and suck on his toes. As you can see in the picture, Nikko is a bit ticklish and a little weirded by the sensation. We do get a great view of Nikko’s hairy legs in this part of the video though and feet lovers are going to watch this part over and again. Next up, kissing another man. And not just kissing but French kissing to be exact. Carter and Turk go at it sticking their tongues into each others mouth. So far, Turk is in the lead having used his mouth to suck toes and French kiss another dude. Now it is Nikko’s turn to put his mouth to work. He goes down to the big uncut dick of Carter to lick his balls. He lifts Carter’s dick out of the way and goes to it with only a slight hesitation. Turk goes down next to complete the oral genital action by sucking on Carter’s hard dick. Carter was the recipient of all the oral action so it is clearly his turn to do something and boy does he ever. Carter gets onto his hands and knees to take a vibrating dildo up his butt. Nikko lubes the sex toy up and pushes it in deep to the college guy’s ass.

The guys have performed all their dares but someone has to lose and take the cum facial of the two winners so… Carter lies on the middle of the bed with Turk on his left and Nikko on the right stroking their cocks. Nikko shoots his thick load onto Carter’s cheek and neck area first. Turk who in my opinion was the clear winner sprays a big load that covers Carter’s face with cum. The cum is more liquid than Nikko’s and runs all over Carter who closes his eyes tight.

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Three Frat Boys Suck & Fuck

College boy sucks two cocks and gets fucked

The guy in the wife beater and shorts directs the action as three young college men are forced to have gay sex in this hazing video. My favorite in this scene has to be the tattooed blond that gets naked first and steps into a wooden box. Two fraternity bothers come along and are commanded to join in. The straight dark haired guy strips naked and begins to suck the blond’s hard cock while the pre-med student does a close up anal exam of the straight guys ass. All three are ordered into the box and the guy in the yellow shirt gets on his knees between the two naked guys to suck their dicks. There are some good close up views of the blond’s hard curved cock going into the shaggy college boy’s mouth while the other straight guy watches and strokes his meat. After some time in the box the college cock sucker gets naked too and takes the blond jock’s hard cock in his butt. The blond fucks the shaggy dude on his back at first. The shaggy bottom climbs on for a ride while sucking the dark haired guys dick. I don’t remember college being so fun. Did I miss something not living in the dorms?

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Four Amateur Men Suck & Jack

Aaron French sucks three amateur mens cocks

Suck Off Guys is the sister site of Bareback Place. Both are amateur sites run by a horny couple that loves to tape themselves or other regular guys having sex. To be honest, the reason until now that I haven’t ever done a post is a mystery as I’ve been enjoying the pictures and videos from both sites for a while. They have a real love of raw sex, cock, and cum. Usually a man named Seth is on the receiving end but today it is another bearded middle aged man Aaron French that is the lucky cocksucker that takes on three horny dudes Quinn Blackwood, Trevor Grant, and Walker Michaels. With nothing more in the room than some photo lights and a gray backdrop the three men strip naked and start jerking their dicks as Aaron moves between them on his knees giving each a good sucking. The guys talk, joke, and have fun while enjoying the expert oral pleasure provided by Aaron. Trevor is the last to loosen up but the first to cum, shooting his jizz across Aaron’s beard. The other two soon follow suite and Aaron has a face full of cum surrounded by three satisfied men ready for a shower.

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College Reds Give Head

College boyz dressed in red give frat brothers head

While there aren’t any redhead men in this set, these college boys are dressed in red and definitely give plenty of head. The guys display their painted asses from the back of red union suites before receiving a thorough paddling. Once their butts are good and red the guys butts are given a break as attention moves to their mouths. Two of the paddlers unzip their jeans to withdraw their college cocks. One after the other the guys take their fraternity brother’s cock in their mouth. The guy with the gray track pants is not only big but also uncut. Most of the pledges gag as his thick dick goes past their lips. One guy stands out and displays some cock sucking skill as he takes both of the older boys dicks in his mouth at the same time. As you can see in the picture above, one lucky guy even gets his face covered with cum in the end!

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Price Services David and Kyle at Broke Straight Boys

Wow, Kyle has been very busy at Broke Straight boys the past month and I am definitely NOT complaining. The first time I seen him was his jerk off video that went online December 6th. There was something about him (aside from his nice cock) that I liked but couldn’t put my finger on. Since then he has appeared in duo scenes with Price twice. They have a nice chemistry between them and Price is probably one of the better experienced straight boys to break a newbie in. Today I was looking around and noticed the video posted above. It was during the initial jerk off where the three guys: David, Price, and Kyle are sitting next to each other stroking their cocks that it hit me why I’m so infatuated with Kyle. He reminds me of a geeky up and coming movie star, Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Once I noticed the resemblance the size of his dick became even more appealing to me. Price is one lucky dude to have been with Kyle already but to throw in another amateur straight boy, David and we’ve hit the trifecta! The scene is pretty standard BSB flair with a few fun parts thrown in for good measure. The boys strip naked and start jerking on the futon. Kyle’s dick is hard quick and Price is semi hard when they do the BSB wave with David sucking Price and Price sucking Kyle. If you like young men with natural, untrimmed pubes you’re going to love the close up as Price goes down Kyle’s long shaft to bury his face in a big brown bush. They reverse positions so that each reciprocates with the sucking. Price is really into it and continues sucking both guys cocks with both David and Kyle standing between him. He moves back and forth taking both guys cock in his mouth then gets on his hands and knees for Kyle to fuck him as he continues sucking on David. No offense to David because I think he is cute and fun but he doesn’t seem to be into this scene as much as Kyle and Price. Again, those two have a real chemistry between them. Kyle long strokes Price’s ass, moving his full length of cock in and out of Price’s hungry hole. Price must be tighter than Kyle’s girlfriend or Kyle is just really horny because he cums pretty quick after changing positions. David’s turn with Price is next. Price sits on David’s dick and takes a ride as Kyle sucks his dick. It was this part that I realized who Kyle looks like. Finally, Price leans back to jerk out his load while the other two finger his butt hole and massage his balls.

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