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Latino Boy’s First Jerk Off Video Makes A Splash

Straight Latino jerks his 8 inch cock and sprays cum

Rubio is a straight, 19 year old Latino boy that knows how to make a splash in his first gay porn video. Rubio takes his time removing his shirt and pants and shows us his smooth chest and slightly hairy stomach. He turns to give a clear view of his hairy ass as he lowers his boxers and starts to play with the big piece of foreskin hanging from his thick uncut cock. Even soft, you can tell that Rubio has a nice piece of meat hanging between his hairy legs. He strokes his dick until it’s straining at its full 8 inch length. Even fully hard the skin covers the head of his dick until he starts rubbing it and slides it down. After showing off in the living room, Rubio goes into the bedroom to relax on his bed and slowly jack his massive meat. Rubio doesn’t get too excited as he jerks his cock and gets ready to cum but when the jizz flies it really spurts with force. Rubio’s cum splashes against the wall behind him, hits the side of his face, and leaves a white sticky trail down his smooth chest. With a big smile on his face from a job well done, Rubio continues to grab the base of his still hard dick for one last look. These young Latin studs are such show offs.

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