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Fratmen Jock Connor Jacks Off

semi hairy jock with tanned skin and ripped abs strokes his hard dick and cums

Connor is back at the frat pad showing off his summer tan and hard cock in his second jack off video online at FratMen. The sexy young jock starts outside by the fountain wearing a pair of white pants and a button down shirt. Even dressed this guy looks completely hot. His pants show off his ass and package nicely while the open shirt gives a glimpse of his semi hairy chest. Once the pictures and video camera start rolling, Connor moves all about the place getting naked, showing off, and stroking his hard dick. He takes off his clothes in a kitchen area where he does some poses to display his hairy muscular ass and lean jock body. Connor’s dick seems to be excited by the naked roaming as it seems to grow with him barely touching it. Some guys are natural exhibitionist and Connor is one of them. With a body and cock like his why wouldn’t he be? Connor goes into the work out room, takes the traditional FratMen shower, and ends up back in an area on a bench lying back. He slowly moves his hand up and down the long shaft occasionally stopping  for the camera to get a close up look at his pulsing meat and swollen cock head. When he is good and ready he tilts his back and unloads a few spurts of cum that splash onto his lower abdomen. The cumshot may not be all that impressive but the journey getting there is worth the watch.

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Shy College Boy – Braxton Strokes His Cock for Cash

FratMen TV Braxton - college jock poses naked and strokes his hard dick

I guess being me, it is hard to believe that a guy as good looking as Braxton from FratMen TV could be shy. First he is so damn cute that he must be getting hit on by girs and guys alike at his campus. With a body like his, you know he spends time in the gym. With the gym comes the showers where horny gay and bisexual dudes look for some action. Secondly, he is doing a naked jack off video on the internet! There are not many shy guys I know that will strip naked on camera. Of course not many of my shy friends look like Braxton either. I can kind of understand his motivation though. If I had a body like that I’d want to show it off too. Getting paid to do it would be enough motivation for me.

Braxton blushes a little as he does the out doors part of his photo session. He slowly takes off his shirt to display his smooth ripped body. The only hair on his torso is a small patch growing just below his navel. As things move along he gets a little more daring by opening his button fly jeans to show us his cock while standing in the hallway. In another show of his personality… Braxton doesn’t wear underwear. His dick doesn’t look too big when he takes it out but when he turns we get to see his amazing pale while ass. The gym has been good to every part of this college boy! Braxton goes inside to continue his slow and tempting strip. Some amateur men go slow to be sexy but Braxton goes slow because he honestly looks embarrassed or afraid. The way he blushes when his dick starts to get hard is so cute. Braxton goes to the shower where we get to watch him lather up his growing cock, tanned abs, and sweet ass. Have I mentioned how amazing his ass is yet? After the shower he moves to a lounger where he lies back and strokes his dick to a creamy finish. For showmanship Braxton gets a C, cuteness B+, body A-, and finally; ability to get guys worked up and jacking an easy A.

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Theo Jacks Off After Paintball

If you haven’t ever played paintball you can not understand how physically challenging and extreme it can be. It is almost constant running, ducking, and diving for cover as opponents fire plastic balls of paint at 120 feet a second at you. The best players are usually in shape with stamina. Theo loves to play paintball and from the looks of him; takes exceptional care of his athletic body.

Theo is the latest college jock to get naked and get off for us at FratMen TV. Theo took the photographer out to see what paintball is like. With his paintball gear on it’s difficult to see how good looking Theo really is. When he removes his mask we get a look at his face and big toothy grin. After a hard day of running and dodging paint there isn’t anything better than relaxing in a hot shower and jacking off. Lucky for us, Theo lets us come with as he gets undressed, jerks off, and lathers up his muscular body in the shower. Usually when I look at a guy there is a favorite part that defines him for me. With Theo that body part is his stomach. To be sure, Theo has an awesome appearance with a cute face, strong chest, broad shoulders, and defined arms but when my eyes moved down to his abs my mouth began to water and the blood to my crotch was flowing. He has six-pack abs that move down to a narrow waist with that V shape leading the eyes to his nice dick.

Theo doesn’t take much time to get hard and stays that way once he is. He takes time to play with his hard cock and show off his firm muscular butt while getting undressed, relaxing in bed, and showering. The shower part of the video is my favorite. The hot water running over his ripped body down to his erect cock standing out and dripping pre cum. Hmmm… I’d be his back scrubber any day!

Ripped paintball player strips naked and jacks off in the shower

jocks jerk off at FratMen

College Jocks Jack Off and Shower Together

Jayden and Cole are two ripped college jocks from Fratmen TV. Each of these hot guys could carry a show on their own but together; it is pure magic. Both have great bodies developed from hours in the gym. One has a semi hairy chest and stomach with 6 pack abs and a thick juicy cock. The other model has a hairless chest and abs and sports a cock with a nice upward curve that stands out and looks great as he strokes it. The guys both say they are straight so the action starts pretty tame with them jerking off together in bed and watching a porn that is playing on the computer. Then, to everyone’s surprise, one of the guys reaches over and starts stroking his buddy’s meat. That is about as far as the sex goes on the bed; but, as the two step into the shower with both cocks still fully erect and ready to shoot the action  goes to the next level as Cole and Jayden swap blow jobs in the shower. Head over to Frat Men now to check it out and watch the full video.

Amateur College Jocks

Big Dicked Jock Jerks Off

Dmitry is an excellent example of how hard work can make a difference. Dima is a self described science geek that decided about a year ago that he wanted to pick up more girls. Yes, unfortunately this hot jock is straight. He started working out every day, eating better, and traded in his glasses for contact lenses. I never saw Dima before the gym but sure can say that the outcome is amazing. Even while dressed he is a looker; with a carefree smile and beautiful eyes. As he takes his shirt off the saliva in my mouth started going and I felt a bit of a twinge in my pants as my dick started to react to the sight of his broad shoulders, slightly hairy chest, and six pack abs with a treasure trail leading the way to the promised land. Even with his pants on it’s clear that Dmitry like to keep his pubes natural or maybe just slightly trimmed as his jeans hang low on his lean hips the front sags just enough to catch the top of his dark bush. The real thrill comes (no pun intended) when Dmitry takes his pants off. Even soft his penis has got to be at least 7 inches and it doesn’t take long before he is hard and sporting a thick hardon that is at least 8.5 inches if not more. His thick curved dick looks huge as it extends out from his lean body. With a couple of strokes his pre cum started flowing and mine did too. As Dmitry plays with his monster cock he gives us a brief look at his muscular ass then shoots a huge load of cum onto his washboard stomach that is sure to please all of you cum whores out there. The guys at Fratmen have definitely found a winner with this one!

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Amateur Surfer Does 2 Cum Shots

Coming from Hawaii is a gorgeous new surfer stud to Frat Men, Dante. As you see in his video, he loves to spend his time outdoors surfing, snorkeling, and hanging out at the beach. You get a good look at his awesome tan as his shorts come off and his white cock and ass contrast against his dark upper body. What a sweet ass he has too. Dante does a short introduction then gets right down to business whipping out his uncut dick and stroking away. He really gets into it moaning and grunting seconds before an explosive cum shot. Dante washes up in the bath as we continue to watch then decides to provide us a bonus shot. He rubs another load out for us in the bedroom. The entire experience is captured in HD video for the highest viewing quality and stroking pleasure.

Naked Amateur Men 2010

I finally broke down and made up my mind to buy some wall calendars for 2010.  After looking at the usual places around town and almost fainting at some of the stores marked up price I decided to look online.  Lucky for me a friend had showed me a very hot calendar that he just got from TLA Video.  I knew that TLA sold amateur gay porn DVDs and sex toys but didn’t realize that they also sell XXX and PG13 calendars, greeting cards, and Hollywood movies as well.  Tonight I searched their site and picked these:

Amateur Straight Guys – features 12 amateur straight men in solo action.  Many of the guys have tattoos and a few are nicely hung.  Mr. July has one sweet ass too!

2010-amateur straight guys

Island Studs – has a slew of member’s favorite models from the amateur male voyeur site of the same name.  A few of the guys from have even been featured here at amateurmenontheweb.  My favorite is Mr. January with his lean ripped body, muscular tattooed shoulder, and a big hard cock standing out from an all natural bush of pubes. If you like naturally tan surfer dudes from Hawaii and the Caribbean then this is for you.

2010-Island Studs

XXX Boys – is the only calendar full of hardcore raw and raunchy oral and anal penetration.  The guys come direct from Dirty Bird Pictures, the same guys who bring us the best military action at Some of the guys in this calendar are professional gay porn stars like Mayson Wyler and Brent Corrigan but they are hot and I loved all of the cock sucking, ass fucking, 3 ways, and gay orgy pics so…

2010- XXX Boys calendar

Naked Military – is the next logical choice after seeing the hardcore action from Dirty Bird.  The 2010 Naked Military calendar features the hard bodied amateur military men of Active Duty.  Big ripped guys in and out of uniform showing off the results of their hours of PT and hard cocks fill this 2010 collection.  Hint – Don’t wait until December to check him out; this marine had me hard in no time.  Sir, yes sir!

2010 Military Men calendar featuring the amateur men of Active Duty

Naked Frat Men – features the amateur college jocks from These 18-24 year old guys take care of themselves and sometimes take care of a buddy as well.  All of the guys get naked in one place or another… the bedroom, patio, bathtub, the gym showers.  While Mr. April is my favorite, you just can’t help but stare at the monster cocks found in May and November or the absolutely adorable face of December as he jerks off in the bath tub.

2010 Naked Fratmen calendar

Be sure to check out TLA Video for more calendars, DVDs, sex toys, and other great gift ideas.





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