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Andy Lee Jerks Off In Kitchen

tattooed British dude strokes his uncut cock in the kitchen

Andy Lee is a high rise window washer in London. He enjoys working out at the gym and like most British men, looks sharp in a white pressed shirt with a tie. Andy looks all professional in his shirt and tie. His bad boy side starts to show as he opens his shirt and we see all his tattoos. His upper chest and both shoulders are inked. Andy keeps his chest and stomach hair trimmed very short but you can see it and would definitely feel it running your hands down his hard body. Andy’s a big guy so he isn’t ripped but is nice to look at. His broad shoulders look nice from behind as he turns to show us his tight bum. Andy starts stroking his uncut dick while standing then leans back on the kitchen counter to stroke a load. The stream of seamen splatters across Andy’s stomach when he cums then runs down to make a mess on the floor as he stands to head off and shower.

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Ari Sylvio – Back at Bad Puppy

hairy chested man fingers his ass whilr stroking his hard dick

Ari Sylvio is no stranger to the loyal members of Bad Puppy. As one viewer of his last video commented, Ari was given a special massage at one of the many Bad Puppy Bonus SitesClub Amateur USA back in 2009. New or not, porn is not Air’s full time job so he is an amateur as much as any guy that only does sex videos for fun or extra cash can be. Unlike a lot of other amateurs, Ari is middle aged and has a good job working as a caregiver just outside Los Angeles. The 34 year old Californian has the kind of body that we all imagine California would have plus a little extra. Even with his shirt still on, you can see that Ari has some hair on his chest. When he takes the shirt off we get to see his upper chest has a nice amount of fur while his flat stomach is not so much. Air plays with his dick a bit under his shorts then pulls them down to start stroking. Once he is hard you can see why people remember him from 2009. This guy has a very nice cock. They don’t give us a size but my guess is that his dick is at least 7.5 inches long and looks kind of thick too. As Ari jerks he lies on his back to start fingering his hairy butt. The finger action makes his dick harder and brings some load groans from him. If you like them loud, your going to want your volume up for Ari.

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Early Morning Jack Off In The Park

Bad Puppy's Chas Kramer jerks off in the park

Chas is on his way home after a late night of parting when he decides to stop at the park to relieve some pressure that has been building inside him.  With a copy of his favorite magazine he locates a table in a secluded spot and starts stroking. 


At first he is cautious and pulls his semi-hard dick out with his clothes on.  As the sun starts to rise, he looks around nervously for signs of approaching people.  As his cock gets harder, his wariness of being caught diminishes.  Chas takes off all his clothes to reveal a thin, well developed body with little hair and natural, untrimmed pubes.  His rock hard dick stands straight up and throbs against his smooth flat stomach.  After only a few minutes of stroking, the pressure is released and Chas is finally able to go home and get some sleep. 


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