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Trent Treats Brent to a Blow Job and Ass Rimming

straight guy gets his ass and balls licked by a gay man

Happy New Year from NY Straight Men! To celebrate the start of an awesome year Brent stops by the blow job palace for a servicing by Trey. I’m not sure what is up with that crazy outfit Brent is wearing but it doesn’t stay on for long so it’s all good. Trey gets right to it by lowing the straight man’s pants and taking his dick into his mouth. Brent is obviously loving the dick sucking and ball worship from Trey. We get some nice close up looks of Brent’s recently shaved cock and balls as trey licks and sucks everything he can get his mouth to. To make things easier for Trey, Brent moves over to a bar stool and leans over with his sweet ass pointed at Trey’s face. Without missing a beat, Trey is at it licking Brent’s butt hole. The horny straight guy loves the feeling of a man riming his ass and starts stroking his dick. The feling comes over Brent with Trey’s tongue up his ass causing him to spew his cum onto the floor with a bit landing on the stool’s legs.

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Dave Is Back Bold & Bald

hairy chested bald man gets a gay blowjob

It has been a while since Dave has visited the oral palace that is NY Straight Men. Since his last visit Dave has made a few life changes. For example, he has a new girlfriend that asked him to shave his head. I’ve never met the girl but will say that I like her taste. Dave looks completely hot with a shaved head. I’m not 100% but it looks like he is more bulked than before as well. His shoulders, chest, and butt look awesome! One thing that hasn’t changed is the love Dave has for the best blowjobs in town. He stopped by for a quick servicing by the resident cocksucker, Trey. After very little small talk, Trey gets on his knees to pull Dave’s dick out through the fly in his form fitting jeans. Dave lifts his shirt to expose his hairy yet trimmed chest. Guys like Dave with hairy muscular chests and pierced nipples are great for men that like some hair but are not into the chub/bear scene. Trey does his magic getting Dave hard in no time then moves him over to the sofa where he removes Dave’s shoes, socks, and pants. For some, watching Trey undress this hunky straight man will be the best part. Once naked, Trey gets back to sucking Dave’s dick. Dave provides great feedback as to what he really likes Trey to do for him. The moans of pleasure and look of ecstasy on his face when Trey forces the head of Dave’s cock down the back of his throat is the best example. It’s reasons like Trey’s deep throating that keep straight men like Dave coming back! Dave squirms and breaths faster as Trey sucks and strokes his saliva drenched dick to cum. The stream of cum pulses and runs down the back of Trey’s hand. Trey continues to stroke Dave’s sensitive cock for the full pleasure/pain sensation and a fitting end to a hot blowjob.

Straight men cum at NY Straight Men


Business Man Brent Gets Blown

man in a suite gets a gay blowjob and cums

The last time Brent stopped by the NY Straight Men studios for a blowjob he was wearing a wife beater and jeans. Brent said he was a painter by trade so the clothes expected and actually kind of hot looking. Brent loved the oral sex that he can’t get from his girlfriend so they knew that he would be back for more. They were right. Brent was “in the area” and looking to get off so he called to see if he could come over for some action. You know that the gay cocksuckers at NY Straight Men were nor going to say no. They were surprised when Brent showed up wearing a suit though. Turns out that Brent is not just a painter but he owns the company and wears a suit when he has meetings with commercial clients.

Brent looks just as good (if not better) in a suite as he did in the jeans and sleeveless shirt. There is something that makes sex with a guy in a suite more fun. Kind of like clean & professional meets dirty & sexual. Brent is in a hurry so our guy gets on his knees and gets to work taking Brent’s soft cock out through the fly as Brent stands. It isn’t long before Brent is hard and getting his clothes off as the gay cocksucking continues. Once his pants are off Brent moves over to a stool where he can lean back and enjoy the awesome blowjob. My favorite part is when Brent still has his shirt and tie off but no pants or underwear and his hard wet cock standing skyward covered in saliva. Hmmm that’s so hot! Eventually Brent is naked and loving the deep throating that every straight guy gets regardless of dick size at the apartment. Brent loves it and shoots his load across the tattooed shoulder and hairy chest of his gay blow job buddy.

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Doug Leaves His Socks On as Trey Blows Him

bearded straight guy leaves his socks on while getting a gay blowjob

When bearded straight man Doug showed up for his blowjob from Trey he had already been riding his bike all over New York City. That’s all the better for guys like Trey that love the musky man smell given off after a hot day in the sun. Trey gets down on his knees to take Doug’s dick out and start sucking. As Trey goes to work, Doug takes off his shirt giving us a look at his skinny and tattooed body. With that big beard I thought that he would be a hairy dude but he isn’t. Doug has a little tuft of hair in the center of his chest and a light coat of fur on his skinny belly. As the dick sucking continues Doug’s clothes all come off except for his crazy gray tube socks. I always laugh when I see or hear about guys that leave just their socks on while having sex. I used to have a boyfriend that would get upset if I took my off so I guess there are guys into that. After the usual underneath camera angle that NYSM is kind of known for, the men move to the sofa to finish things up. Trey deep throats Doug and reaches up to tweak the straight man’s nipples sending Doug into a state of pure pleasure. Trey has lots of practice giving his visitors what they like and Doug is no exception. After he cums Doug has a huge smile on his face. As always, everyone leaves happy from the NY Straight Men apartment.

watch the video of Doug’s gay blowjob here


Construction Worker Gets Afternoon Blow Job

blue collar construction worker gets a gay blowjob

Todd is an average blue-collar iron worker in NYC. He loves a good blowjob as much as any guy and was willing to let another dude suck him off while he’s between girlfriends. He showed up to the NY Straight Men apartment feeling very nervous but equally as horny and ready to get off. Todd has a five o’clock shadow on his gruff face but keeps his chest shaved and pubes well trimmed. Todd is a little fidgety as Trey begins to touch and suck his soft penis. After a while of not getting hard the men move to the living room where Todd can sit down and relax. That does the trick! In short order Todd is hard and enjoying the cock sucking from Trey. Todd leans way back to enjoy the deep throat action then starts to get into it by grabbing the back of Trey’s head to push his cock all the way in. When he gets ready to cum, Todd pushes his dick deep into Treys mouth to shoot his load. We can’t see the actual cumshot because it is in Trey’s mouth but a frothy cum-saliva mix expels from Trey’s mouth and runs down his chin as Todd continues to face fuck his new suck buddy.

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Doug Gets Gay Blowjob

gay man gives blowjob to bearded straight guy

It’s been a while since Doug has had a good blowjob. Actually, it was the last time he was at the NY Straight Men apartment. Doug doesn’t look THAT big in his pictures but says that most women can’t deep throat him and like to push it in deep when he’s face fucking. Trey is the blowjob expert and has plenty of experience with cocks bigger than Doug’s. Trey gets a double bonus today because Doug had a long ride over in a hot car. Doug’s balls are covered with sweat and have a manly musk that drives Trey crazy. Trey gets down on his knees and gets right to it by undoing Doug’s pants and pulling his cock out for a taste. It isn’t long for Doug to get hard. He grabs the back of Trey’s head and pushes his hard cock deep down Trey’s throat causing a little bit of a gagging but not enough to stop the cock sucker from completing his mission.

Doug gets totally naked and trey takes off his shirt as the guys move over to a wood coffee table for Doug to sit and relax on for the rest of his oral afternoon delight. I thought Doug would be a lot hairier with all that arm hair and the beard. Instead, he has a medium sized patch of light hair in the middle of his chest and a light coat of fuzz that covers his stomach and goes down to his trimmed (but natural looking) pubes. Doug leans back on the table and spreads his legs for complete access by Trey. Trey uses one hand to mind the step children as he sucks and licks Doug’s dick. Occasionally Trey reaches up to Rub Doug’s chest but it looks like Doug would rather just get the blowjob and leave the other stuff alone. Sometimes you gotta love the straight guys that are only looking for a quick get off and go. Doug leans his head back and lets his cum flow as Trey sucks and strokes away. The cum mixed with saliva runs down the shaft of his hard dick and balls to make a wet sticky mess that looks great.

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Vicent Gets Blown

hairy chested man gets his fat cock sucked

Vicent is a 40 something construction worker of Spanish decent. He has been married twice and loves to get off and especially blown. Vicent visits the NY Straight Men apartment for just that, a good blowjob with no conditions. Trey couldn’t wait to get the hairy man’s fat cock in his mouth and was down on his knees before Vicent had any of his clothes off. Vicent takes his shirt off while Trey starts the sucking and we get to see his muscular body with hairy chest and stomach. His chest hair is starting to go gray but looks good trimmed short. Trey is surprised by the thickness of Vicent’s cock and has to open wide to get the big uncut meat in. Once the hairy hulk is naked he lays back on a wooden table for Trey to continue the blowjon that he craves. Vicent moans with pleasure and lets Trey do his thing in peace. As the action continues Vicent stands and takes a more aggressive approach to get what he wants, mostly his cock down Trey’s throat. Vicent grabs Trey by the back of the head and pushes his dick all the way in to the base. Vicent face fucks Trey until he gets close to cumming and pulls out in time to shoot his load across Trey’s tattooed shoulder and upper chest. Both men look satisfied when the action is done but in typical straight guy style, Vicent gets dressed and leaves without much talking.

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