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Hairy Amateur’s Shower Jerk

hairy amateur jacks off in the shower

Matthew Ross is a welcome newcomer to the stable of amateur men that display everything at Man Avenue. Matthew starts dressed doing his interview sitting on the stairs. We get a look at his lean athletic chest and shoulders as he lifts his shirt. Matthew’s chest is covered with a light coat of fuzz but his washboard abs are smooth like his shaved cock and balls. There hair on his legs and ass is thick and very noticeable. It’s a stark contrast moving from Matthew’s front to back going from completely shaved to totally hairy within a few inches as his balls move to his ass. Matthew moves from the stairway to the bathroom where he begins to stroke his cock. Matthew has a nice uncut cock that isn’t too big but is larger than average. You can tell that Matthew like to have his balls played with as he continues to tug on them while stroking.

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