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Max and Trey Rekindle an Interest

two tattooed British men suck each other uncut dick then fuck

You know there are certain types of men in porn that turn me on the most; redheads, college age athletic types, and amateurs. As I was looking at a cute redhead British lad at Naked Redhead Men over the weekend I got to thinking that it has been a while since I have been over to Blake Mason. I’m glad that I did. The amateur British men with their sexy accents and uncut cocks have been a turn on for me since I was younger watching Dr. Who and crushing over Adric. (I was like 16 at the time so he was the same age as me) Anyway, there are some very nice looking men on the front page of the Blake Mason tour but the two that really got my attention were Max Moore and Trey Matthews. They are both average but kind of cute looking gay British men that like to do porn videos for some extra cash and a chance to meet men. I doubt if either of these two have trouble meeting men though.

The guys are making out at the top of some stairs and getting each other undressed. As they take their shirts off we see that both have mostly smooth chests Trey sports some ink while Max has a semi hairy stomach. As they continue to get each other naked you can see that both trim their pubes and are clearly uncut. At one point as their cocks are growing they stand to face each other and play with their foreskin. The photographer is kind enough to get a nice close up view too for all you skin lovers. Max and Trey are both versatile gay so deciding who is going to do what isn’t a problem. They take turns sucking each other, 69, and even rim a bit before getting down to the fucking. Trey has a bigger dick than Max (8 inches to 7) but it is Trey that bottoms today. Max moves up from behind him and puts on a condom to fuck Trey in a modified doggy style. Trey grabs the staircase rails as the screwing begins but quickly loosens up and gets into the action by climbing on top to ride Max’s slicked up dick. The guys appear to really be into the sex and having a good time together which makes it all the more fun to watch. Trey is not shy at all about how much he likes having Max up his ass while he jerks his load as Max fills him. Max pulls out in time to shoot his load across Trey as well leaving him panting and covered in cum. These two have definitely rekindled my interest in British men.

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Trey’s First Porn Video

amateur British man jacks his hard uncut cock

23 year old Trey appears to be a little guy at first. He’s only 5’10” (175 cm) tall with a skinny 30″ (75 cm) waist. His soft spoken but outgoing demeanor is perfect for a guy getting ready to shoot his first gay porn video at Blake Mason – amateur English men. It doesn’t take long for Trey to get naked. His lean body is nearly hairless except for a small patch of pubic hair. Trey plays with his foreskin a bit then moves into a few positions to give a look at his smooth ass and long skinny legs before getting back to the bed and begin stroking his uncut cock. Within minutes it is clear that Trey’s dick is big. Sometimes small guys cock looks bigger because of proportion but that isn’t the case with Trey as his dick is 8 inches long! (20 cm cock) Trey slowly strokes his meat at first then gets a harder pump going while cupping his shaved balls. He moves back and forth from a laying to standing position until ending back on the bed to shoot his British jizz onto his stomach.

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Clayton Watches Himself and Cums

Clayton is the latest addition of amateur Brits on display at Blake Mason. The owners thought that they would try something a little different with Clayton and plugged a video camera into a 50 inch screen so Clayton could watch himself jack off as they were filming. As you can see, this really got him going . His 8 inch uncut cock gets hard with just a couple of pulls as he watches himself on the big screen. He settles down on the floor to finish wanking his meat and blows his load onto his stomach.

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Blake Mason Favorites RJ and Jed Fuck

RJ and Jed are two widely popular models at Blake Mason – Amateur British Men with huge fan followings.  In this video the two tattooed British hunks get together for some cock sucking and hardcore fucking.  The sex moves at a relaxed pace not frequently seen in amateur porn.  They start with some light kissing as they get undressed but Jed can’t wait for all the clothes to come off before he is sucking on RJ’s 7 inch long uncut cock.  Jed must be part pearl diver because he barely comes up for air as he stuffs that big dick down his throat for a long time.  RJ returns some oral pleasure as he rims Jed’s ass.  The saliva is dripping from Jed’s slightly hairy asshole when RJ asks “are you ready to be fucked?”  As RJ slides his dick in and out of RJs ass in a few different positions we get a great look at both of these lean and tattooed guys bodies.  For those of us into hairy legs, you’ll be sure to love the close up view of those furry stems.  The action concludes with puddles of cum on Jed’s chest and stomach and a big smile on both guys face.

Amateur British men Jed & RJ suck and fuck at Blake Mason

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AJ and Cole Share a Fleshlight

AJ and Cole kiss and jerk each other off

Cole is the real life boyfriend of AJ; a Blake Mason favourite.  Cole was doing his debut performance as AJ watched from the corner.  As Cole’s uncut 6.5 inch dick gets to full erection AJ asks if he may join in.  AJ walks over and quickly takes his semi hard cock out of his jeans.  The two men kiss and stroke each other passionately.  The video shows how much these two are really into each other.   Enter the famous Fleshjack masturbation toy that has become so popular in gay porn.  AJ places a healthy amount of lube onto Cole’s raging cock then happily spreads it around with his hand.  AJ holds the Fleshlight for Cole to fuck.  The two men continue kissing all the while.  Then Cole takes the toy and slides it onto AJ’s hard 8 inch cock.  Watching AJ’s big dick go in and out of that clear sleeve held by his boyfriend is so hot.  AJ has a smooth body and ripped abs that look great in this part of the video as well.  The toy is designed for maximum pleasure and it isn’t long before AJ sends streams of cum everyplace while Cole strokes him off.  AJ takes Cole’s cock in hand and strokes him until he shoots a load of cum onto AJ’s face.  AJ loves every drop of Cole’s hot cum on his face.

To see more of AJ’s ripped abs and 8 inch cock or Cole’s first time performance with his boyfriend you only need to visit Blake Mason – Amateur British Men now.

Big Dicked Amateur Britts Suck and Fuck

Jessie fucks Kai at Blake Mason

Big dicked twinky boy Jessie fucks tattooed stud Kai in the ass after some dick sucking and 69ing at Blake Mason – Amateur British Men.  Both men are regulars at Blake Mason and for good reason.  Jessie is an 18 year old skinny guy with tanned skin, dirty blond hair, and a big uncut dick that has got to be at least 8 inches when hard.  Aside from his cute face, thin smooth body, and 8 inch cock; Jessie has one very sweet ass.  We’ll have to get back to his ass because in this set it’s Kai’s ass that sees all the action.

Kai doesn’t waste any time getting down to action as he undoes Jessie’s shirt and starts liking his smooth chest and biting on his nipples.  He moves down Jessie’s stomach with his tongue and undoes his pants to take his soft uncut cock into his mouth.  Jessie gets hard and big with his dick in Kai’s warm wet mouth.  As Kai continues sucking Jessie’s dick he takes off his own shirt and his big uncut dick flops out of his pants.  Jessie returns the favor sucking Kai’s cock until it is fully hard as well then the two settle in for some hot 69 action.  Kai gets on his hands and knees and presents his ass to Jessie for a plowing.  Jessie starts slowly fucking Kai’s ass.  After a bit Kai starts moving his hips faster and pulling every inch of Jessie’s big dick into him.  Jessie starts pounding harder as he gets into the motion then flips Kai onto his stomach.  It is in this position that we get that look at Jessie’s own sweet muscular ass.  As he continues pounding Kai’s ass he reaches down to stroke Kai’s dick causing him to shoot a load onto his stomach as Jessie continues fucking him.  Jessie shoots a huge load of his own adding to the cum pool on Kai’s chest and stomach.

Both of these amateur British guys are nice to look in pictures but are even more fun to watch on video.  Each of these two hot men have multiple sets that show off their stroking, sucking, and fucking abilities.  To see all the pictures and videos of Jessie and Kai you need to go to Blake Mason.


4 Blake Mason Amateur Men Have An Orgy

4 Man Orgy at Blake Mason

Blake Mason has reached a big milestone; 400 videos on their amateur British men site.  To celebrate, they asked 4 of their member’s favourite models to come over to the mansion for a 4 man orgy.  1 guy for every 100 vids filmed.  The result was 32 minutes intense man on man sex filmed in HD.


Matt starts things off by getting everyone naked and sucking the other three’s uncut cocks.  Blake Mason is kind of known for their uncut amateur men with big dicks so all 4 of these guys are uncut and of good size.  Not a single one of them has less than a 7 inch cock.  The four give each other an oral worshiping that will make any oral fan happy and horny.  The guys suck and lick each other’s hard dick, ass, nipples, balls, and feet.  Yes!  There is even foot action in this special edition for all you guys into big strong feet.  With everyone’s cocks covered in saliva and Tony’s ass dripping from a good rimming, Tony sits down on Matt’s fat cock and rides it like an American cowboy.  Matt loves fucking Tony’s ass but is open to sharing so he makes way for Robbie who slides his dick into Tony’s wet stretched  ass hole.  Matt and Jack 69 and rub each other’s cocks just inches from Tony and Robbie’s fuck fest.  Not one to leave a friend in the cold, Tony pulls Jack over for his turn at Tony’s ass.  Robbie rides him hard and Tony totally gets off on it.  Matt’s dick, remember Matt started all this, is throbbing for more ass but Tony’s is occupied so he thrusts his big dick into Robbie’s ass as Tony is sucking his dick.  With all of the cock massage Tony’s prostate can take he is the first to cum, shooting a load onto his hairless chest and stomach.  Robbie, Matt, and Jack all follow in turn covering Tony in a cum bath that none of us will soon forget. 

So, if you like big uncut dick, British men, oral worship, foot play, cock sucking, rimming, ass fucking, gang bangs, tattoos, or cum baths, this video is for you.  If you’re reading this and hard after seeing the pictures above then this video is definitely for you.  Go to Blake Mason now for the HD 4 man orgy video and check out the solo and hardcore amateur British men in 399 other videos.






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