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Noah’s Cock Fun & Facial

blond twink sucks friends dick and gets cum facial

The webmaster at Boys First Time don’t give a lot of information about the amateur twinks that do scenes at their site. We are lucky if we get even one boyz name as in this case where Noah, the blond twink has sex with a nameless dark haired guy. Name or not, these two are hot together and Noah especially looks like he’s having some fun slurping down his new friend’s dick. The big smile on his face is a give away that he loves the cock. His big grin stays while he rides the thin guys dick and gets fucked face to face too. Noah (and us) are treated to a big messy end that leaves everyone smiling. The tall dark haired guy stands up after fucking Noah’s sweet ass to jerk his load across the blond boys face. Noah jerks his load onto the sheet. What we get is a big mes of cum that runs down Noah’s face and chest and splatters all over the bed.

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Sky Seduces Luis

twink with pierced dick has sex with his uncut neighbor

You things are going to get interesting when pierced and tattooed twink Skye answers the door in nothing except his underwear. Luis notices the big bulge of Skye’s growing cock and bashfully comes in to see what will happen next. Skye talks to Luis a bit as he moves in and starts rubbing Luis’ chest and lifting his shirt to expose his tanned smooth body. The guys kiss each other and Sky starts to lick Luis neck. The neck is a huge erogenous area for Luis causing him to quickly strip off his pants and boxers to stand naked and ready for action with his aggressively cute neighbor. Skye takes the soft uncut cock in his mouth and plays with Luis’ balls. The bulge in Skye’s underwear is getting bigger as he sucks on his visitors hard cock and a small area of precum can be seen leaking through. Now that Luis is fully erect Skye hands him a condom and bottle of lube while he takes off his underwear. The guys move from the kitchen to the dinning area where Luis sits to put the condom on. Skye straddles Luis and sits on the dark skinned boys condom covered cock. After riding Luis in the chair, Skye lays down on the dinning room table for a proper fucking. Luis looks very happy as he slides his long dick all the way in and all the way out of Skye’s semi hairy ass. Sky is loving the feeling of Luis fucking him and jerks himself as they continue. Luis quickly pulls out to remove the condom as he gets close to cumming and strokes his load onto Skye’s balls and ass. Skye follows soon after shooting his own jizz across his hairless stomach. Seeing the fun that Luis had and knowing how much Skye loves the cock; I’m sure this won’t be the last time Luis stops by.

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