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Hairy Straight Guy’s Homemade Jerk Off Video

guy with a big hard dick jacks off and shoots cum onto his hairy chest

The owners of You Love Jack say that Criss Howell looks a cross between Blaine (Kurt’s boyfriend on “Glee”) and Vincent Chase from “Entourage”. I don’t watch either show so have no idea who they are but that didn’t stop me from taking a second look at this cute young man. Criss has a cute face with long dark hair and deep dark eyes. The flat cheeks and rounded chin give Criss a gentle look. Criss may look average with his black tee and jeans but you can tell quick that he has a wild side dying to get out. As soon as he gets the camera set up the way he wants for his homemade jack off video, he sits down and takes his cock out. No teasing or playing, he gets right to stroking. Criss looks about average size when he starts but his dick grows bigger and bigger as he rubs it until it is fully grown and damn it looks nice. Criss has a long shaft with a head that looks big compared to the diameter of the shaft. Criss’ bio doesn’t say how big he is but I’m guessing he sports about a 7.5 or 8 inch dick. Criss starts to get naked now that he’s shown the good stuff and surprise… This boy is hairy! The jeans and underwear come off first revealing his skinny legs covered with a dark coat of man fur. When he lifts his shirt we first see his stomach that is covered with thick hair and next his chest that has a fair amount of hair. There are basically guys that love men with hair and those who don’t. I tend to go towards the smoother boyz but with Criss’ cute looks and big dick; I’d do this straight boy in a heartbeat. Too bad he’s only doing a jack off. Anyways, Criss moves back and forth from a reclining to sitting position as he jerks his dick and gives us a few good looks at his thin body from a few angles. The climax of his debut porn vid is an amazing cumshot that is what gay porn is all about. The jizz flies all the way up his chest leaving a glob of white cum right in the middle of a mound of dark hair. Another glob splatters across his stomach and the rest pours across the back of his hand and down the long shaft.

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Jack Symon Makes A Splash In His Jack Off Video

cute amateur fingers his ass and shoots a load across his smooth body

One of these days I am going to have to make the trek up to Toronto. After a day of sightseeing it will be great to visit Goodhandy’s Pansexual Playground and scout out these open minded hot young men like Jack Symon. Jack is so very cute with his sparkling blue eyes yet masculine with his cleft chin and strong cheek bones. The best feature though is his perfectly plump dick sucking lips. I bet Jack is an awesome kisser and (after watching his homemade video) an even more adventurous bottom. Too bad Jack is only 18 so not old enough to get into the sex club with an age restriction of 19. Guess I’ll have to scout the local ball fields where he loves to play baseball. Where ever they found him, I’m glad they did because Jack is definitely fun to watch.

Jack shows us his lean smooth body and cock like most of the guys do at You Love Jack. Jack’s dick is already hard and poking out the top of his baby blue briefs as he strips naked except for his socks. By the time he gets everything off he is oozing precum. Something about a guy that gets this wet before even starting is a major turn on and jack gives us a nice close up of the natural lubricant leaking from his rock hard dick. Jack’s dick is average size with a slight upward curve to it making him perfect for a deep throat 69. His long legs and sweet ass are the product of all that running on the diamond and look just as good as the rest of him. After showing us his body he gets to work with the action part of his homemade sex video. Rather than spending a lot of time stroking his meat Jack goes for something he likes to do even more. He grabs a bottle of lube and lifts his legs in the air to finger his completely hairless ass. His glistening hole looks absolutely edible as he slides his fingers in deep and moans with ecstasy. The fingering makes his dick throb and the precum flow even more. All good things in porn must cum and Jack is no exception. Like most young men, Jack is a squirter. The jizz flies forcefully from his dick as he pumps his load across his belly.

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18 Year Old Does His First Porn Video

big dicked 18 year old strokes his 10 inch cock

Like lots of growing young men, Billy Hicks has dreamed about doing porn since he learned about it. As soon as he turned 18 Billy started looking for places that he could show off his “talents”. And damn, what talents he has too. Billy has a boyish face that is surrounded by a head of long thick hair. There isn’t a trace of facial hair on his cheeks or chin and only the slightest indication of some fuz on his upper lip. The lack of facial hair gives a good idea of what his body is like, completely smooth. Like lots of the men at You Love jack, Billy takes off his pants and underwear before his tee shirt. His pubes are shaved totally smooth and his cock looks nice, even soft. When he starts stroking it grown and grows to an enormous size. Fully hard billy’s cock is about 10 inches (22.5 cm) long with a slight curve to the right. Personally, I love skinny guys with huge dicks. They look so much bigger against the slim frame and ripped abs. Billy has it all too: cute face, thin body, hairless ripped abs, and a monster cock! After showing off his body and giving some close up views of his big dick he gets to work stroking. With a little lube he is off. For a first timer he does well working to the camera and pauses every so often to give extra looks at his hanging balls and throbbing cock before spurting his cum out onto his stomach. I bet there are a lot of guys that would have been happy to lick the mess from his body.

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Michael Strokes 7 Hard Inches In Homemade Jack Off Video

Its guys like Michael that keep me going (or cuming) back to You Love Jack. In his homemade video he strokes his thick 7 inch cock, fingers his hairy hole, and shoots a load of cum onto his brown tee shirt. Michael starts by playing with his dick through his boxers until it is good and hard. It looks impressive as it stretches his underwear. It looks even more impressive when he takes it out! For a little guy, Michael has a very nice cock. It is about 7 inches long with an upward curve and THICK. Michaels big dick isn’t the only thing that impresses. He has a cute face and blue-gray eyes that say come fuck me please. From the way he fingers his hairy asshole I’m about 99% sure that this boy can take it as well as give it. He smiles and pauses with pleasure every time his inserts his wet finger up his pleasure hole. All good things cum to an end and Micheal’s jack off video is no exception except that this ending is exciting as he shoots his cum into the air and it splatters onto his brown tee shirt. Watch Micheal’s full length video at You Love Jack.

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Corey and Randy’s Homemade Porn

Corey and Randy are real life lovers that make a homemade porn for You Love Jack. The video starts with Corey sitting naked on the couch.  Corey is so cute with his thin hairless body and big puppy-dog-eyes. I’m into the cute guys and tattoos so Corey caught my attention right away. Anyway, the video starts with Corey sitting naked on the couch when a voice tells him to put a big glass dildo up his ass. Corey lays back and slides the ass toy all the way to the base inside his ass as he strokes his semi hard cock. Next he is told to start sucking. Randy works the camera and gets some nice close up action of his hard cock sliding in and out of Corey’s mouth. Randy is all horned up now, as I was too, and orders Corey to remove the ass toy so he can insert some real meat. Randy fucks Corey’s sweet ass bareback in a few different positions then pulls out to shoot his load into Corey’s open mouth. Corey smiles and looks like he truly enjoys having his boyfriends cum all over his face. He leans back and continues to shoot his own cum load all over his smooth chest and stomach. Seeing that cute guy with cum all over his face and running down his chest is a very nice ending to a hot amateur fuck and suck video.

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Red Haired Twinks Homemade Jerk Off Video

Josh Hancock is the super hung strawberry blond twink at You Love Jack that proves skinny guys do have the huge cocks.  First timer Josh spends a bit of time getting the camera just right then jumps right in taking off his blue jeans and underwear revealing a semi hard cock that is about 1/3 the size of his thigh.  His big uncut dick has plenty of foreskin to play with as his cock swells the head gets really big and rounded as it slides out from its covering.  Next it’s off with the tee shirt to show a bit of reddish fuzz that travels across his upper chest.  In a few years some lucky guy is going to run his fingers through a plush lawn of red chest hair on this sexy dude.  Josh strokes his mammoth cock, spends some time fingering his hairy ass, and gives us some nice views of it all before spraying his load of cum up onto his hairy chest and stomach.

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Chris Drills His Ass For White Gold

Chris Nichols is one kinky guy you have to see to believe.  Even jacking off this boy is hot and wild.  He lets everything go as he jerks his cock in his first of hopefully many homemade gay porn movies at you love jack.  He plays with his dick as he strips naked so it’s already semi hard as it flops out of his boxer briefs.  Chris gets comfy on the futon and starts stroking and drilling his smooth ass.  First with one finger, then two, then three, then four fingers deep inside his hairless pink asshole. The more fingers he inserts the more precum runs from the end of his rock hard dick.  He stretches his hole so wide that…. Well you’ll have to see it for yourself.  He continues drilling his ass until his cock shoots a big stream of white cum into the air.  Never one to waste his cum, Chris scoops up his cum and inserts it into his wide open hole then licks his fingers clean.

Chris Nichols drills his ass and shoots a load at You Love Jack

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