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Roberto gives Ryan a Latin bareback fucking

Roberto fucks Ryan bareback

Roberto is the sexy dark skinned Latin jock that was so well received by Sean Cody members after his jerk off video that they had to have him back for a man on man sex scene. The lucky partner is none other than experienced bottom boy Ryan. Ryan has bottomed in a number of scenes and proven he can take a big dick up his ass with the best of them.

Ryan spends some time getting to know Roberto before the action starts. Roberto is nervous about his first sex scene with another guy but ready to have fun. Ryan promises to give Roberto an experience he’s never had before; an ass rimming. With that, let the action begin! The guys both look great as they get undressed. All the models at Sean Cody are of the lean, jock persuasion. Both guys have ripped abs and well defined arms & shoulders. Ryan has one of the nicest asses as you can see in the picture above.

After rubbing his naked body, Ryan starts to suck Roberto’s dick. It doesn’t take any time at all before Roberto’s cock is at full attention and ready for some deep throat action. Ryan lies on his back and slurps down every inch. When Ryan moves between Roberto’s legs and moves his tongue to service the Latin jocks ass, Roberto lets out a very pleasurable moan. Roberto is very vocal when he feels good and Ryan knows how to make him feel very good! With Roberto all horned up, Ryan gets into an interesting position with his face on the flood and knees on the sofa. Ryan’s butt is so fucking hot. And fucking is the word too as Roberto slides his slicked up dick deep into Ryan’s smooth tight hole. Both guys are vocal at this point as Ryan takes the big dick up his bottom. The bareback fucking moves from doggy style to face to face and ends with Ryan on his back. Roberto is definitely getting into it slamming Ryan’s ass right up to the end when he pulls out to stroke his load directly onto Ryan’s gaping butt hole.

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Karl Fingers His Ass While Jerking Off

tattooed jock walks the beach then strips naked and fingers his ass while jerking off

Karl isn’t shy at all about what he likes in a man, hairy, muscles, and a big dick to fuck him with. So basically he wants someone like him but a top. Karl is the kind of guy that would certainly get second looks while walking the beach even from straight men. He has a well defined upper body with a few tattoos and a slightly hairy chest that he keeps trimmed very short. While the straight guys admire his ripped fat-free abs, guys like me and women are probaly catching his friendly smile then glancing down to check his package. It doesn’t show much in the board shorts he wears while walking but dang it shows when he gets inside and starts to get horny.

Karl strips naked and adds a hand of lube to his dick. It gets rock hard in no time, standing nearly straight up against his ripped stomach. Karl does some poses showing off his amazing body, ass, feet, and dick then lies back on the sofa to start jerking off. His slicked up dick looks amazing as it throbs and pulses when he lets go to grab more lube. Karl is getting pretty worked up with the cock pumping but he really loves to get fucked most. He turns his head off the sofa so his ass and legs are in the air and inserts a few fingers to stimulate his sensitive sex hole. Karl pumps his cock in rhythm with his fingering to give himself the most pleasure. All that moving around under the photographic lights gets him hot and sweaty which makes the cumshot look all that much better as it splatters down his glistening abs.

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Oscar Jacks His Uncut Cock

Naked college jock shows his uncut cock

Oliver says that growing up in a small town he missed out on a lot of excitement that a city could have brought him. He says the most exciting thing sexually that he has done was to get a blowjob from his girlfriend while waiting for the bus when he was in high school. I did grow up in a moderate sized city and I never got a blowjob at the bus stop or on the bus either. Oliver must be opening up with his sexualness because he has no problems at all getting naked and jacking off for us at Sean Cody. When Oliver takes off his shirt you will notice that he has awesome looking washboard abs and just a little tuft of reddish hair in the center of his chest. The wonderful V from his hips and vertical line from his stomach converge at the top of his red bushy pubes. With his buzz cut hair and nearly perfect body, I thought for sure that he would have shaved pubes but he doesn’t. They are all natural just like his long uncut cock. There is plenty of foreskin attached to his pole; so much that even when he is fully hard there is lots of extra to get between your teeth or slide over the head as he jacks off. Oscar told the guys that he had been saving himself up to provide a good cumshot for his first porn video and damn does he ever provide a nice shoot. The cum flies and doesn’t seem to stop when most guys would.

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Blond Jock Jonah Fucks Lane

Lane’s butt is new to being penetrated but he enjoyed his last two ass ramming sessions at Sean Cody that he has been enjoying himself at home with a big dildo. He was thrilled when told that his partner for his latest appearance is a well hung blond haired jock named Jonah. Jonah and Lane start kissing on the floor and Lane goes down on Jonah’s cock for an oral preview of what his ass will be taking in full shortly. Jonah returns the favor and briefly sucks on Lane’s dick then moves his tongue to Lane’s hairy hole to prepare his ass for something a lot harder and bigger. Lane seems to love the rimming action of Jonah’s wet tongue but really gets a smile on his face when Jonah slides his long cock up his tight wet ass. Jonah takes it easy with the newbie at first then starts pounding him harder in different positions all over the living room. The way Lane takes Jonah’s cock; he’s going to be a big bottom in no time.

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