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Hairy Amateur Jock’s Debut – Reid Jacks Off

hairy chested jock Reid does a jerk off

It’s no big secret among my friends and regular readers that I tend to gravitate towards the smooth, younger, ripped type when it comes to men. The past year or so I have seen too many hot men with hair to not be interested though. Reid definitely falls into the category of hot hairy men. Like most of the solo men that appear at Chaos Men, Reid starts with some artistic photos against a plain black background. Bryan is an amazing photographer and sometimes looking at the studio photos do more for me than watching the guys videos. Don’t get me wrong, the videos are hot but some of these guys simply look amazing with the side lighting against black. Reid is one of them. As soon as I seen his deep blue eyes, tattoos, and ripped body I was hooked on this (cough) “straight” stud. Reid says that he is straight but as Bryan tells it, he had some interesting reactions to the motivational porn that was playing off screen.

After the studio photos Reid moves to the bedroom where the lighting is perfect and there is plenty of room to move around; giving us the best views possible of the amateur men that get off. Reid shows off his hairy muscular body and gives a look at his ass before settling in to start stroking. Reid was having troubles getting hard and Reid swears that he is completely straight so Bryan put on some straight porn for him to get pumped with. The straight porn did nothing for him so Bryan used a trick that I have used to seduce straight guys for years. He put in a bisexual porn where two good looking men have sex with a woman and each other. BANG – the bisexual porn did the trick and Reid was hard and stroking in no time. What Reid lacks in dick size he more than makes up for with his hotness and enthusiasm. For such a slow start Reid proves that he knows how to please himself and have a good time as he shows off his hard cock and jerks out a load for us.

Aside from the three updates a week and great photography, one of the nice things about Chaos Men is that members can write Bryan (the owner and photographer) with requests. The past few months he has been adding more average looking and hairy men to the site. I love it! Guys like Reid that are hairy AND hot with guy next door looks is what I think amateur porn should be. Keep them cumming Bryan! If you join Chaos Men be sure to write Bryan and let him know what you’d like to see more of.

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Orlando Trains Bareback Newbie

Orlando and Danny bareback suck and fuck

Danny has been texting and calling the owner of Chaos Men for a while wanting to do a scene. There were two problems that were putting Danny off, first he stated that he wouldn’t bottom and second, he is really tall. Once Danny agreed to bottom Orlando volunteered to train Danny in the ways of bareback bottoming. You can see how excited Danny is to be doing his first porn shoot with a partner. Orlando is one of the experienced redheads at Choas Men and does a great job easing Danny into the man on man sex with a bit of kissing and dick sucking that gets him hard almost instantly. The guys take turns sucking each other for a bit then Orlando decides it is time to teach the anal sex newbie how to take a cock like a man. Orlando climbs up and sits his tight ass down on Danny’s hard pole. Danny certainly likes the feeling of fucking of Orlando riding his raw cock and thrusts his hips to get every inch of pleasure from Orlando’s butt. The time comes for Danny to take his first dick and readies himself knees to elbows on the bed. Danny scrunches his butt down so that Orlando can get his cock high enough to enter. Orlando slides his dick into Danny’s ass slow at first and gets on his tip toes to continue with the screwing. It isn’t long before painful grimaces turn to sighs of pleasure as Orlando puts Danny on his back with ass closer to the floor for a hardcore fucking. In a photographic style common to Chaos Men, Orlando shoots his load directly onto Danny’s hairy ass as we watch with a close up view.

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Cute Guy Jonah and His Crazy Huge Cock

Jonah has done a few scenes at Chaos Men but this, his first, is my favorite.  Even with his clothes on, this tall skinny red haired guy is so dang cute.  He has a non stop smile as he interviews with the owner and casually gets undressed.  Jonah has a smooth chest and stomach and a bright red bush above a monstrous cock.  His bush quickly becomes visible as he lowers his dark boxer briefs.  My mouth almost hit the desk when that huge dick was uncovered.  Jonah is most definitely a shower!  Its got to be at least 8 inches soft.  Once his cock is out it’s hard to look at anything else but he does also have a nice ass that he shows off a bit too and shoves a few toys into during a future scene.  Jonah is a very fine addition to the impressive stable of hot amateur Texas men found at Chaos Men.

Jonah strokes his massive dick at Chaos Men

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Straight Tattooed Stud Fucks Hairy Ass

Straight boy Jagger fucks Ashton's ass then cums on his face

Ashton and Jagger really steam things up as they get it on and get off at Chaos Men.  Ashton is the tall dark and handsome gay amateur with a hairy chest and stomach, a big uncut cock, a hairy ass, and a wild tongue.  Straight boy Jagger has a shorter stature with a tattooed muscular body and a sweet ass.  

Everything starts in the bedroom where Ashton takes very little time to get Jagger’s boxer briefs off.  Jagger’s dick is already semi hard as the underwear come down.  Ashton starts sucking on his dick until it is hard as a rock.  The view of Jagger’s tattooed body is best during this part of the video and seeing that hard cock going in and out of Ashton’s mouth is pretty nice too.  Jagger’s dick isn’t the only part of his body that receives a thorough oral worshiping.  Ashton turns Jagger around to give his hairy ass a big wet rim job.  Ashton’s underwear come off soon enough as well to give a view of his uncut cock that he rubs against the bed as he prepares for a hardcore fucking.  Ashton gets on all fours and lifts his hairy ass towards Jagger’s wet throbbing dick.  And in it goes with lots of grunting on Ashton’s part.  I think that Ashton may have liked Jagger to use a little more lube before sliding that big piece of meat into his hole but he is soon moaning and groaning in ecstasy.  Jagger fucks Ashton’s ass every way to Sunday then blows his load all over Ashton’s face. 

Head over to Chaos Men now to watch the full length video in HD and check out each of these guys other pictures and videos as well.

Stash’s First Jerk Off Video

 Stash first time jerk off at Chaos Men

If you love the look of them cute, lean, 18-21 year old twinkie boys but can’t stand the prissy personality and frail bodies then Stash at Chaos Men is just the man to disrupt your day. 

Stash is one of my many favorite Austin amateurs at Chaos Men.  He has an absolutely beautiful body with very little chest or stomach hair, a very cute face surrounded by long dirty blond hair, and a cock and ass that are just made for fucking.  These pictures are from Stash’s first ever jerk off photos and video.  He talks a little about his previous boyfriends and their kinky sex lives, what he likes sexually, and then strips naked to show off that smooth muscular body.  Stash makes being sexy look easy in his casual manor as he plays with his cock and balls on the sofa until he is completely hard.  His rock hard dick stands straight up pointing at his face as he takes a few seconds to look at the camera as if waiting for someone to come in and take care of it for him.  That part comes in other sets; but for now he is left to take care of things himself.  As Stash strokes his hard cock and plays with his ass we get many close up looks at his hairless body, his firm smooth ass and that hard cock. 

 At my last count, Stash had 12 sets at Chaos men in the members area including both solo and hardcore man on man sex.  Like he says in his interview, Stash sometimes likes it rough and a little kinky.  Go to Chaos Men now and let Stash disrupt your day.





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