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Logan Taylor: Tanned & Tattooed Southern Hunk

 sexy southern guy shows his hairy ass and jacks his 6 inch dick

Logan Taylor visited the Southern Strokes lake house recently with another newcomer Austin Perry. Both men say they are straight but had no problems hanging out half naked together for the weekend of fun. The owner at Southern Strokes says that 22 year old Logan had his shirt off the entire weekend. Looking at his dark tanned body in the picture above it is easy to believe that Logan goes shirtless often. And why not? Look at his amazing body. Logan is an avid weight lifter and works as a personal trainer so he gets plenty of time to work on his body. The ink on his arms are nice and make his shoulders look huge while the “Get Hard” tattoo just above his jeans on his lower abdomen could have any number of meanings but I know what I like to think it refers to. Logan trims his chest hair very short but leaves his pubes all natural. Zohan would be proud of his big bush.

When it comes time for Logan to do his first on camera jack off he isn’t shy at all. He gives us a fun interview then gets down to it lowering his pants. You can really see his tan when contrasted against the pale white ass and upper legs. If you like guys with hairy asses you’re going to love Logan. Unlike a lot of guys in porn, Logan has a completely average sized cock. They measure it at about 6.5 inches but it looks small because of his hunky body and big bush. Big or small, it doesn’t matter much how big his dick is when he looks and acts like this. You can sense his traditional southern charm in the preview video below. After showing off his amazing body Logan relaxes on the leather sofa to stroke out a load. Logan didn’t have any trouble getting naked and talking to us before the dick stroking begins but has a little trouble when he wants to get off. Personally I would too if there were a bunch of guys I just met watching me. No problem though; Logan closes his eyes to dream of what ever it is that gets him horny and goes to it. What ever he’s dreaming of it works. His dick is hard in short order and Logan is going to town pumping out a thick load that streams down his dick and pools at the base in that thick dark bush of his.

Knowing how the guys at Southern Strokes work, it won’t be long before a video of Logan with another guy is online. Will this hunky self proclaimed straight guy top or bottom? Personally I don’t care either way. If Logan ever needs a fluffer then sign me up!

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Carson Fills Cameron With 7 Inch Cock

Carson fills Cameron's ass with cock and covers his face with cum

The owners of Southern Strokes tells us that cute 21 year old farm boy Carson Carver stops in every so often after doing his recent solo scene to check things out and (hopefully) get off.  Carson was lucky to stop by just as newcomer Cameron Ford was getting ready to do a jack off video. They asked the guys if they wanted to do a sex scene together and the answer was a resounding YES! You can tell that they were into each other from the start with all the heavy kissing and petting going on. Both young men have lean, mostly smooth bodies with Cameron sporting a fair amount of ink. Cameron can’t wait to get at Carson’s cock and is sucking away before his pants are even off. Once both are completely naked Carson fingers Cameron’s  semi hairy ass to loosen him up then gets right down to the fucking. And wow do these guys love the fucking. Carson fills Cameron’s ass with his 7 inch cock from a few positions but it is in the doggy style that the loudest moaning takes place and Carson starts to sweat. His farm boy abs look awesome as he pumps away at Cameron’s back side. All good things must cum to an end and the end of this scene is just as good as the rest with Carson spurting his load across Carson’s face. With the jizz still dripping from his chin Carson cums soon after spraying a nice stream of cum onto his chest and stomach.

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Christian Fucks Peyton at Southern Strokes

hairy blond fucks his dark haired friend in the ass

It is refreshing to see that some guys choose not to shave their bodies when they decide to get into porn. That is clearly the case with blond Tennessee amateur Christian Raynes. He lives in the country so doesn’t get a chance to meet up with other gay men. Peyton is in a similar situation but has an insatiable sex drive that leads him to seek out as many men as he can find. yes, both guys are openly gay which, in my opinion, makes the sex better and more fun to watch. Christian may take the role of top in this scene but it is clearly Peyton that drives the action. Peyton tells Christian exactly what he wants and how hard he wants it. (a real bottom boy for sure) Christian and Peyton suck each other and make out as they both get naked then get into the anal sex for a fun ride that ends with an expulsion of cum that covers Peyton’s white ass.

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Colt Learns Brandon

Colt has gay sex with Brandon Anderson

I wonder if Brandon Anderson knew what he was getting into when he signed up with Southern Strokes. The 20 year old bisexual was probably thinking that he’d get paid to have sex with some good looking southern boys. Sometimes you should worry about what you wish for because you’ll get it and boy does he get it in this scene with Colt. Colt is a rising star. He is a cute 21 year old straight guy with a nice body, sweet ass, a thick 7.5 inch dick, and a love of sex. This is only Colt’s second time fucking a guy which is ironic because this is Brandon’s second time bottoming. The first time Brandon bottomed was with Aiden Sharp who has a 8 inch cock of normal thickness. Obviously the thickness matters because Brandon has some difficulties as Colt slides his thick cock into his ass.

Brandon and Colt start with some friendly small talk and move right to getting undressed. Brandon may not have much fucking experience but he loves to suck dick and has Colt’s big tool out and in his mouth before Colt’s pants are off. Brandon sucks Colt from a few positions and both guys end up completely naked in short order. Then the anal sex starts; but not well. Cold has Brandon laying face down on the bed as he mounts the bi boys butt. Brandon groans at first, tightens up, and eventually buries his head in the pillow as Colt slides his thick cock in to the hilt. If Colt was nice (or more experienced with men) he would have loosened the poor guys hole up first with some rimming or a lubed finger. Oh well… After a few long strokes Brandon is adjusted to it and starts to get into the pounding being delivered by the horny straight guy. Colt really goes to town fucking Brandon too. Colt does Brandon in at least three positions that end with Brandon bent over the edge of the bed and Colt standing behind him. Colt is pounding away when he pulls out and rips the condom off to jerk his load across Brandon’s back and smooth ass.

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Tyler West First Porn Video

Tyler West jacks off and cums

A big warm welcome to Tyler West, the latest newbie to get off for us at Southern Strokes. It’s no secrete that I lean towards smooth jocks with piercings and tattoos and Tyler fits the bill perfectly. Tyler is a 21 year old college student from Texas that wasn’t available during the recent Texas sex tour but the guys at Southern Strokes wanted him and made arrangements around his school schedule to get him into the studio for his first jack off gay porn video. Tyler is 5’7′ tall or 5’11” if you count his spiked hair. As he takes off his shirt we get to see his lean smooth body with both nipples pierced. He has an athletic body with sweet abs but isn’t a muscle head. The spiked hair, tattoo, and piercings were already enough for me to get hard but Tyler wasn’t naked yet and things continued to get better as he strips to a black jock strap and poses to show off his ass before taking his dick out. Tyler starts stroking and it isn’t long before his cock is fully hard and standing tall at about 7 inches long. Tyler looks awesome as he pumps his cock back and forth. Just when you think he’s getting ready to shoot he reaches over for a big purple dildo that he slides up his semi hairy hole. The camera shows every inch as it moves up his wet, lubed hole. The way Tyler moves and moans with pleasure from the dildo I just know it won’t be long before we see this little hottie getting fucked. Tyler finishes his debut with a great cumshot that send jizz flying up his smooth body to splatter on his shoulder and leaves a white milky trail running down his stomach.

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Fernando & Skyler Lane Flip Flop Fun

Skyler Lane and Fernando flip flop suck and fuck

see the full video at Southern Strokes

When Skyler Lane and Fernando meet up they tell the Southern Strokes producer that they will flip flop positions so that both gets the chance to be top and bottom. That was enough to get me excited as both amateur southern men have impressed me wanking their big dicks in their jack off videos. Skyler has an 8 inch cut cock that looks average size on his hunky body. Fernando is another story… his 7.5 inch uncut cock looks big on his slender 5’4″ body. Fernando already showed everyone how much he loves the anal stimulation in his jerk off scene and Skyler is ready to give it to him.

The guys start with their interview and quickly start to kiss and make out as they strip off each others clothes. Skyler goes down on Fernando’s semi-hard dick and displays his oral skills taking every bit in his mouth. Fernando flips with Skyler to deep throat his big cock while minding the step children and rubbing his tight ass. The way Fernando plays with Skyler’s butt while sucking his cock I was sure that Skyler would be topped first and he was. Fernando fucks Skyler on his back with legs in the air. Once he’s had his fill, Fernando scoots up to sit on Skyler’s 8 inch pole. Fernando bounces up and down on Skyler’s cock with his own dick looking huge as is bounces in rhythm with the motion.  Fernando loves the feeling of Skyler’s dick in his ass as much as Skyler loves putting it there. The guys change positions so Skyler can continue fucking Fernando on his back. With Skyler pubes deep in Fernando’s butt, Fernando strokes his cock and sprays his load across his stomach. Skyler lays back to pump his own cock while Fernando watches intently with his mouth open for his cum dessert.  Skyler arches his back and sprays his jizz into Fernando’s waiting mouth for a finish that leaves Fernando, Skyler, and me fully satisfied.

Jake’s Christmas Jerk Off – Plus

Jake B jacks off in front of Christmas tree

The guys at Southern Strokes have made Christmas special again this year with the addition of a new first timer, Jake B. Jake contacted the owners online and was really excited about meeting up to do his first shoot. One look at this cute young man and they knew straight away that he was perfect for the holiday update. Jake does a slow strip in front of the Christmas tree. Looking at his face, I thought he would have more hair on his chest but nope, he’s about as smooth as they come and it looks naturally smooth, not shaved. He teases us by putting a wrapped present in front of his soft cock as his underwear come off then shows off his smooth round ass before turning his attention to his growing cock. Jake sits down on a chair covered with a red blanket and starts playing with his dick. His cock is about average size with trimmed pubes and smooth balls. Jake puts one leg up so we can see the edge of his crack and watch his balls move up and down as he jacks away. Aside from his very cute looks, Jake’s next best attribute (in my very biased opinion) is his cumshot. I love guys that can shoot the cum and Jake definitely shoots a nice load. The cum goes up to the middle of his chest and leaves a sticky trail down his smooth body.

Christmas Bonus

Jake was so excited about his jack off video and the owners were so impressed with his first performance that Jake came back the next day to get fucked by Ryan. They do it on the floor right in front of the same tree. This bisexual southern boy sure can take a cock and looks just as good as anyone doing it.

both of Jake’s holiday videos at Southern Strokes






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