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Scott Johnson Jerks Off at SD Boy

dark haired amateur leans back and strokes his dick

Scott Johnson is a bisexual man in the San Diego area looking to make some extra money when he arrives at the doors of SD Boy. Scott doesn’t mind getting naked in front of strangers to show off his (mostly) smooth body and dick. Scott has a bit of a nervous grin as he takes off his clothes in front of a photo backdrop. His dick is already growing and getting longer as he stands in front of the blue background. Scott keeps his pubes trimmed and shaves the base of his dick and ball sac for a clean look. Once he’s comfortable in front of the camera he moves to a futon covered with a sheet and watches some gay porn as he begins stroking himself. When Scott wants to slicken up his hard cock he uses spit rather than lube making for a sexy and raunchy feel to an otherwise usual jerk off vid. That’s the thing with real amateurs, they don’t play to the camera much. You can see as Scott transitions from camera show to self pleasure. He closes his eyes and bites his lip as the feeling comes over him and he goes to his own happy place to get off. Scott does fine for his first time, eventually letting loose a flow of thick cum that runs down his hand and hand as he continues to stroke it.

San Diego amateurs at SD Boy

College Ball Jocks Suck and Fuck

Virgil gets sucked and fucked by his college ball buddies Kye and Alex after a sweaty day out at SD Boy. Virgil is the biggest of the three guys in terms of stature.  After a fun afternoon throwing the football around and shooting some hoops the three retreat back to a nearby apartment for a quick group shower where one thing leads to another. As the three are covered with soap the cock stroking and sucking begins. With all three guys hard and horny they leave the cramped quarters of the shower to head out to the living room. There the cock sucking continues with all three taking turns at each other’s slightly larger than average cut and uncut cocks. Kye and Alex put on condoms and fuck Virgil’s ass in different positions all over the sofa from doggie style to having Virgil riding Alex while sucking Kye’s cock. After the intense ass screwing the three help each other get off to shoot their loads. My guess , although it isn’t shown, is that the three studs covered in cum went back to the shower. It’s such a vicious loop, I know.

San Diego College Jocks and Military Men at SD Boys





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