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Tattooed Scally Lads Forest Fuck

Leighton and Ben are two fit and tattooed lads. Leighton has a nice lean tanned body and Ben has a set of pecs to admire. The boys meet in the woods for an afternoon of dick sucking and ass fucking action. They start with some heavy kissing and nipple play. Ben loves to have his nipples licked and nibbled on. Leighton works his way down from Ben’s sensitive nipples, lowers his trackies to reveal his semi hard 8 inch uncut cock and takes the whole thing in his mouth. After some expert cock sucking Ben reciprocates and sucks on Leighton’s dick until it is rock hard and throbbing. Leighton’s cock is ready for action and Ben is as randy as it gets. Leighton bends Ben over a fallen log and gives his shaved ass a tongue lashing and saliva bath. After opening Ben’s butt and thoroughly lubing it up with saliva Leighton slides his hard cock up Ben’s wet hole and gives him a proper pounding only stopping to spray his jizz across Bens back.

Str8 First Timer Sucks Dick and Gets Fucked

This scene with Karl and first timer Ben at UK Scally Lads is one of the hottest updates they have had in a while.  Both guys describe themselves as straight and with girlfriends.  Ben is a little nervous about doing a gay porn and likes to look at a straight magazine to get him in the mood.  It must work because his dick is soon getting obviously hard under his dark colored track suite.  Karl’s ready to go and takes advantage of Ben’s upcoming arousal.  He opens Ben’s jacket and pulls down his pants and underwear to start sucking Ben’s uncut dick.  Karl continues to suck and worship Ben’s cock until it is fully hard and standing tall at a full 8 inches.  Ben returns the favor and sucks on Karl’s dick for a bit.  We get a look at just how incredible Karl’s body is as he thrusts his curved uncut dick into Ben’s mouth.  Karl has an absolutely fabulous set of abs and a pair of lean runners legs covered with just the right amount of hair.  The pair move to a 69 position for mutual oral pleasure then Karl slips on a condom and penetrates Ben’s virgin ass.  And penetrate he does!  Karl fucks Ben’s ass fast and hard in at least 4 positions.  My favorite is when he has Ben bent over the arm of the sofa because you can really see how hot each of these guys bodies are.  After a hard ass fucking the two amateurs stroke off on the sofa.  Ben shoots an incredible load all over Karl’s face and neck.  It looks like a little may even get in his eye.  Ouch!  Karl shoots his load onto Ben’s smooth tattooed body.

Karl and Ben suck dick, 69, and fuck at UK Scally Lads

Watch Ben shoot his cum onto Karl’s face here

Hairy Guy Fucks Scally Lads Ass

Two Liverpool lads Alan and Josh hook up for some kissing, cock sucking, 69ing, and hardcore ass pounding at UK Scally Lads.  Both show up dressed in their usual attire of sweats and trackie with a cap.  Kudos to Alan for his choice of cap!  The two are horny and ready to go and start kissing as they strip each other.  Each guy sucks and deep throats the others uncut dick until they are both hard.  They 69 for a while and Alan gags a little on Josh’s 8 inch dick as it slides down his throat.  Normally Josh is a top but decides he is so horny today and turned on by Alan and his very hairy chest and big dick that he will bottom for his first time on camera.  Alan slides it in slow at first then speeds up until he is pounding Josh’s ass.  Alan fucks Josh every way from Sunday then sprays his load all over Josh’s face.  Josh cums very soon after squirting his juices onto Alan’s hairy chest.

Hairy chested Alan fucks Josh's ass and cums on his face

Watch the sample video here

Smoking Lad Strokes 12 Inch Uncut Dick

Smoking lad with 12 inch pole

Matt whips out his 12 inch uncut cock and rubs one out while enjoying a smoke at UK Scally Lads

Some people may not consider Matt an amateur because he has appeared on a few different British based amateur gay porn sites.  But Matt does have a regular day job and hasn’t done any major studio film work.  What Matt does do is show off his tall, hairy, skinny body and 12 inch dick.  Yes, it really is 12 inches when hard and unlike some guys with huge cocks, he actually does get his fully hard.  In this shoot at UK Scally Lads he relaxes and has a smoke as he takes off his track pants and plays with his monster meat while still in his white boxer briefs.  It’s nice to see a guy who is so comfortable in front of the camera.  His jerk off isn’t rushed and he looks like he is enjoying every bit of his afternoon wank and every bit of his smoke.  Matt gets fully hard and slides the foreskin back from his cock head.  Once the cigarette is done he lies back and strokes with two hands until he releases a stream of hot cum up onto his hairy chest. 

Matt is just one of the kinky bad lads that get naked and get off at UK Scally Lads.  For xxx pictures and videos of kinky uncut guys in track suites, soccer kits, and sports caps the only place to go is UK Scally Lads. 

Hairy Chested UK Amateur Sucks Cock

Grant and Alex suck and fuck at UK Scally Lads

21 year old Alex and 23 year old Grant have both been on UK Scally Lads before but had never met until they shared a train ride to the UKSL studio in London.  Alex admits that if there hadn’t been so many people on the train they may not have waited to get started.

Alex is all horned up and excited to get to business with Grant. Who wouldn’t be?  Grant is a tall thin dark haired young man with a smooth pale white body and a nice 7.5 inch uncut dick.  You only have to visit UKSL once to know that Grant is a big ol’ bottom that loves to have a cock up his ass. So, Alex leans in for a kiss as he starts undressing Grant.  The kissing doesn’t last long.  As Grant’s clothes come off Alex goes right down and starts sucking on his uncut cock.  Alex must give great head judging by the moans and look on Grants face.  As Alex continues sucking Grant’s big tool Grant takes off Alex’s clothes.  Alex has a nice tan and a hairy chest and stomach.  The hair on his stomach and pubic area is neatly trimmed so not to obscure any of his already hard 7 inch cock.  The two lads are in such a hurry that Alex doesn’t even bother taking off his shoes. Grant gives Alex a good sucking to get him nice and wet then straddles Alex’s waist and sits right down on his big hard cock.  As Alex’s dick goes up Grant’s ass, Grant’s cock seems to get bigger and harder.  You just gotta love those cock hungry bottom boys.  For a real ass pounding Alex turns Grant onto his back, lifts his legs, and long strokes the hell out of Grant’s tight ass.  Grant can’t stand the pleasure and shoots a stream of cum onto his smooth chest.  Alex follows suite shortly after and adds his own cum load to the mix.  Mmmmmm that looks so tasty.

Both of these cock hungry Brits have solo and other hardcore videos and picture sets that can only be seen at UK Scally lads.  As mentioned before, Grant loves the cock so you know what there is plenty of in his scenes.  Go to UK Scally Lads now to see the kinky side of British amateur guys.

Redhead Shayne Gets Fucked

Jack fucks Shayne at UK Scally Lads


Jack and Shayne share a bit of their private life with us at UK Scally Lads.  Each of these amateur men have done solo performances for our pleasure and they are real life boyfriends so they decided why not get paid for what we already do at home.  After seeing the sex between these two voyeurs, I’d love to be their neighbor.


The two start off on the sofa with Shayne wearing a tee shirt that says do I fuck.  Shayne is the cute skinny redhead of the two and Jack is the rougher looking lad with dark hair and facial scruff.  Both men are very good looking.  The two waste no time getting into the action with Jack stripping off Shayne’s clothes to show us his flaming red pubes and skinny hairless body.  Shayne has the pinkest nipples on his creamy white skin and with virtually no body fat, his abs show off every muscles as he lays back and enjoys Jacks oral workout.  Jack sucks Shayne’s hard dick letting the excess saliva run down the shaft, over his smooth ball sac, and onto his tight pink ass.  After some heavy sucking jack moves his attention to Shayne’s already wet ass and probes the hole with his tongue.  As Shayne’s cock throbs with the stimulation of his ass it is obvious that he is anxious to be fucked.  And getting fucked he does.  Jack puts a condom on his hard 8 inch uncut dick and slides it right to the base inside of Shayne.  Jack pumps him harder as Shayne groans and tightens with each thrust.  Wanting to feel every full inch of Jack, Shayne gets up and sits down on Jack taking every last inch of his dick inside him as he strokes his own rock hard cock.  All of the stimulation must have got Shayne’s juices flowing because he shoots a stream of cum through the air and up onto his smooth chest and neck.  Seeing that white cum all over Shayne’s smooth body is the final stimulus for Jack who can’t stop and adds a thick load of his own jizz to mix.


So, does Shayne fuck?  The answer to that is obviously YES!  These two guys have hot solo videos as well as pictures and video from what you’ve seen here.  To enjoy all that these two have to offer you need to get into UK Scally Lads members area today.

Fat Dicked Brit In England Soccer Kit

Aaron strokes his fat cock at UK Scally Lads

Aaron is a slim guy from Manchester.  He loved the thought of doing a shoot in front of a hotel window to give a free show to anyone passing by.  Aaron starts in the window arch, in his blue trackies and white England soccer top.  He begins playing with himself under his pants a bit then takes them off to to reveal matching England soccer shorts. It is obvious that Aaron’s dick is already hard by the buldge in his shorts.  As he pulls out his cock it is also obvious that Aaron is thick.  Aaron turns over and plays with his ass a bit.  Even though he is a top, he doesn’t mind a little fingering to get his juices flowing.  With people below looking up into the window, Aaron decides it might be best to finsh up in his room.


Aaron relaxes on the bed and has a drink while he wanks his thick tool.  Be sure to find Aaron in the model’s section at UK Scally Lads and watch his free preview video to see just how big he really is. Aaron is really into soccer gear, including his shoes.  He rubs his fat cock in and out of his sneakers then enjoys the cock and feet smells coming from them.  Aaron adds some lube to his dick and shoots a load of cum onto his chest and stomach.


If you like 18-25 year old uncut UK men in sports apperal, UK Scally Lads is the place for you!  Visit UK Scally Lads today and get your scally off.





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