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James Rider Gets Us Into The Holiday Spirit

frisky boy wearing nothing except a red christmas hat and a red jock strap

To be honest, I have not been in the mood to do any holiday posts this year. The past few years I had to hunt to find something hot, fun, and festive. This year the holiday men are in full force on nearly every amateur site out there. For some reason James Rider at Buzz West caught my attention. This moppy headed young man showed up to do his first porn performance wearing a red mad bombers hat with white fur embroidered with “Seasons Greetings”. Having the guts to wear a hat like that in public is one thing but showing up to a porn shoot… that’s awesome! Things continue to get better as things go too.

James tells us in his interview that he is straight and has a girlfriend. He hasn’t cum in a few days so he shouldn’t have any trouble shooting a nice load for us. How considerate. James starts getting undressed and surprises with a festive red jock strap under his jeans. Now, wearing only the red jock and the furry hay, James lies back to show off his ass from a position that most straight men would never try in public let alone be filmed doing. It’s hot and gets the young man in the mood for more. James starts rubbing his dick through the jock making a big bulge. The profile for James says he has a 9 inch dick and seeing the size of the stuffed jock, I’d believe it. With him hard and ready the jock comes off and he gets to it stroking. It is the lets get to business attitude that most amateurs show that I like so much. No funny talking or attempts at cheesy strip teases, just down to it jacking and fucking. Okay, so James is only Jacking but he gets right to it once his cock is out. The two days without sex or all the rubbing early on has done something because it doesn’t take long before James is getting flushed and pumping out a stream of cum. After cumming James goes in and takes a nice warm shower. Seeing him with that hair and a wet body may just be the best part of this scene.

see more of James Rider at Buzz West


Inked Cali Boy Jacks Off & Cums

tattooed California dude jerks off and cums

Pierson Gray is a young southern California straight guy with a wild side. You can tell from all the tattoos and big ear piercings that Pierson is not a boring guy. Pierson is excited about doing his first naked video. He has a non stop smile on his face and talks easily to us about himself during the interview. While Pierson says he is straight and has a girlfriend, he has experimented with guys before. Well, not exactly. He got drunk at a party and exchanged blowjobs with a guy once. I know if I seen Pierson drunk and horny I’d suck him. He has a nice low fat body with no chest hair and a shaved belly with an underlying 6 pack. Pierson keeps his pubes trimmed for easy oral access to his average sized cock. Pierson’s dick looks big as it grows under his tight underwear but seems about 6-7 inches when he takes it out and starts jerking off for us. Pierson rubs his smooth balls and thigh as he strokes his dick to a cumshot that runs down the back of his hand and shaft of his cock. As with most of the amateur men at Buzz West, Pierson lets the camera follow him to the shower. I think this young man doesn’t look any hotter than he does with water running down his inked body.

Pierson Gray at Buzz West


Skinny Guy Shoots a Huge Load

skinny guy jacks his fat uncut cock

If you like skinny guys with big dicks then you’re going to go gaga over the latest San Diego boy to get off at Buzz West. Max is his name but a gross understatement when it comes to his performance. You see, for all practical purposes Max is a little guy. He is only 5’5″ tall and weighs no more than a buck and a quarter when he’s soaking wet with a pocket full of change. The contradiction comes when he gets naked. This little guy has a big package! His dick is already getting hard as he lowers his boxer briefs and unlike a lot of guys these days, his pubes are all natural, just like his cock. As his meat grows the foreskin slides back without him even touching it. Max shows off his huge cock and hairy ass before laying down on the bed to stroke out a big load of cum that flies up and splatters across his neck then leaves a trail of goo down his mostly smooth body.

watch Max cum at Buzz West

Bo Gets Full Body Massage With Happy Ending

Hairy marine gets naked massage with happy ending

Bo was recently home from the marines and called to ask if Buzz still did the massage thing. Bo has jerked off at Buzz West before but has never had his dick touched by a man in a sexual way before. Bo strips naked and gets face down on the sheet covered massage table then Buzz comes in with plenty of oil and a pair of stromg experienced hands to give Bo a massage he won’t soon forget. The back side of Bo’s hairy body is rubbed and kneaded with lots of special attention given to his upper thigh and ass. When it is time to do his front, Bo rolls over and shows us that he has been enjoying the attention as his dick is already semi hard without anyone touching it. Lots of extra oil is rubbed onto Bo’s hairy chest and stomach before the expert hands move to his dick. Buzz strokes Bo’s rock hard cock with his oil covered hand while rubbing his chest, abs, and balls with his other hand. Bo tightens up his muscular legs and arches his back a little as he gets close and shoots his load onto his stomach. Bo has a nice smile and a look of satisfaction with his first gay handjob. He lets us follow him into the shower where he cleans up the oil and cum from his body and goes back to dry off and get dressed.

straight men get massaged and cum at Buzz West

Lance Howard Shoots A 3 Day Load

Lance Howard stroking his big uncut cock and cum shot

To be honest, Buzz West kind of fell off my radar for a while. Looking back through the men that have graced their pages over the past 6 months, I don’t know why. Lance Howard is the latest amateur to strip naked and get off for us so, I thought he would be a good example of what we have been missing. I’m not sure what it is about Lance that I like so much and find it hard to classify him into a “type”. He has a masculine face with a strong jaw line but rosy cheeks and a dark sensuous eyes. His thin body is lean but not muscular with a small tuft of hair in the center of his chest and a small ring around each nipple. His 6 pack belly is similarly smooth with a thick line of dark hair running from his pierced belly to his long uncut dick. Oh yes, another thing to absolutely love about Lance. He has a wonderfully long cock and big unshaved ball sack. Lance gives us a good view of everything including a close up of his bottom boy hole. Lance says he is bisexual but is a bottom when he’s with another guy. His hand moves down to stimulate his ass a few times as he jerks off. He lets out a a series of small moaning sounds that will be sure to bring a smile to many as he shoots an impressive 3 day load. The cum goes about half way up his chest and leaves a nice trail across his awesome abdomen.

watch Lance Howard jack off now at Buzz West

Self Sucking Troy

Troy sucks himself off at Buzz West - San Diego Amateur Men

Troy Michaels sucks his own cock at Buzz West.  Troy strips naked and shows us his tanned chest and flat abs.  His chest has just a small amount of hair and his abs are flat and well defined.  His back has a single colorful tattoo.  That tanned skin on his upper body really shows as you move down to look at his white ass.  Guys that can suck their own cock are usually either very flexible or have a big dick.  Troy has both.  He is able to fold himself almost in half at the waist and curl his back like a ferret as he leads his long fat dick into his own mouth for the ultimate self pleasure experience.

There are not many self sucking guys like Troy around but there are plenty of other tanned and muscular amateur men getting off for you in solo and group videos over at Buzz West.  Visit them today to watch more of Troy.

Blond Haired California Surfer Dude

Carter strokes 7.5 uncut inches at Buzz West 

Carter is a San Diego native so he gets plenty of opportunities hang out at the beach, surf, and play in the sun.  He is absolutely the stereotypical sexy California surfer dude with his blond hair, lean body, and bisexual.  Yes, bisexual… You know those cali boys are up for anything if it feels good and gets them off.

Carter does a very nice job of showing off his best assets in this particular video.  He has a very nice smile, crystal blue eyes, and easy going attitude as he takes off his clothes.  His hairless chest has some freckles and little pink nipples perfect for licking.  His flat stomach has just a little barely noticeable blond hair that starts at his belly button and gets wider as it goes down into his underwear.  As if Carter isn’t good enough, he only gets better when he takes those underwear off and we get our first look at that big 7.5 inch uncut cock hanging between his hairy legs.  Carter is already impressive even soft.  Hanging at about 6 inches with lots of foreskin off the end his dick is ready to be played with.  Carter doesn’t mind showing off his ass as well.  At 5’10” and 155 pounds, Carter doesn’t have a lot of fat or big muscles.  His ass is just as lean as the rest of him and is covered with a light coat of soft blond hair.  As he starts stroking his dick it gets a little longer and a little thicker but not much and the foreskin slowly pulls back just a little so that only the tip of his cock head sticks out.  For guys into uncut dick, Carter’s is about perfect for playing with and tonguing.  He strokes that hard cock and plays with his shaved balls until he shoots a very impressive stream of cum up onto his chest.  The cum goes all the up his chest and starts to run down his side.  Carter’s cum shot surely is the icing on an already scrumptious piece of cake.

Carter  has 4 different videos at Buzz West including a getting a hand job, fucking himself with a dildo, and getting a happy ending massage.  To see all that Carter has to offer you have to visit Buzz West.





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