Cute Straight Boy Gets Gay Blowjob

cute guy in boxers gets gay blowjob

Ayden Troy was an instant hit with members at Broke Straight Boys. And for good reason. The young man is cute with his lean smooth body, curly blond hair, and a sweet cock. Ayden is taking the next big step that new models go through, having sex with another guy. The lucky dude this time is Carter Blane. Carter has been blown on camera by a guy and liked it but has reservations about putting another man’s dick in his mouth. The guys look excellent sitting next to each other shirtless. Both have 6 pack abs that show through bodies with very little fat. They have a good time stripping to their boxers and playing around when things get serious. Carter gets between Ayden’s legs and pulls his dick out of the boxers to start stroking and sucking.

Carter doesn’t mind at all stroking Ayden’s growing pole but is slow to take the head then the top half of the long shaft in his mouth. The camera man is helpful telling Carter to think of what he likes when he gets blown and do that to Ayden. The advise helps! Carter starts slurping, licking, and sucking Carter’s now throbbing cock. Carter watches closely and seems apprehensive at first. Slowly he closes his eyes and simply gives in to the oral pleasures provided by Carter. Ayden grabs Carter’s head to direct him then leans his head back to simply enjoy.

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Scott Johnson Jerks Off at SD Boy

dark haired amateur leans back and strokes his dick

Scott Johnson is a bisexual man in the San Diego area looking to make some extra money when he arrives at the doors of SD Boy. Scott doesn’t mind getting naked in front of strangers to show off his (mostly) smooth body and dick. Scott has a bit of a nervous grin as he takes off his clothes in front of a photo backdrop. His dick is already growing and getting longer as he stands in front of the blue background. Scott keeps his pubes trimmed and shaves the base of his dick and ball sac for a clean look. Once he’s comfortable in front of the camera he moves to a futon covered with a sheet and watches some gay porn as he begins stroking himself. When Scott wants to slicken up his hard cock he uses spit rather than lube making for a sexy and raunchy feel to an otherwise usual jerk off vid. That’s the thing with real amateurs, they don’t play to the camera much. You can see as Scott transitions from camera show to self pleasure. He closes his eyes and bites his lip as the feeling comes over him and he goes to his own happy place to get off. Scott does fine for his first time, eventually letting loose a flow of thick cum that runs down his hand and hand as he continues to stroke it.

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Shaun Jerks His Uncut Cock and Cums for Cash

husky man jacks his fat uncut cock and cums on his hairy belly

Shaun is a straight 19 year old that found his way to the straight frat house via an ad looking for men willing to get off for pay. The owner says that he watched Shaun sitting in his car for close to an hour before he gathered the guts to go in for his first porn performance. Shaun is very nervous at first but the guys know how to make a newbie comfortable and before long, Shaun is getting naked and watching a porn while playing with his uncut dick. Foreskin lovers are going to flip for this young man’s fat uncut dick. Even when it is fully hard, there is plenty of skin to play with. In this show Shaun only plays with himself. Once he lays his head back and closes his eyes the actions seem more real as Shaun lets out low growls and drips of precum ooze from his swollen dick head. When it’s time to cum Shaun lets loose a spurt that splashes onto his hairy stomach while the remaining load runs down the shaft and his hand. When all was done, Shaun has a nice smile on his face and a new found comfort in front of a camera. How long until he is back looking to do more… we’ll have to wait and see.

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Hairy Brady Gets a Handie

hairy chested man gets gay handjob

Brady seems open minded for a young straight man fresh out of the military. He’s on the couch in the Spunk Worthy apartment for his second ever on camera jerk off. He did a previous video a few years ago for another site then gave it up so not to jeopardize his military status. During that time Brady has developed a fair amount of body hair and bulk. His chest looks trimmed short but is obviously hairy. His ass has a nice line of fur along the crack but his balls looked shaved and ready to lick.

That’s what the camera man was thinking too. As Brady gets naked and does his interview, Jason has a hard time concentrating. Brady is showing off his sweet butt and stroking his hard cock when Jason asks him if he can measure it. Brady doesn’t flinch at all as Jason grabs the tape to measure Brady’s 7 inch long cock. While he was down there Jason took other liberties as well; grabbing on full grip to the 5.5 inch round thick shaft. Brady seemed to enjoy the feel of an expert hand griping his growing cock so Jason keeps going. Looking at Brady’s face you can see that he clearly likes the attention on his man parts. Jason strokes his long shaft and cups his big hanging balls as he slowly jerks Brady off. The big guy’s head comes up to look just as he gets ready to cum but doesn’t move his hands. Brady lets Jason go all the way making him shoot his load of white jizz. The cum lands on Brady’s stomach and runs down Jason’s hand as we get a nice close up view.

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Levi Madison – Tall Dark and Hung

tall dark and hung amateur jerks off outdoors on the grass

Levi Madison is the latest southern amateur discovered by the guys at Southern Strokes. Levi is a 23 year old college student with dark skin that makes his eyes stand out. The eyes always get me first. It only took a second though as the yes wonder down his completely smooth chest and ripped abs. With his shirt open the view is nice and leads your attention straight down to his bulging loose jeans. Levi is a skinny dude. He is 6 feet tall and only weighs 150 pounds. It’s hard to find pants that fit when you’re tall with a 28 inch waist. That just makes it easier to slide your hands down and take a feel of the growing meat beneath. Levi makes it easy by not wearing any underwear. His dick matches his stomach, it is hairless. Levi’s pubes are trimmed so short they are about shaved. That makes his semi hard 7.5 inch cock look even bigger! Levi strips off the shirt and pants altogether and gets to work pumping his big dick. We get some nice looks at his tight ass and shaved balls as he moves around showing it all off. Eventually he kneels down, cups his balls, and spurts his spunk onto his jeans.

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Andy Lee Jerks Off In Kitchen

tattooed British dude strokes his uncut cock in the kitchen

Andy Lee is a high rise window washer in London. He enjoys working out at the gym and like most British men, looks sharp in a white pressed shirt with a tie. Andy looks all professional in his shirt and tie. His bad boy side starts to show as he opens his shirt and we see all his tattoos. His upper chest and both shoulders are inked. Andy keeps his chest and stomach hair trimmed very short but you can see it and would definitely feel it running your hands down his hard body. Andy’s a big guy so he isn’t ripped but is nice to look at. His broad shoulders look nice from behind as he turns to show us his tight bum. Andy starts stroking his uncut dick while standing then leans back on the kitchen counter to stroke a load. The stream of seamen splatters across Andy’s stomach when he cums then runs down to make a mess on the floor as he stands to head off and shower.

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Blake Savage Pumps His Thick Hairy Cock

amateur straight man Blake Savage strips naked and jacks his hairy cock

Blake Savage is a young straight man that loves to play football and baseball. When he was desperate for cash to pay the rent he was told about Broke Straight Boys. Blake takes a bit to get comfortable in front of the camera but loosens up during the interview and seems to have no troubles at all getting undressed. While he is wearing only a pair of black socks and his half off underwear Blake even gets on his knees to display his virgin ass. Like his hairy legs, Blake’s butt crack is lined with a thin coat of fur.  Looking at his crotch it is clear that Blake likes to leave his pubes all natural. The big bush makes his soft dick look kind of small. (at first) Blake strokes, tugs, and does everything he can to get hard while showing off his naked body but just can’t seem to get it up. Eventually he closes his eyes and goes to his own fantasy land. What ever it is he’s thinking about it does the trick! Blake’s dick grows longer and gets noticeably thicker. The hair grows up the bottom inch of his hard shaft leaving about 5 to 6 inches of smooth cock perfect for sucking or stroking. Blake lies back on the bed and continues in his own dream land rubbing his shoulders and smooth chest as he pumps away at his throbbing dick. His big balls bounce only a little as his hairy sac pulls up tight just before Blake lets loose a nice stream of jizz. The creamy cumshot may have ended Blake’s first show at Broke Straight Boys for now but with looks like his and that nice looking cock, I’m guessing they will have this straight boy enjoying gay head in no time. Any volunteers?

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