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Alex Andrews Outdoor Jerkoff


watch Alex cum at Next Door Male

Alex Andrews caught my attention recently while browsing the great looking men that jack off for us at Next Door Male. The reason is because he LOOKS AMATEUR. Alex does not have completely shaved gym ripped body. What Alex does have is classic good looks with an in-shape body, and a very sweet ass. If you look at some of his pictures where he is smiling you may even see that he looks a little like Ryan Reynolds from Van Wilder (before he bulked up for Blade). That very sweet ass part along with his uncut dick that gets hard as he is undressing and stays that way for most of his photo and video shoot is what (IMO) makes him so hot to watch.

Like most of the scenes at NDM, the men start off doing a high quality photo shoot then do a full length video. As Alex lowers his pants in the photos his dick is already getting hard. You can almost see the foreskin sliding back over the head of his growing cock from picture to picture. We also get a plenty good number of views of Alex’s awesome butt. This man may have average looks but there is nothing ordinary about his ass. We get to see plenty of it in his 90 pictures and he shows it off quite well in the 20 minute jack off video that follows. It really is guys like Alex that make me love the amateurs so much.

naked guy with awesome butt and looks a little like Ryan Reynolds

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Jake Gets Fucked By James

Dark haired sex idol Jake Steel experiences every solid inch of amateur redhead stud James Jamesson in more ways than one. Jake blindfolds James and massages his shoulders and chest then takes off James clothes and continues to massage this ripped redhead’s tattooed chest, six pack stomach, and hairy legs. James is loving it and smiles throughout the entire video. Jake goes down on James and takes every inch of his throbbing dick down his throat until James’ red bush is in Jake’s face. Finally, James puts on a condom and rams Jake’s toned ass every way from Sunday. James shoots his creamy load onto Jake’s chest in a close up shot that really shows off James and Jake’s sexy bodies.

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