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Birthday Cake and a 9 Inch Cock Please

Jake pushes his 9 inch cock into Owen's birthday cake and Owen licks it clean

My personal favorite model at Dirty Boy Video is Owen. This blond tattooed boy is so cute! It is Owen and Jack’s birthday and the guys thought they would help these two horny NY boys celebrate. They provided the cake, a place, and a video camera to catch the hot dirty boy sex action. Jack brings a red frosting birthday cake in and puts it on the table for Owen. The cake is missing candles but that’s okay because Jack has plans to stick something else in it for Owen to blow on; his 9 inch uncut cock! Jack pulls his dick out, strokes it to full erection, and shoves it pubes deep into the cake. This brings a big smile to Owen who loves cock with his cake. Who doesn’t? With such a nice dick covered with cake and frosting Owen offers to lick Jack’s dick clean for him. The guys get undressed and the dick sucking begins. Watching the way Owen swallows the full 9 inches of Jack’s hard dick is awesome.

It’s Jack’s birthday too and he wants to be fucked! Owen bend the big dicked birthday boy over the table to do him doggy style then lifts him onto the table for some more traditional sex. Jack has his legs in the air and strokes himself as Owen slams his hairless ass full of cock. Jack loves the feel of a cock in ass so much that he spews his cum out onto his hairless belly. The pools of white cum glistening on Jack’s tanned stomach looks good but the cum that Owen shoots across his face looks even better. Even though Jack has a manly huge dick he has a cute boyish face with dark brown puppy dog eyes. Pretty boys always look better dripping with cum and Jack is no exception. From the looks of both, they had an amazing birthday. Lets hope we don’t have to wait a full year to see them together again.

NY Boys Getting Dirty


Brandon & Chris Get Off Together

two guys sucking each other dick and cum

Chris isn’t much of a guitar player but looks good having sex in this scene with Brandon at Dirty Boy Video. The guys are feeling frisky as they sit bored in a NYC apartment. Chris can’t wait to get at Brandon’ cock as the boyz kiss and rub each others bodies. Chris gets Brandon’ pants open and starts playing with his semi hard dick. They take turns sucking each other for a bit with Brandon showing off his deep throating skills by swallowing every inch of Chris’ cock right down to the pubes. Chris spits onto Brandon’s hole and fingers him a little to loosen up his tight hole then slides his hard dick in to the hilt. Chris fucks Brandon doggy style then jerks his load as Chris nibbles his nipples. Brandon straddles Chris’ cum covered chest and aims his dick squarely at his face to squirt his cum in a fitting facial ending.

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Owen Jacks Off In The Kitchen

Owen gives a tour of his kitchen then strips and jerks his uncut cock

watch Ownen’s preview video here

Owen is back showing off his tattoos and hard cock as he jerks off in his own NYC kitchen. As he gives the tour of his kitchen and talks about his cooking skills it is obvious that this amateur is ready to get down to action. He keeps rubbing his dick through his jeans and as soon as the camera guy says show us your cock Owen instantly drops his pants and underwear to show his soft uncut dick. After removing all his clothes except socks he spreads his cheeks and gives us a view of his smooth NYC boy butt. The ass action doesn’t last long as Own is more focused on his cock. He sits on the counter near the sink and gets to work stroking his hard cock. Owen knows what he likes as he masturbates… he licks his own armpit and rubs his pink nipples just below a huge eagle tattoo on his smooth chest. Owen doesn’t make a lot of noise as he jerks his cock and gives little to no warning except for the flexing of his whole body just before he shoots his cum out. In my opinion, Owen is one of the cutest of amateur NYC guys that get off at Dirty Boy Videos.

Uncut Amateur 3 Way Cumfest

When Zeke finds out that Tyler and Raf are fooling around he doesn’t get mad; he joins in for a hot gay 3 way at Dirty Boy Video.  The action starts early with all three kissing and stripping off each others clothes.  Zeke and Tyler can’t wait and start sucking Raf’s uncut cock before his pants are even down.  Raf has enough cock to go around as do the others.  Each of the three guys get their cock sucked by the other two at one point during this energetic all guy gay sex romp.  Not only does each guy get a oral worshiping but each guy gets a chance to fuck one of the others tight ass as well.  The three flip flop around fucking each other’s ass and continue with the cock sucking when ever possible.  The cum shots in this video are awesome!  Raf takes a big load all over face and covers his chest and neck with own cum and Zeke’s.  After so much sweaty sex and massive loads of cum; the three jump into the shower together and help each other get cleaned up.

Tyler Zeke and Raf have a gay 3 way and shoot huge loads of cum

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Sweaty Amateur Footballer Showers and Jerks Off

Cody was an accidental discovery for the guys at Dirty Boy Videos.  He was playing football (or soccer depending on where you are from) and noticed the guys checking him out in the stands.  It wasn’t long before Cody was checking them back.  After practice Cody was dripping with sweat.  His soccer jersey was soaked through and you could see his big dick flopping around in his thin shorts.  Cody agreed to come back to the hotel for a little fun.  He immediately starts taking off his sweat-soaked kit as he walks in.  His tan sweaty skin looks amazing.  Cody hops into the shower to rinse off and plays with his big floppy cock for a bit then heads into the bedroom to finish getting off.  His skin is still wet from the shower as he strokes his cock to full hardness.  The camera continues to follow Cody from doorway to cum shot and we get to see some nice close ups of this dirty boys cock and balls.

Cody strips off his sweaty soccer kit, showers, then jerks off

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Peeping Tom Video Tapes Redhead Blowjob

Peeping tom blow job video

A few years ago I watched a guy and his girlfriend fucking from a hotel room window.  The guy was good looking and had a nice body.  It’s still exciting thinking about it now.  The recent update at Dirty Boys Video reminded me of that night. 

The video is of two guys; a redhead and a brunet that get it on in their kitchen with the shades wide open for all to see, or video tape.  As you can see from the pictures above, this is a real gay voyeur’s fantasy.  The action takes place kinda far away but it is still hot to watch.  The darker haired guy takes down the redhead’s shorts and starts sucking his big dick.  Yes, you can tell it’s big because you can see it even from the distance.  Red then goes down on his friend for a bit.  I guess he was cock hungry in the kitchen as well.  The two horny boys switch positions again and red shoots his load on his friends face.  That is as they say, that.  Not much to it but damn hot if you like watching hot guys have sex through their open window.  I’d love to be their neighbor! 

There are all kinds of videos featuring amateur men jerking off and having sex at Dirty Boy Videos.  Head over now to see what catches your attention.

Gay Amateur Sucks 9 Inch Dick

Collin Blows Crazy James at Dirty Boy Video

Tattooed and hung, Crazy James meets up with amateur gay cock sucker Collin and challenges him to get all nine and a half inches of his dick in his mouth.  One look at the video and you’ll know why they call him Crazy James over at Dirty Boy Video.

Crazy James is a big guy with a colorful platinum blond and hot pink mohawk haircut and plenty of tattoos.  He is big both in terms of his height and his length.  James’ cut cock is somewhere in the neighborhood of 9.5-10 inches depending on how excited he is.  While his dick doesn’t have a lot of girth, it does have a nice big head.  James and Collin meet for the first time as they are interviewed on camera prior to the sex.  Collin is obviously excited about the opportunity to get down and dirty with James who has been on Dirty Boy before.  As the two get started with some kissing James takes control and starts to undress Collin.  As he takes Collin’s shirt off he nibbles and bits on Collins stomach to set the mood and Collin seems to love it.  We do see a bit of Collins own smooth body and shaved cock in the video but the focus is definitely on James and his big dick.  Collin takes of James’ shirt and undoes his purple pants but doesn’t get them off before he starts sucking.  And the sucking continues in standing and lying down position.  No mater what position they try, Collin can’t quite seem to get all of James big cock in his mouth.  From the look of ecstasy on James face he appreciates the effort.  As Collin chokes down James’ 9.5 inch dick James reaches down and gives Collin a helping hand job.  Looking right into the camera, James blows a nice load onto Collins neck and hairless chest.

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