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Garry Roy Is Back, Bi, and Big As Ever


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Garry Roy is back for an encore jack off at Squirtz. Garry is as thin and ripped as ever but shares some new information with us during his interview. During his first show Garry said he was totally straight although having some issues with girlfriend at the time and may be interested in trying sex with a boy. Now Garry is a self identified bisexual. He admits to having sex with both guys and girls now. While mostly a top Garry has bottomed a few times and says it isn’t that bad. He even got fucked by someone with a dick bigger than his. That’s impressive considering he sports an 8.5 inch cock himself.

Garry does a slow strip to get us aroused and interested. His chest and abs are free of any hair or body fat. If you like skinny guys you’re going to love Garry. You can see underlying ribs and while not bulky is totally ripped. Garry knows that men love his ass so he gives us a long look with his underwear on at first then takes them off and spreads his cheeks to show his hairless hole. He pushes his dick down to tease us more then rolls over and gets to stroking. When he is semi hard Garry moves around on the bed to get fully settled in and stroke out a load.


Garry Roy poses naked with big uncut dick and hairless ass


19 y/o Straight Boy Does His First Porn Video

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For a 19 year old straight guy, Johnny has no trouble getting naked on camera to show off every inch of his body. His chest is completely smooth with a slight trail of fur running from his navel down to his cock along his tight abs. Johnny keps his pubes immediately above his cock shaved but has some hair along the sides and doesn’t touch the hair of his perineum or around his ass. I don’t know how the photographers get these straight guys to show so much of their butts. Johnny bends over and spreads his cheeks to give us a close up view of the hole no man except his doctor has ever seen before and probably never will. Johnny says that he is totally straight and is only doing this jack off scene because it will give him exposure he needs to get into straight porn. He has no ideas of doing any man on man sex scenes (for now anyways). He gets and gives plenty of exposure too; when his uncut cock gets fully hard it is about 7.5 inches with a slight curve. Johnny strokes his throbbing meat slowly at first then really gets into the pumping action until exploding a stream of jizz that goes nearly straight up in the air and splashes against his hip and hairy leg. Johnny looks pretty happy with his first adult video experience. Maybe the guys at Video Boys can convince him to come back for a blowjob. I know I’d be happy to give it to him if he agrees.

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Michael’s Back to Jack

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Michael is a 21 year old that knows what he likes, what he wants, and how to get it. In this (his second) jack off video at Squirtz he tells us that he likes to bottom for guys with nice cock. He gets into a few positions to show potential tops how he likes to be fucked and we get an up close view of his semi hairy hole. He completely shaves his other pubes for a nice clean look. It certainly isn’t to make his dick look bigger. He sports an 8 inch dick that looks bigger on his twink-like body. The camera guy circles the bed and even gets under him a few times for a 360 view of every inch of his body, cock, and big smooth ball sack. Once Michael gets to it, he jacks his dick hard until shooting a stream of jizz across his smooth chest and tummy.

Michael jacks his cut 8 inch cock

Jacob Junior Strokes His 8 Inch Dick

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Jacob Junior is an 18 year old French Canadian straight boy that already knows his dick is big. He has attempted to have sex with a few girls that couldn’t handle his thick 8.5 inch cock. Jacob seems to handle his big uncut cock fine on his own. As Jacob takes off his clothes we get a good look at his long lean body with plenty of ink and very little body hair. Jacob talks (in French) as he strips down to his underwear and begins to rub his cock. When he first lowers his red briefs his cock doesn’t look all that big. That is until it starts to get hard, then it becomes obvious that he is well endowed for sure! For a first time straight guy, Jacob doesn’t mind doing what ever the camera guy asks including showing off his ass and spreading his cheeks to give us an up close view of his hairy virgin hole. After the interview Jacob settles on the bed and strokes his monster cock to shoot his cum out onto his belly and chest. After very close evaluation of Jacob I’m sure that I know a good number of men who are very able to handle his big dick and a number more that would sure love to try.

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18 Year Old’s Jack Off Porn Debut

Freshly turned eighteen and finally legal this Montreal twink could not wait to do his first adult video. As with most first time amateurs his video is a jack off scene and he couldn’t have picked a better studio to do it with than Squirtz. Chris is average height but only weighs 145 pounds (66 kg) so he is a little on the thin side. Chris admits that he loves the attention of being in front of the camera and wants to impress the viewers. It didn’t take him long to impress me. He has a cute face and skinny hairless body but what really got me was when he lowers his underwear to let his thick semi hard 7 inch (18 cm) dick out to play. Compared to the rest of him that thing looks very impressive. Chris strokes it a couple of times to get it completely erect. The head is like a giant pink mushroom on a wide, slightly curved, oak tree. Chris says that he is almost exclusively a top, he knows what Squirtz members like and bends over to play with his smooth tight ass for a while before releasing his load which runs down the shaft of his dick and pools at the base in his trimmed but present pubes.

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Amateur Canadians Jerking Off

Skater Dudes Smooth Ass and Uncut 7.5 Cock

Zac is a 24 year old professional skateboarder that is sidelined due to an injury and now works as a graphic designer.  He looks awefully healthy to me as he strips his clothes to jerk his cock and spay a load of cum for Squirtz.  Zac has a cute face and a thin toned body that has very little is any hair.  The V running from his hips down towards his pleasure center is very hot.  For a straight guy that says he is totally into girls, he doesn’t mind playing with his ass.  He opens his cheeks up to give us a close up and personal view of his smooth asshole.  Kind of makes you want to crawl right up there and get to work on that for him.  Zac strokes his 7.5 inch uncut cock for us as he talks with the camera man.  For such a thin guy he has a very deep and sexy voice.  With lots of panting and a little sweating he shoots his juice.  The first shot goes flying someplace and the rest falls at the base of his trimmed cock.

Sexy straight skater Zac jerks his 7.5 inch uncut cock

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American Jerks Off in Montreal

All American guy-next-door Dylan went to Canada to study philosophy and fell in love with the city and open sex scene so he stayed.  Now he shows off his thin body and cock stroking at  Dylan’s a typical looking college guy with short brown hair and a cute face with a smile accented by a piercing that draws attention.  Dylan gets undressed to reveal a skinny body with very little hair and a few tattoos.  Unlike most of the guys on squirtz, Dylan’s cock is circumcised.  Even soft his dick looks nice standing out from a bed of short trimmed pubes.  He talks with the producer a bit then gets down to business stroking his hard dick until he shoots a load of American jizz onto his smooth chest and belly.  Dylan is so fun to watch as he smiles and looks like he is having fun the entire time.  With a new amateur jerking off every week and lots of guys in the archives you’re likely to have a good time as well.

Pierced and tattooed American amateur Dylan jerks and squirtz

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