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College Jocks Play Naked Beach Football

Darren and Kaleo play football naked on a beach

Darren brought his college buddy with him to his latest adventure at Island Studs. Darren is the tanned guy on the right in the picture above. He is straight and works as a life guard at a Waikiki beach. Darren’s college friend is Kaleo who is straight also. Kaleo played football in high school so getting him comfortable in front of the camera was easy. They handed him a ball and to Darren to go long. That isn’t an issue for Darren. After some fun with their shorts off Darren ups the excitement by taking his board shorts off to play naked. It takes some convincing to get Kaleo to lose his shorts too but once he does, the hairy hunk has a good time playing some football naked. Kaleo isn’t into the guy on guy thing so there isn’t any sex in this scene but both guys look awesome in the sun and in the shower. In typical Island Studs fashion, there is a shower at the end of the naked beach play.

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Shorty Shows Off

ripped short guy jacks off outside

At only 5’5″ (five foot – five inches/162 cm) tall it is obvious why he is called Shorty but the question is where did he get that nickname. He admits to spending time in prison during his misspent youth. Shorty’s ripped tattooed body is reminiscent of scenes from the old HBO series “Oz”. I personally know many gay men that followed the show simply for the eye candy shown in the rape and shower scenes. (see Christopher Maloni and Lee Tergesen)  Shorty doesn’t get raped but does get naked and showers in this jack off scene at Island Studs.

Shorty is a straight man on vacation with his wife in Hawaii and needed some cash to help with the hotel bill. He loves the Island and is hoping to move there with his family. During the interview he tells us that he started working out and getting inked during his time in prison. Most of his tattoos look professional to me except the faded knuckle tats that do look pure jailhouse ink. His smooth body shows off his muscled physique well and for a straight guy, Shorty doesn’t mind showing off his white butt. Like most of the first time amateurs, they get Shorty to strip naked then take him out for some free labor around the yard. His arms, back, and butt look awesome as he moves fallen fruit and picks up things. Shorty says he fucks his wife every day but still has time to jack off a few times too so getting off won’t be a problem. He sits in a chair and gets to work stroking his hard shaved cock. Shorty is like most first timers and more engrossed with pleasuring himself then putting on a good show but with a body and dick like that, he is still fun to watch. After the cumshot he continues the show, letting us watch him clean up in the shower. Ah yes… those famous shower scenes that made so many gay men horny.

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Hawaii Surfer Strokes His Long Banana

Reed strokes his long cock

If Reed’s jack off video went up earlier in the year he would have been one of the member’s favorites of 2010. I know because the favorites of Island Studs 2010 were my personal choices as well. Reed has many of the same qualities plus a big bonus. After riding some waves, he returns with his board and a desire to get off. It is obvious that Reed spends time in the sun with his dark tan. His white ass looks nice and really contrasts well with his darker parts. When you first look at Reed’s dick it looks about average. As it swings while walking across the beach it seems to keep getting longer. By the time he settles down on a piece of driftwood it is really long and looking huge. Reed starts his stroking to get it good and hard. The only problem with guys like Reed is that his cock is so big that it doesn’t stand up when stiff. That’s okay for me as I’d still love to play with his big banana. Reed strokes his dick and rubs his ripped belly until he cums. After his jerk off session he walks to a nearby shower to clean up. Seeing his dark lean body with warm water running down his chest and off the end of his cock was enough to start getting me hard again.

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Island Studs Top 12 of 2010

Six Naked Hawaiian Men

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It is the second birthday of amateur porn website Island Studs. They have been bringing us a new Hawaiian amateur to strip naked and jerk off every week for the past year but members always have their favorites. Based on page views and member’s feedback, the top 12 models of 2010 have been selected for a special birthday update. We have already watched their jerk off videos and seen their photos so what is special about this update? The out takes and behind the scenes, that’s what. For a 15 minute segment, an hour or more of video may be shot. Now we get to see the lost footage of the top 12 Island Studs of 2010. I didn’t have space to post all 12 guys here so I picked my favorite 6. You can choose your own favorites by visiting the site.

You can let the guys of Hawaii keep you warm every day of 2011 too.

Darren is a Real Island Stud

Darren shows off his ripped abs, sweet ass, and big cock

Originally from Pennsylvania, Darren is a 22 year old transplant to the island state. Darren works as a life guard at an exclusive Waikiki resort and a practitioner of Parkour. All that exercise and sun explains his awesome body and dark skin. Darren has a nearly perfect set of abs and a super sweet ass. Of course the rest of him isn’t bad either from his cute face down to his hairy muscular legs.

Darren strips naked and jacks his big Polish sausage in his first ever adult video performance at Island Studs. This guy really puts on a show too. He talks about his work out schedule and the fun he has climbing natural and man made objects. After stripping naked to display his dark toned body he gives a demonstration of his skill and climbs up a tree. Seeing his muscular legs and awesome ass in action was great but the thing I noticed most was his huge set of balls swinging between his legs. Darren has a set of big low hangers for sure! After some fooling around he starts stroking his big dick. Darren uses both hands to stroke his cock and play with his big balls. Sitting in a chair and looking very content getting off in the Hawaiian sun Darren rubs his ripped body as he slowly jacks his dick to a climatic ending.

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Lanky Island First Timer

The owner/photographer of Island Studs says that the stories of each model are true. If that is the case, horny guys like me should pack up and move to Hawaii now. He says that he picked up Steve while hitch hiking on the way to the beach. After an hour or so of swimming in the ocean Steve came up treading water and started chatting. The owner was impressed with Steve’s candor and youthful good looks and asked him if he ever thought about posing nude. Steve seemed interested and went back to do a shoot.

Steve is a thin 21 year old with an outgoing personality that matches his friendly smile. He is eager to put on a good show for the site’s members. Steve says that he played football in high school and still likes to work out and keep in shape. He has a lean body a nice chest and shoulders and a flat stomach. His chest is smooth but his crotch hair is all natural (like most of the guys at Island Studs). The real joy for me watching Steve is when he takes his shorts down. Steve has a nice uncut cock! It’s already semi hard as he lowers his shorts and even in an excited state there is plenty of foreskin hanging from the head of his dick. I think Steve was really turned on performing in front of the camera too because his dick gets hard as still pictures are snapped without even touching it. It slowly moves from limp to erect all on its own. Steve shows off his hairy ass crack and big balls as he strokes his throbbing cock. He isn’t much of a shooter as far as cum shots go but does let a nice load of cum run down the shaft of his hard cock to the hairy base and balls. Perfect for someone to lick up and clean off for him. Instead, Steve cleans up in the shower where we get to see his tanned body and uncut cock glisten in the warm water.

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Tattooed Farm Boy’s Outdoor Jerk Off

The photographer for Island Studs picked up Avery hitchhiking along a road in Hawaii. The two got to talking and the photographer made Avery an offer to model. Avery was a little shocked. He moved to Hawaii only a few years ago and was raised in a conservative farming family in rural Ohio. Since his move, Avery has let his hair grow long and gotten a few tattoos as well. Avery said yes as long as he could pick the spot. The photographer showed up to shoot Avery’s jerk off video he was already sitting on a cliff overlooking the beach with his hard cock in hand. Avery has a little trouble getting hard in front of a stranger at first but that goes away soon after he starts looking at some straight porn. He strokes his hard cock, shows off his smooth muscular body, and shoots his load relaxing at the beach.

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