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Seamus O’Brien Gets a Hand Job

tattooed straight guy gets a hand job and cums

Seamus O’Brien is new to the porn scene. He did a gang bang scene before but had trouble getting hard in front of so many other guys. Today he is visiting with Dirty Tony to give porn a second chance and more importantly because he needs the money.

Tony takes his time talking to the obviously nervous straight boy and easing some of his anxiety. After a bit Tony tells Seamus to show us the goods and he starts to get undressed. Seamus has a nice body with a smooth tattooed chest and some fur on his lower belly that goes down into his jeans. When he lowers his pants it is obvious that this boy is already getting excited about being naked and getting off. With only a slight touch, his cock is rock hard and ready for action. Seamus doesn’t seem as nervous as Tony gets him to do some nude poses including showing us his hairy ass and spreading his cheeks. No guy will ever get in there (so he thinks) but it is nice to look at. Once Seamus lies back to start jerking Tony takes out a measure tape and lays it against his hard dick. Just a bit shy of 7 inches is the result and Tony gets to grab hold of his swollen meat to do the measuring. Seamus doesn’t mind being touched so Tony continues to stroke him. The precum starts running and Seamus stays hard, seeming to enjoy being jerked off by a guy. Ya boy, it isn’t bad is it? Tony is getting excited himself and takes his own hard dick out to play with as he continues to jerk off the naked straight guy. Seamus lets lose a moan of pleasure as Tony strokes his dick and asks if it is okay to cum because he’s getting close. Tony says yes and jerks a stream of cum from Seamus’ cock that flies up his chest and splatters across his lower belly. Tony is getting close as well and asks the straight guy if he can cum on him. Seamus says yes, as long as it isn’t on his face. This guy looks great covered with cum. Lets hope that this pleasurable experience will bring him  back for more.

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Corpsman Tanner Blows AC

navy guy gives straight marine a blowjob and swallows

Dirty Tony may not know the differnece between a marine and a navy guy but he definitely knows how to get these military guys off. Today we see corpsman Tanner on a bivouac with straight marine AC. AC seems a little uncomfortable with the navy boy’s advances but gives in as his cock grows hard under his BDUs. Tanner looks amazingly hot in his white uniform and AC, well AC would look hot in (or out) of anything he wears. Tanner pulls the marine’s cock out and starts sucking. AC leans back on the cot at first but later assumes a position better suited to face fuck the navy boys hot mouth. Tanner loves the cock and AC doesn’t seem to care at this point who gets him off. You know how those straight guys are, as long as they cum they don’t care. Tanner deep throats the big cock and plays with his balls up to the point where AC pulls out and sprays his load all over Tanner’s face. Tanner looks continues to lick the remaining jizz from AC’s dick as the cum runs down the side of his face and neck down into the collar of his uniform shirt.

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Devin Brody Services America’s Cock

Devin Brody sucks America's uncut cock then gets fucked in the ass
Straight boy America is hooked up with Devin Brody by Dirty Tony and the action couldn’t get any better or dirtier. The guys start with an interview. America talks about all the girls he’s been with and makes it clear to Devin and us that there will be no romance, kissing, or love making. America is there to get off, period! Devin is happy to oblige the straight jock. He starts by unzipping America’s pants and sucking his hard uncut cock. The size of America’s dick and some precum start to gag Devin. Devin flips the straight boy over and puts his tongue to use rimming America’s hairy ass. Devin seems to really get into the rimming more than the cock sucking and America likes it all but is ready to start fucking. Devin strips down to a white jock strap and starts riding America’s cock. Once Devin’s ass is good and open America flips him onto his back where he continues to pound the hell out of the gay bottom’s butt. America told us there would be no romance but didn’t say there would be no mercy. When he gets close America pulls from Devin’s ass and slides up to jerk his load into Devin’s open mouth. Even though Devin didn’t get hard or get off he looks satisfied as he lays smiling and face covered with cum.

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Surfer Dude Fucks Twink Bareback

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Will and Mark are two horny 20 something guys that are ready to get it on from the start. Tony, the owner of Dirty Tony, hooks up the tall lanky twink Will with hairy tanned masculine surfer stud Mark. After some chatting about sex on the sofa the guys right to business as Will takes Mark’s cock all the way to his bushy untrimmed pubes. He finger’s Mark’s hairy ass as he sucks his cock; rarely taking a break for air. Mark is horned up beyond control and flips Will onto his back and shoves his 8 inch dick right up the twink’s hole with no condom and only a little spit for lube. Will begs for more as Mark fucks his sweet ass bareback. Mark pulls out in time to put his dick in Will’s mouth and feeds him every drop of cum that shoots from his throbbing cock.

First Timer Micah Pounds Justin’s Ass Bareback

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Blonde haired bisexual boy Micah came from Colorado to do his first gay porn shoot with Dirty Tony. 21 year old Micah has a girlfriend and a boyfriend back home so he gets plenty of practice using his cock to satisfy his sex partners. He meets up with power bottom Justin and the two discuss MMA and blow jobs from straight guys. Both boys have a wrestling background and were comfortable playing a little rough. Micah pounds Justin’s ass bareback every way from Sunday as Justin pants and takes every hard that Micah throws into him. The action is intense at times with Micah eventually pulling out to shoot his cum all over Justin’s cute face.

Lachlan Spit Polishes His Pole

Tan, bearded surfer dude Lachlan takes off his shirt to show off his muscular arms and chest covered with a light coat of hair then begins to spit polish his 7 inch dick at Dirty Tony.  With a small amount of spit and only a few tugs his cock is hard and standing tall.  Lachlan slides off his shorts and starts pounding his cock fast and hard.  He does slow down and take some time to play with his balls and gives us a look at his white virgin ass before jizzing onto Dirty Tony’s signature blue bed sheets.  Lachlan’s first gay porn jerk off appearance leaves an impression and viewers wanting more.  Hopefully we won’t have to wait long for more of this surfing stud’s hot body and big cock.

straight surfer dude jerks his 7 inch long pole

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Kirby Eats His Cum

Kirby jerks his dick and eats his own cum

Kirby is one dirty little monkey from southern California that loves to get nasty.  He loves to be tied up, electrocuted, and whipped.  Kirby gets himself all kinds of dirty in his video at Dirty Tony

Just looking at this guy as he gets undressed you can tell he has a bit of a wild side.  He has dirty blond hair, a scruffy face, and sparkling blue eyes.  His lean surfer body is covered with all sorts of tattoos and the dark hair on his flat stomach is all natural providing a nice bed to lay your head onto.  Kirby has another physical attribute that is important to mention as well, a big cock that goes up to his belly and beyond when it gets hard.  So what gets this guy hard?  A big nightstick sized dildo up his ass is a good start.  Kirby bends over face down on the bed and bites a pillow as a huge dildo is slid into his ass.  After that he takes a smaller metal vibrator and plays with that as e strokes his hard dick.  It is obvious by the look on his face and his body language that this is really turning him on.  Kirby puts on a good show to the end.  As he readies himself to cum he throws his legs into the air positioning his dick inches from his own open mouth a blows his load right in. 

Dirty Tony is full of amateur guys like Kirby that love to get naked and get dirty.  To see all of Kirby’s pictures and his full length video you need to visit Dirty Tony today.





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