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Jason gets a back to school hazing at Straight Fraternity

Jason is blindfolded and restrained before his gay blowjob hazing

Jason is getting ready to go back to school and needed some extra cash for tuition and books. What a better way for a young straight guy to make money for college than to stop by the Straight Fraternity? Jason is looking nice sitting in nothing except his black jock strap. The big tattooed man preps Jason by tying his wrists above his head and blind folding him with duct tape.

Now that he is helpless, let the fun begin! Fist the underwear must come off. Jason’s pubes are trimmed very short and thighs & scrotum shaved smooth. His cock is soft as the dick sucking begins. It doesn’t take long before he is hard and enjoying the feeling of gay blow job. We gets some great close up views of Jason’s dick, balls, and even ass as he gets sucked off as part of the hazing. If nothing else, average sized dicks are very easy to swallow. You can see him squirm and arch his back when the head goes down the back of his captor’s throat. Jason flexes his hips and squeezes his ass tight just before he cums. With big hand stroking his meat and the other tugging his balls, Jason lets loose his flow of jizz. The young man’s cum splatters across his hairless abs and runs down his softening dick to give it a nice shine. By the big smile on Jason when the blind fold comes off, I think he liked it. Maybe you will too. Check out more blind folded blowjobs at Straight Fraternity.


Straight Frat Boy Sucks Cock for Cash

white college guy sucks a black frat dudes uncut dick

Straight Fraternity is known for the gay chicken series where straight guys do gay sex for honor of hooking up with a girl at a once a year orgy. This new game is similar but presents a new bowl of tricks. The lucky guys are Junior and Angel. Both young college men are in need of some cash and are willing to take their chances with the luck of the draw. The pledgemaster has a bunch of gay sex acts like spanking, dick sucking, ball licking, rimming, and ass fucking in a bowl. Each guy will go in turn with a draw and have to perform the sex act if they want to win and get paid. So let the games begin!

The guys talk and get comfortable with each other then take their shirts off. Foot fetish guys are going to love the first draw. Junior goes down and licks the feet of Angel. Angel is very sensitive and ticklish. It takes everything he has to not kick Junior in the face with the tongue running across his long thin foot. The next draw is for Junior to bare his black ass for a spanking. Angel is happy to spank the fraternity dudes bare ass in retribution for the intense foot tickling he received minutes earlier. With Junior’s underwear down we get a good look at his muscular butt as well as his soft uncut cock when he stands up. Junior keeps his balls and pubes trimmed for a nice clean look. Good thing for Angle who’s next draw is to rim Junior’s ass. Junior gets in a knees to elbow position of the sofa with his sweet butt facing Angel. Angel’s tongue is put to further use when he next has to lick Junior’s balls and suck his cock. Both guys are good and hard now with the dick sucking and ball licking. They sit beside each other in the end to jerk their loads across each other.

Angel spanks & sucks Junior at Straight Fraternity



Shaun Jerks His Uncut Cock and Cums for Cash

husky man jacks his fat uncut cock and cums on his hairy belly

Shaun is a straight 19 year old that found his way to the straight frat house via an ad looking for men willing to get off for pay. The owner says that he watched Shaun sitting in his car for close to an hour before he gathered the guts to go in for his first porn performance. Shaun is very nervous at first but the guys know how to make a newbie comfortable and before long, Shaun is getting naked and watching a porn while playing with his uncut dick. Foreskin lovers are going to flip for this young man’s fat uncut dick. Even when it is fully hard, there is plenty of skin to play with. In this show Shaun only plays with himself. Once he lays his head back and closes his eyes the actions seem more real as Shaun lets out low growls and drips of precum ooze from his swollen dick head. When it’s time to cum Shaun lets loose a spurt that splashes onto his hairy stomach while the remaining load runs down the shaft and his hand. When all was done, Shaun has a nice smile on his face and a new found comfort in front of a camera. How long until he is back looking to do more… we’ll have to wait and see.

Shaun jerks off at Straight Fraternity


Cisco Does First Anal Sex Scene With Spence

hispanic straight college dude has anal sex with a tattooed guy

How a guy that agrees to get naked and have sex while being taped can be as shy as Cisco is beyond me but it is cute to see the way he squirms during the interview portion of his gay sex scene with Spence at Straight Fraternity. The producer spoke with Cisco the day before and he was okay with the idea of filming him fucking another guy. Today is a different story but he is going to go through with it. Cisco relaxes a little after sitting on the bed with Spence. When the producer tells him to start getting undressed and kiss Spence he does it. The kissing starts slowly and never does get intense like you’d expect from gay porn performers but it does loosen Cisco up and get him ready for more.

The more comes next as the two men take turns sucking each others dicks. Spence has been around enough to know what he’s doing and does a great job sucking the newcomer to a full hardon. With Cisco’s dick raging hard and covered with Spence’s spit, the college boyz are ready to start the fucking. Cisco starts by fingering Spence’s behind. We get some nice close up views of Spence’s hairy hole as Cisco probes him. The lack of stimulation on his cock starts to make Cisco go soft. Luckily, Spence is ready to be fucked. And get fucked he does! Spence rides Cisco’s cock and gets pounded doggy style. Cisco looks relaxed and enjoying the tight feel of Spence on his dick but has some trouble cumming. Spence turns his experienced tongue to help the newbie out. He gets between Cisco’s legs and licks his balls while stroking his cock to an eruption of cum. Cisco has done his bit and is now ready to leave. Spencer doesn’t mind too much and lies back on the bed with a bottle of lube to jerk himself off. As usual, Spence shoots a nice load that splatters against his tattooed body making a nice sticky mess of jizz.


Cisco & Spence Preview Video

watch the full video now at Straight Fraternity


Three College Guys Play Gay Truth or Dare

three college men play a game of gay sex truth or dare

Turk, Carter, and Nikko are doing a special at the Straight Fraternity. It’s kind of like gay chicken but there are three of them so they are calling it truth or dare even though there is very little truthing and more daring going on. The game starts with all three getting naked to show off their naked bodies. Here’s the rundown: Turk is the guy with a beard, some hair on his chest, ripped abs, and a cut dick. Carter is the darker skinned guy with a smooth, lean body and a big uncut dick and Nikko is the jock with trimmed chest hair, cross tattoo, and also sports a nice sized uncut cock. Now that we know the players, what are the stakes? The loser is going to let the two winner jerk a load onto his face. So, let the fun and games begin!

Turk goes first by going to Nikko’s feet to lick and suck on his toes. As you can see in the picture, Nikko is a bit ticklish and a little weirded by the sensation. We do get a great view of Nikko’s hairy legs in this part of the video though and feet lovers are going to watch this part over and again. Next up, kissing another man. And not just kissing but French kissing to be exact. Carter and Turk go at it sticking their tongues into each others mouth. So far, Turk is in the lead having used his mouth to suck toes and French kiss another dude. Now it is Nikko’s turn to put his mouth to work. He goes down to the big uncut dick of Carter to lick his balls. He lifts Carter’s dick out of the way and goes to it with only a slight hesitation. Turk goes down next to complete the oral genital action by sucking on Carter’s hard dick. Carter was the recipient of all the oral action so it is clearly his turn to do something and boy does he ever. Carter gets onto his hands and knees to take a vibrating dildo up his butt. Nikko lubes the sex toy up and pushes it in deep to the college guy’s ass.

The guys have performed all their dares but someone has to lose and take the cum facial of the two winners so… Carter lies on the middle of the bed with Turk on his left and Nikko on the right stroking their cocks. Nikko shoots his thick load onto Carter’s cheek and neck area first. Turk who in my opinion was the clear winner sprays a big load that covers Carter’s face with cum. The cum is more liquid than Nikko’s and runs all over Carter who closes his eyes tight.

Gay Sex Truth or Dare Free Video

see the full scene at Straight Fraternity


Dax & Leon Play Gay Chicken at Straight Fraternity

two straight men kiss and suck each other dick in game of gay chicken

The popular game of gay chicken returns to Straight Fraternity. The two men recruited to play this time around are Dax and Leon. At first Leon was not interested in playing. He doesn’t mind getting blown but having to kiss another dude or even worse doesn’t appeal to him at all. After some coaxing, he agreed to play of course. No one is going to call Leon chicken!

The guys start by getting naked and lie next to each other stroking their cocks. Both guys have average to smallish sized dicks. What they lack is cock size they make up for with attitude. They are given their first test; to lick and suck each others nipples. That was easy enough and we get to see that Leon has let his chest hair grow out a bit since his blindfolded blowjob initiation video. Next is where things start to get intense as the two straight men have to kiss each other. They touch lips only then reluctantly stick their toungues into each others mouth for a full on French kiss. Still, neither has said “chicken” yet so the tasks continue as they must jerk each other off. They grab each others semi hard dicks and start stroking. Some straight men gay porn sites use models that are questionably gay. You can tell because they get hard when with another guy and are on about every straight amateur site out there. Dax and Leon barely get hard at all while licking and kissing each other. It isn’t until the actual penis stimulation by another’s hand starts that either start to get aroused. Still, neither says chicken so… sucking dick will have to be the next challenge. At this point both guys have already committed themselves to winning and no challenge (even sucking another dudes dick) is going to stop them from winning this crazy game. They take each other in their mouth and suck a little cock for the sake of our enjoyment. At this point I would declare the game a tie as both have gone about as far as you can expect a straight guy to go with another man. If I was the pledgemaster running the game I would have made them suck each other of and give a cum facial. Fortunately for Leon and Dax they are simply told to jerk each other off. As you can see in the picture above, Dax shoots a decent load at the hands of Leon. Visit Straight Fraternity and download the full video to see how Leon cums at the hands of Dax.

Gay Chicken Preview Video

see more gay chicken at Straight Fraternity


Leon’s Blindfolded Blowjob


download the full video here

Leon squirms as the pledge-master runs his fingers and tongue down the straight jocks smooth chest and stomach. It isn’t like he can do much except enjoy the ride though as his ankles are strapped to the chair and he is blindfolded for his hazing. The chest licking gets his dick stirring. The growing cock gets the attention of the pledge-master as well as me. He moves his mouth down to Leon’s swelling dick and swallows it. Leon’s squirming turns to a pleasurable and relaxing blowjob. He leans back and lifts his arms. Even his pits are trimmed to match his short pubes. (these jocks and all their shaving) The older guy is great at blowing straight dudes and goes all out for someone as special and hot as Leon. It isn’t long before Leon is ready to cum. The pledge-master strokes Leon’s load out and splashes on his lower abs. You know how sensitive it is after cumming? The pledge-master wants to see Leon squirm more and puts his mouth on the head of Leon’s cock for some extra stimulation. It is supposed to be a hazing after all.

college jock gets blowjob and cums






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