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Bull’s First Public Jack Off

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Bull spoke to Nikko months ago about getting off on camera for us at Straight Fraternity but this sexy college guy has been busy. Busy doing what, I don’t know but from the looks of him undressed, probably working out or training for some type of swimming. Bull has very short buzzed hair and a lean ripped body that is near completely absent of any hair. Ya gotta love those swimmer boys with their fat free and completely smooth bodies. When he lowers his underwear we see that his pubes are shaved too but I doubt he has been going into the pool naked. Bull does dream of sex in public though so who knows where he may be showing off his naked body and cock. Bull shows off his ass, feet, and abs then lays back on the bed to jerk out his first on camera cum shot. Bull is mostly quiet as he jacks off but definitely gets vocal when he cums.

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Parker’s First Gay Fuck is Bareback

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Since Parker first appeared at Straight Fraternity stroking his 8 inch cock he has been a members favorite. He has survived the Straight Frat initiation from the previous pledgemaster and is obviously in the good graces of his new replacement because Parker is back with an online fan, Tad for his first gay fuck.

Tad is excited to meet Parker in person and can’t wait to get his hands on Parker. Tad massages Parker’s bare feet and makes his way up to the straight college man’s crotch. It doesn’t take very long before Parker’s pants are off and Tad has his hard cock out through Parker’s boxers. The handjob leads to a blowjob where Tad shows his oral prowess by taking all eight inches down his throat. After the expert oral Parker is ready to fuck Tad’s ass. When Tad gets naked it is obvious that he is hairy. Tad’s chest and stomach are covered with a trimmed coat of dark fur. Tad lathers a gob of lube onto Parker’s throbbing dick then turns to the camera, grabs his uncut cock and balls to give us an unobstructed view, and sits down on Parker’s raw cock. Parker loves the feeling of Tad’s tight hole. Fucking a man bareback provides the straight guy more sensation than screwing a girl with a condom ever has and my personal opinion, definitely more fun to watch. Once Tad’s hole is relaxed Parker bends him over the edge of the bed to fuck him from behind. You can clearly see the pleasure and intensity on Parker’s face as he pounds Tad.

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Straight Marine Gets Blowjob For Cash

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Raph is a thin, straight, marine that recently got engaged and needs some money for the wedding his girl deserves. So how does an enlisted man make extra cash over the holidays? Easy… go to the straight fraternity house, show them your thick cock, and let the pledge master blow you. Raph is pretty comfortable talking about himself and his straightness then gets a little nervous as he takes off his clothes. Raph has a thin body with smooth chest and slightly hairy stomach. The real eye popper comes as he lowers his boxer briefs and his thick semi-hard cock flops out. Damn his cock looks nice! The pledge master must think so too because it isn’t long after Raph starts getting hard that his hand and mouth are all over the amateur marine’s hard dick. Raph gets comfortable after a bit and leans back to enjoy the attention being provided to his cock and hairy balls. The second best part of the video is the cumshot. As Raph gets close his head tilts back and his upper chest get red as the pressure inside him builds. His cumshot doesn’t spray as much as some of the other men at Straight Fraternity but it looks awfully nice pooling in the hair of his belly and thick bushy pubes. The pledge master likes Raph’s cum so much that he reaches down and scoops some up for himself. I hope that his girlfriend appreciates the length that Raph goes to make her happy. I know that I sure did.

Straight marine Raph gets a gay blow job for cash

Derrick Sucks and Jacks Diego Off

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Diego is horny and upset with the performance of Straight Fraternity pledge Derrick. Diego tells Derrick to “step up his game” then orders the pledge onto his knees to service his aching cock. Derrick wants into the SF house bad and reluctantly does as he is told. Derrick takes Diego’s cock out of his suite pants and starts sucking the uncut cock. Derrick continues massaging and sucking on his pledge masters dick as they both get undressed and lay down together on the bed with a porn video playing. Derrick continues to jerk Diego’s cock with one hand while rubbing his own dick with the other. Diego shoots his load and leaves feeling satisfied and a little less upset at Derrick. Derrick still has his own juices building up and a porn on the TV. Lucky for him the guys at SF are friendly. An anonymous fraternity brother with tattooed arms comes in and offers his own skilled hands to pump Derrick’s cock until it erupts and shoots sweet cum across Derrick’s chest and stomach. I guess that sucking Diego’s cock then getting a hand job from a fraternity brother can’t be too bad judging by the big smile on his face at the end.

Straight Frat models Diego and Derrick get and give hand job

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Connor & Diego Get Each Other Off

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Connor and Diego are buddies at the sexy Sigma Phi Fraternity. The guys are watching a straight porn video together and start to get horny and wanting to jerk off. Diego lowers his boxers and starts jacking off with Connor next to him on the bed. Before long Connor has his uncut cock out as well and both guys are jerking together. Diego is interested in Connors uncut piece of meat and reaches over to lend a friendly hand. Connor returns the favor leaning over and taking Diego’s hard cock in his mouth and starts sucking. Diego doesn’t mind that Connor has never sucked dick before. After all, a warm wet mouth is a warm wet mouth and it feels good so… Diego continues to fuck Connor’s virgin mouth until he shoots his load. Diego is a good sport and moves down to jerk off Connor. I guess a hand job for a friend that just blew you is the least you can do. Diego pumps the blond guys dick until he sprays his jizz across his smooth belly. Both guys are satisfied and messy so they head to the shower together at the Straight Fraternity.

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Straight Guys Play Gay Chicken

Gay Chicken is back at Straight Fraternity. This time the players are two tattooed frat brothers Brock and Colten and the prize is a chance to have sex with one of the girls at the next house party. After the game is explained the guys are told to take off their clothes and underwear. Both guys have tattoos. Brock has dark hair, a little beard, and a hairy chest. His dick looks kind of small as it hangs limp below a bushy mound of untrimmed pubes but his balls hang low and look big for sure. Colton has a smooth face and chest and an impressive looking cock that hangs very low even while soft. The two start the game with kissing that leads to cock sucking. Brock slaps his semi hard dick against Colten’s face but he refuses to say chicken. A jack off and cum shot contest is how the game comes to an end. To see who wins and all the straight boy action Go To Str8 Frat Now.
Straight guy slaps his friends face with his cock in game of gay chicken

More Naked Guys at Straight Fraternity

Straight Frat Pledge Gets Blow Job

Hairy chested, inked, straight jock Brock is back at Straight Fraternity. After his gay orgy Brock has decided that getting a blow job from a guy isn’t that bad. In fact, he enjoys it! This time around it is the expert cock sucking pledgemaster that sucks Brock off until he shoots his big load.

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