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College Swimmer Jerks Off

Phil jerks his uncut cock at Dixter Amateur Guys

Phil is a 21 year old college student looking for some extra money.  He gets naked in the shower all the time at school and jerks off every chance he gets so jacking in front of a camera for cash wasn’t too far a stretch. Phil talks a little about himself and lifts some weights to get all pumped up before he strips and jerks off at Dixter.

Phil is an active guy.  He is on the varsity swim team at his school, loves to snow board, and plays other sports as well.  He keeps himself in great shape working out and eating right to keep the competitive edge.  Phil has a boyish face with flushed cheeks and dark hair.  As he takes off his shirt you can see that he has very defined shoulders and back with a muscular chest and 6 pack abs.  As he lowers his underwear we get a great view of this swimmers smooth, white muscular ass and an amazing uncut cock that hangs from a base of bright red pubes.  Yes, Phil is a redhead to be sure.  There is something I love about this guys perfect white ass against his tan skin that is just hot.  He gets his 6.5 inch dick nice and hard and slides the foreskin back and forth over the large swollen head.  As he becomes more comfortable in front of the camera, he plays a little with his nipples and rubs his body with his spare hand.  The pace quickens as he moans and shoots out his man juice.

After his film debut Phil contacted Dixter to let them know that this was his first and last gay porn video.  If you want to see Phil’s first and only adult video you have to visit Dixter Amateur Guys.  There are plenty of other hot college jocks there to see as well.

Kelson Strokes His 8 Inch Cock

Muscled straight stud Kelson

Kelson is one of the first guys you see when you visit Dixter and for good reason.  He has the whole package going for him very cute face, a killer body, and an 8 inch uncut dick.


The guys at Dixter had been talking to Kelson for weeks to arrange a time for him to be video taped unloading.  Kelso is a 21 year old straight guy with a very busy schedule.  He is a university student, plays semi pro sports, works out every day, and tries to fuck as many girls as possible before he settles down.  Too bad he is straight because there are thousands of guys that would be happy to please this stud without a second thought.  Kelson has a very cute face with beautiful eyes and a fun smile framed with short dark hair.  Just one look at him with his shirt off and you know that he takes care of himself.  From his neck to his blue checkered boxers Kelson has a ripped upper body.  It’s hard to say what part of him I like best because it’s all so good.  Traps, lats, pecs, abs, and biceps all joining together to form a body that even straight guys stare at in the shower at the gym.  Except for a light trail of hair leading down from his belly, Kelson’s chest and stomach is completely hairless.  He does have 1 small tattoo in the middle of his chest and another between his shoulders in the middle of his muscular upper back.  As if a cute face, amazing chest, shoulders, and abs weren’t enough; his 8 inch cock is equally impressive.  Even soft, his dick hangs low and looks big.  As it gets hard it doesn’t get much longer but does stand out with an ever so slight curve.  As it gets thicker the foreskin slides back to show us a big pink head.  He keeps his pubes nicely trimmed and has a smooth ball sack making for a perfect oral playground.  In a few parts of his jerk off video Kelson turns around to show off his smooth white ass.  It looks so good with his tan skin above and below.  Kelson shows us ever hard inch of his sculpted body and hard cock as he strokes away.  A jerk off video is nothing without a cum shot.  Kelson doesn’t shoot too much but does let loose a load that looks great on his tan skin and dark pubes.  After he cums, Kelson looks right at the camera and smiles knowing that he’s done a very good job for his first time naked on camera. 

Kelson is one of my favorite amateur guys that jack off at Dixter.  To watch Kelson’s entire video and see other amateur men unload in solo and hardcore action you have to go to Dixter.

Hairy Straight and Uncut

 Hairy straight and 8.5 inches of uncut cock

When I first visited Dixter to find some new amateur porn stroking material I was immediately drawn to this guy Rad.  There is something about him that is just so damn sexy.  So, where to begin…


Rad is a 27 year old straight guy that loves knowing people will be getting off looking at his naked pictures.  He has a wonderful body that is muscular and well proportioned.  Rad is a professional kick boxer so you know he works out a lot and has got to be flexible.  Rad has a nicely hairy chest, stomach, and ass.  Not too much hair but enough to show he is all man.  At only 5’8” tall his 8.5 inch uncut cock looks huge.  Not that an 8 inch dick is ever really small.  Maybe it looks bigger because he keeps his pubes trimmed very short.  Even when his dick is standing hard the foreskin covers about half of the head giving guys that like to play with the skin plenty of fun. 


Lucky enough for us, Rad has 2 videos at Dixter as well as some damn hot photos. You can watch Rad’s preview video or check out some of the other amateur men unloading by going to Dixter’s preview now. 





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