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Suck Off Guys Switch – Walker Michaels Sucks Seth

tattooed man gives a blowjob to a hairy guy who cums on his chest

Walker Michaels is back at Suck Off Guys but this time Seth has something different in mind for the tattooed amateur. Seth Chase is always the one doing the dick sucking and cum swallowing when Walker comes over. Today Seth is getting blown by Walker and Walker IS going to get cummed on! Walker starts sitting on the edge of the bed joking with Aaron (Seth’s boyfriend and camera man) and Seth. The guys always have fun with Walker. he has a great sense of humor and is fun for the guys to play with. Seth walks over to Walker with his dick out for him to start sucking. And so it begins…

Walker is fully clothed and Seth has a shirt on as Walker starts slurping down Seth’s hard cock. Walker knows what he likes when he gets sucked off and is happy to do those same things for Seth. He should be, Seth has gotten this dude off enough. Walker massages Seth’s balls, licks the head, and does his best to deep throat the hairy man’s growing cock. Once camera is set up on a tripod while the one operated by Aaron gets in close for some very nice views of Walker swallowing Seth’s dick. After a bit, both guys are completely naked and Seth is lying on the bed with Walker beside him still sucking away. When Seth is ready to cum he gets up on his knees to bust his nut directly onto Walker’s semi hairy chest. Walker has never let a man cum on him before. He watches intently as Seth milks the jizz from his cock. A big smile comes over Walker as Aaron tells him that they have no towels so he’ll have to lick it up. These guys love to joke around, even when filming gay porn videos in their bedroom.

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Suck Off Guys is one of three gay porn websites filmed by Seth and Aaron from their home. Members of Suck Off Guys get access to Fuck Off Guys and Bareback Place included.


Aiden Carter Gets Blown

bearded man sucks big dick of amateur gay porn newbie

Aiden Carter is a 26 year old gay porn newbie. This is his first time getting naked on camera and he is excited for two reasons. First is obvious, it’s his first time and like the first time doing anything new there is always a hint of anxiousness. Second is because he knows what Suck Off Guys is all about and he is ready to receive a blowjob from Aaron French, the cock sucker extraordinaire. Aiden says that he loves cock and is usually the one doing the sucking so it will be nice to be on the receiving end this time.

Aiden strips naked to do some pictures and get comfortable in front of the camera as well as Aaron and Seth, who is working the camera in this scene. Aiden has some fun flexing his skinny arms after taking off his shirt. His skinny body isn’t much but he does have a little bulge where his biceps are and he smiles showing them off. You gotta love a guy with confidence. When Aiden drops his pants it is clear where that confidence comes from. This young man has a very nice big dick. Even soft is big. For a guy his age, it is no wonder that he usually does the sucking. Not many guys can take a dick that big without a few years practice. Lucky for everyone (Aiden and us), Aaron has plenty of experience and has swallowed bigger than Aiden before.

Aaron slides up next to Aiden to start playing with his dick and gets to sucking. Watching that long tool move in and out of Aaron’s mouth is hot. It gets even better when Aiden stands up and we get the under view. After sucking Aiden’s dick while standing the guys move to the bed where Aiden lies back and lets Aaron do his magic. With all the saliva running down Aiden’s balls and across his ass it is tempting for Aaron to start fingering his ass. Aiden gets harder with the stimulation and is bucking his hips thrusting his dick deeper into Aaron’s mouth. Everyone gets off when Aaron blows someone and Aiden is no exception. Aiden cums as Aaron strokes his long pole shooting his jizz onto his belly. You know that Aaron hates to waste a good load of cum and licks it off the new guys stomach. I can’t tell if Aiden is smiling because Aaron’s beard tickles or he is just pleased that he did so well for his first porn video.

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Ben Gets Gay Blowjob

21 year old gets his first gay blowjob

Ben Porter is a 21 year old tattooed straight guy that we may be seeing more of at Suck Off Guys judging by the happy look on his face after receiving his first gay blowjob from Aaron. They call Ben a “gentle giant” in his scene description. Ben is tall and has a nice cock to be sure but giant may be pressing it a bit. Gentle is a good word though. Ben is soft spoken and friendly as he undresses for the camera to show off his lean body with 3 to 4 tattoos and trimmed chest hair. He seems a little shy at first but gets hard easy once his pants are off and his dick is in Aaron’s mouth. Aaron French has a lot of experience sucking dick and making straight guys feel comfortable as he pleasures them orally. When Aaron starts to lick Ben’s shaft and balls you can clearly see that the amateur straight boy is enjoying the attention by the big smile on his face. For a guy that starts out a little shy; Ben has no trouble expressing how good his gay blowjob feels and every so often reaches down to direct Aaron’s face to do more. It’s awesome when horny guys grab hold of the back of a cock suckers head to keep the full length of their meat in longer and Aaron seems to love it so why not? Ben gets blown standing at first then sits down and stretches out for the cum shot that lands partly in Aaron’s mouth and splashes a little across his bearded face. Again Ben has a big happy smile as Aaron milks the remaining jizz from his hard wet cock.

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Four Amateur Men Suck & Jack

Aaron French sucks three amateur mens cocks

Suck Off Guys is the sister site of Bareback Place. Both are amateur sites run by a horny couple that loves to tape themselves or other regular guys having sex. To be honest, the reason until now that I haven’t ever done a post is a mystery as I’ve been enjoying the pictures and videos from both sites for a while. They have a real love of raw sex, cock, and cum. Usually a man named Seth is on the receiving end but today it is another bearded middle aged man Aaron French that is the lucky cocksucker that takes on three horny dudes Quinn Blackwood, Trevor Grant, and Walker Michaels. With nothing more in the room than some photo lights and a gray backdrop the three men strip naked and start jerking their dicks as Aaron moves between them on his knees giving each a good sucking. The guys talk, joke, and have fun while enjoying the expert oral pleasure provided by Aaron. Trevor is the last to loosen up but the first to cum, shooting his jizz across Aaron’s beard. The other two soon follow suite and Aaron has a face full of cum surrounded by three satisfied men ready for a shower.

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