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Aaron White gets Full Service Massage from Josh Long

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19 year old Aaron White looked pretty hot in his jerk off video but is still a little hesitant about sex with a guy on camera. Luckily, Josh Long knows how to put the young jock’s mind at ease. Josh gets Aaron naked on a massage table and gives him a long relaxing massage. He rubs Aaron’s neck, back, ass, and legs to get him relaxed and ready. During the erotic rub down Josh moves to the top of the massage table to stand at Aaron’s head. Aaron is obviously ready for some action because he takes hold of Josh’s hairy cock and starts sucking on it. For a newbie, Aaron does a wonderful job slurping down every inch of Josh’s 7 inch dick. Josh is rock hard and ready when he climbs onto the table to return the oral gratification to the smooth young man. Aaron’s dick is a half inch shorter than Josh but looks mighty nice going pubes deep into Josh’s bearded face. Now that Aaron is obviously excited and ready, Josh gets him ready for an on camera fucking. Remaining on the massage table, Josh does Aaron doggy style and face to face. The face to face is fucking is awesome. The dark skin and hairy chest of Josh contrasts well with the pale smooth body of Aaron. Even though the guys are only a year apart in age, they look completely different from each other. In a hot way! Even hotter is watching both young men shoot their loads in the explosive ending that will leave you as wet as Aaron.

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Straight College Jock Jerks His Cock


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Kenny Coors name may be appropriate listening to his interview. This straight college jock dreams big when it comes to his sexual fantasies. Particularly, he so wants to have a three way with his girlfriend. Most girls I know wouldn’t be interested in sharing their man with another woman. Most wouldn’t be interested in sharing with another dude either but that may be what it comes down to after the show that Kenny put on at College Dudes.

Kenny strips naked to show off his somewhat hairy body. His cock is already semi hard when he drops his pants. With such hairy legs and ass you’d think that he would have bushy pubes too but they are neatly trimmed. His big low hanging balls have a bit of hair too. Kenny doesn’t seem to have any issues showing off his hard cock or ass. After stroking his dick to full erection he gets on the leather sofa, spreads his cheeks, and gives us all a close up view of his hairy hole. The butt shots don’t last long so get a good look when you can. He does have a nice ass to be sure. Finally Kenny relaxes to pleasure himself with both hands and a bottle of lube. It is obvious that he is feeling it full and ready when he cums. Be sure to turn the volume down if the wife or roommate are in the next room OR turn it up and revel in the glory of such a loud cummer.

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Austin Chip Strokes His Big Cock

college guy jacks his big cock

20 year old Austin Chip gets off to a great start and keeps the momentum going from stripping to the cumshot in his first scene online now at College Dudes. As Austin lifts his shirt we see his somewhat ripped and hairy abs. The V shape from his hips leads the eyes to the center of his pants and already gives an idea about what we’re going to see as he continues to take off his clothes. His chest isn’t as hairy as he stomach but does have a small field of dark fuzz in the center and around his nipples. Austin flexes his arms and stretches a little before undoing his pants and taking them down so he’s wearing nothing except his underwear. He takes a little pause now to stroke his soft dick to hardness before showing it to us. I don’t know why he’s self conscious about his cock; it is a nice 7.5 inches when it gets fully hard and looks great sticking out from his dark trimmed pubes. Once he is rock hard he lowers the boxer briefs to show off his ass then lays down on the leather couch to jack off for us. He closes his eyes and rubs himself as he strokes the big piece of meat between his legs. I wonder what he’s thinking of because his cock seems to throb a little more when he slips into the fantasy. It must be good because he stays there right up to the cum shot.

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Sebastian Bevins Jacks Off

dark haired blue eyed college jock jacking off

Since high school I’ve had a thing for guys with dark hair and blue eyes so when I saw Sebastian Bevins last week on College Dudes I was instantly interested. This is Sebastians first video but he looks and sounds excited to get started. During his interview he says that he’s always wanted to have sex in public but is too afraid of being caught so… doing a porn video is probably a good way for him to let his exhibitionist fantasy come to life without risk of criminal charges. Sebastian strips down to a pair of loose boxers and teases us with a view of his nice round ass before dropping his shorts and turning to start stroking his cock. Sebastian starts from a standing position to get hard then sits on the black leather chair that so many other college men have had sex on. Sebastian spreads his legs wide to show off his thick hard cock and hairy ass at the same time. It is that part of the video that I wish to apply for a fluffer job except that Sebastian doesn’t seem to have any trouble staying hard. He changes positions a few times to give different views of his ass, cock, balls, back, and even feet. If there is one thing that the photographer at College Dudes is good at is getting men with little modeling experience to position themselves in a way that present all their assets and Sebastian has some nice assets to show off. After showing off his body and cock he gets back to the chair to finish stroking out his load.

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Scott Isaac and Chase Rawling Suck & Fuck

scott isaac and chase rawling suck dick and fuck

Spiked hair blong Scott Isaac hooks up with dark haired jock Chase Rawling in this suck and video that leaves Chase rode hard and put away wet. The guys start vanilla enough with some light kissing and petting as they get each other undressed. Once naked, they take turns sucking each other dick. Chase does a good job swallowing Scott’s full 7.5 inch cock and loves it when Scott moves his big dick to his ass. Scott rubs his hard dick along Chase’s crack then puts a condom on and begins to fuck him. Scott long strokes Chase from no less than 3 positions. Chase moans, groans, and grunts with pleasure and pleads to be slapped as Scott fills his ass with hard cock.

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Nude Massage Turns To Cock Sucking and Fucking

Blake Autry and Josh Slyman - nude massage suck and fuck

From the get go this has to be a great scene! Hunky stud Blake Autry comes in for his massage wearing nothing except a towel and a smile. Josh Slyman is administering Blake’s massage and tells him to remove the towel and lie on the bed face down. Josh is wearing only a loose pair of boxers when the back rub begins. There are some sites where the naked massage would be enough but not at College Dudes. As Josh strokes and kneads Blake’s muscular back his dick starts to get hard, causing an impressive tent and rubbing against Blake’s butt and lower back. Blake feels it and knows instantly that this is definitely going to end with a happy ending. He flips over to give Josh access to his dick which is soft now but won’t be for long as Josh starts rubbing and sucking it. Blake is good and hard now and ready for some action. He sucks on Josh’s dick a bit then rolls him onto his hands and knees to prep the college jocks ass. He spits on the hairy hole and inserts a few fingers only long enough to feel it loosen a little then puts on a condom and mounts his skinny masseur. Blake pounds Josh from behind first. From all the moaning and grunting, it sure sounds like Josh is loving it. Josh flips onto his back to stroke his dick as Blake continues fucking him with legs lifted in the air. The overhead camera angle during this part is my favorite as Blake pulls all the way out to the head of his cock before pushing it back in and we get to see every hard inch of it enter. All good things come to an end and this is no exception as both men shoot their load in an explosive finish to a very sexy massage session.

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College Dudes 247 Changes Name

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College Dudes 247 has been one of my favorite college jock sites for a while. Basically since the day I found them! The guys are very hot college age jocks that certainly take care of their bodies and sometimes take care of their friends body too. Recently College Dudes 247 went through some changes and from what I can tell, they are all for the good. First and most important: College Dudes 247 is now called College Dudes. Next: a new $1 trial membership option has been added. If you were not sure if membership to the site was worth $24 now you don’t need to worry. You can join College Dudes for only $1 and check out the members area for yourself with no risk. I have found the guys, videos, and action inside College Dudes 247 to worth every penny of a monthly membership which bring me to the final important point. Content: the new College Dudes still has the previous content and still updates every week with new content.

At the new College Dudes you will still see HD video and professional hi res digital photos of some of the hottest naked college jocks available on the internet. Most of the guys do a jerk off video for their first appearance and if the members like them, they come back for more hardcore action with another hard bodied and hard dicked jock. The guys suck dick, rim, and fuck like crazy. There are duos as well as 3 way and even a few group sex scenes available. Visit College Dudes today and look around the inside for $1.  You won’t be disappointed!

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