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Chris Little Shows Rich Wills a Good Time

Chris Little plays with Rich Wills big dick

Rich Wills (in green) and Chris Little (in blue) are having a good time paling around when thing turn a bit more playful. The guys are getting slaphappy when Chris makes the first move towards more. The young blond lifts Rich’s shirt to expose his ripped abs and smooth muscular chest. Chris rubs his hand along the treasure trail down Rich’s pants as he licks and nibbles on the exposed nipples. Rich can’t seem to get the big grin off his face as the playful fun continues. Both guys strip down to their underwear and rub themselves and each other to a partial erection. You can see in the picture that Rich is obviously well endowed. Rich’s profile says that his cock is 8.5″ and thick. Chris Little has a 6.5 inch dick that looks big on his 5’11” body.

It’s obvious from the go who is going down first and boy does he. Chris slips the growing cock from Rich’s underwear and plays with it. Rich is laughing at the fun Chris seems to have playing with the big dick. The laughing turns to ecstasy when Chris grabs the base and slides his mouth over the head. The blonds mouth feels good but his tight throat feels even better as all 8 inches go down. Chris loves to please his partners at English Lads and Rich looks very well satisfied by the conclusion of his experience.

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Sam Johnson Services Jamie West at English Lads

Sam Johnson sucks Jamie West uncuct cock then takes a ride reverse cowboy style

The look on Jamie West face as he gets serviced by Sam Johnson is so cool. This whole scene Sam has a smile like a kid at Christmas while Jamie is like “ya, this feels good. What’s next?”. Jamie has done a number of man on man sex scenes before while 18 year old Sam is still kind of new at this with this only his third scene and first time with another guy. Sam says he is straight and Dog love him for it but he sure does seem to love sucking on Jamie’s cock. He is the first to get completely naked. When he climbs up to ride Jaimie reverse cowboy his dick stays hard and that smile remains throughout. If I was with Jamie I’d be smiling, naked, and hard too. Something about his face and that ripped smooth body makes Jamie one of my English boy favorites but I’m gay so… If anything, I’d say Sam is a closeted bi boy. Good for him. I think he is way fun to watch and can’t wait to see him come back for more!

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English Jocks Have Gay 3 Way

Dan Broughton, Darius Fernand, and Dan James have a gay sex 3 way

When Dan Broughton, Darius Fernand, and Dan James hook up it leads to a fun three way at English Lads. All three of the British men have athletic bodies and nice big uncut cocks. Dan B and Darius both sport 7.5 inches and Dan James measures in with a full 8.5 inch dick. Darius and Dan B have some fun playing with Dan James cock through his tight underwear as the action starts. They rub, stroke, grope, and massage the blond lads big dick until it makes an impressive outline in his tight black underwear. Once his cock is out is dick sucking time for all. The guys all take turns sucking each others hard cocks. Darius ends up in the middle slurping down Dan J’s big dick as Dan B moves behind him to play with his skinny ass. The ass play leads to a fucking in no time and Darius is having both holes filled at the same time. All three get the best out of their experience together but, IMO, Dan Broughton is the winner. He gets to suck Dan J, fuck Darius Fernand, and has sex with two hot guys at the same time. Awesome!

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Dan and Justin – Fire & Ice

Dan and Justin use ice as foreplay before red hot gay sex

Justin Harris shows Dan James how an ice cube can be used to heat things up in the latest photo set online at English Lads. Justin is admiring Dan’s smooth muscular chest when he pulls out an ice cube and starts rubbing it against Dan’s nipples. Dan is a little shocked by the cold at first but smiles as the cold water melts from the ice down his chest and onto his stomach. He smiles even more and starts to develop a nice bulge in his jeans when Justin starts licking the moisture off him. What’s good for one is good for the other or something like that so… Dan takes a new piece of ice to Justin’s nipples too. It is Justin that really carries things to the next level though. With Dan’s jeans off now, he licks his way down to the bulging briefs to gobble down some red hot uncut cock.

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Dan Carver’s Poolside Suck

Dan Carver getting a blowjob by the pool

Straight English jock Dan Carver is back showing us his hard body and uncut cock. This time around he is having some fun with Justin Harris in the pool. The guys toss a ball around, splash, and wrestle a bit. When Dan starts to get out Justin grabs his shorts and starts to pull them down. Dan has been naked a number of times and doesn’t mind showing off his amazing body or cock. Justin wants more than just to see it. He grabs hold of Dan’s dick and starts sucking him while they are still in the pool. Once Dan is hard he knows that the sucking must continue until he gets off and moves out of the water for easier access by Justin and a better view for us. Once out of the water Dan stands along the edge for the dick sucking to continue.

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Amateur Englishman Jerks Off

Dan Carver strips naked and jacks his long uncut cock

Straight English lad Dan Carver works as a fitness coach and plays football. (soccer for the Americans) The time he spends in the gym and on the field certainly shows. Dan has a bulky upper body with bulging biceps and ripped shoulders. His legs and ass are very nice too. Dan has fun posing for the camera at English Lads – Uncut Amateurs in different underwear before showing off his long uncut cock. He has a smile on his face as he jerks his cock and shoots his load in this, his first ever jack off performance.

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Kev Strips and Rims Straight Boy Zack

Kev undresses straight boy Zack down to his boxers and notices that Zack is already getting excited . Kev wastes little time getting Zack’s hard cock in his mouth and even deep throats Zack’s rock hard cock. Zack lays back and enjoys the oral pleasures but gets a little confused when Kev moves his tongue from Zack’s penis down to his ass. Zack doesn’t seem exactly sure what to do but moves his head over to return the pleasure and sucks on Kev’s uncut dick. Zack jerks and sucks Kev off spraying cum onto his smooth chest then adds to the cum pool shooting his own hot load all over Kev. I’d say that Kev does a fine job for his first time.

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