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Bobby Long’s Cock Foreskin and Cum Shot

Bobby Long has done a couple of scenes for  Video Boys and is well liked with the members. Why wouldn’t he be? He is a very cute guy with a bad boy attitude. Bobby has a boyish face that he tries to butch up with a little beard on his chin. I think it just makes him cuter. He has a toned little body with a small patch of hair in the middle of his chest and a tattoo that runs from shoulder to shoulder that says “Go Hard or Go Home”. He is wearing a pair of black boxer briefs that show off his big dick even soft. He lowers his shorts to play with his thick cock and long foreskin. His pubes are trimmed like so many young guys these days. If he shaves to make his cock look bigger it isn’t necessary; his cock looks plenty big enough all on its own. Anyway, he takes off his underwear and plays with his ass a bit as his dick gets harder and harder. Bobby tells us that he can shoot cum into his mouth from a sitting position and strokes away at his dick to prove it. He does shoot a nice load and gets plenty of cum into his mouth as he smiles and opens up to see a big wad of jizz on his tongue. You can watch Bobby Long jerk off or in gay sex scenes with other Montreal twinks at Video Boys.

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Jessy and Leo are hanging out bored one day and looking for something to do. Leo really wants to go out but Jessy wants to stay in. Jessy makes a call to a few friends and asks them to come over and convince Leo that staying in is a good idea. Who should show up but three guys with the biggest dicks in the city; Derrick, Symon, and 10 inch Sascha. Yes, Sascha has a fat 10 inch uncut cock. The guys get undressed and play with each other’s dicks then the sucking begins. Jessy and Leo get on their knees and take turns sucking their guest until every one in the room has a raging hard on. Jessy’s ass is looking pretty hot and tempting as he is on all fours sucking away at Derrick and Symon’s dicks. The boys decide to fill Jessy’s hot ass and he is more than happy to let them. He loves cock up his ass so much that he lets both hung boys fuck him at the same time! The railing of Jessy’s ass and other sexual pleasures continue until Jessy lays on a small bench and the other four spray their cum all over his face, chest, and stomach giving him a cum bath he won’t ever forget.

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