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Kaden Recruits Evan to Jerk Off at Active Duty

Smooth and tattooed navy boy Evan jerks his big cock

Kaden has been such a hit at Active Duty that Dink sent him out to recruit some of his navy buddies to get naked and get off for us. One of Kaden’s first was this beautiful specimen, Evan. It seems strange to use the word beautiful to describe a tattooed military man but it fits Evan perfectly. His short strawberry blond hair sets off his sparkling blue eyes and his face is completely smooth. Not like a close shave smooth but more like a “I don’t shave yet” smooth. Except for a little hair under his arms, around his butt hole, and the lower half of his legs, the rest of Evan is smooth as well. Evan is different from the majority of Active Duty men too in that he isn’t a real muscular guy. His is a lean body free of extra fat but not packed with bulging muscles either. He like other Active Duty models when it comes to his cock and ability to perform though. When this cute twinkish dude lowers his pants and that big semi hard cock is seen for the first time my mouth started to water instantly. His shaved cock looks to be about 7.5 to 8 inches with a nice thick and veiny shaft. For a first timer straight guy, Evan doesn’t mind showing it all off, giving plenty of close ups of his butt and hole before he sits down to stroke his dick.

Evan’s video is streaming this week at Active Duty

Zander is in the War Chest

Zander shows off his tight tattooed body and big hard dick

Zandre’s video is streaming now in the war chest

Ya gotta love it when Dink brings back hotties like Zander. This 21 year old Buffalo native did a solo photo shoot for Active duty and then a jerk off video. As you can see in his pictures, Zander is a very good looking guy. He has just above average looks fully dressed. He looks nice shirtless showing off the tattoo on his smooth chest and his toned hairy belly. As he pulls his pants down to give us a peek at his cock Zander becomes all that much more exciting. In the video he is such a tease. You gotta love these straight guys that know the camera guy wants in on the fun but can’t. Even soft, Zander has a good looking cock. Dink must have thought so as well because he smiles when seeing it and Zander’s personality changes. Zander’s cock gets hard with nearly any stroking and he starts egging Dink to come over and take care of him. With a dude as cute and hung as as Zander you know that it won’t be long before someone takes him up on his offer for a hand job. Dink moves in to massage his rock hard cock. As Dink’s hand moves up and down the shaft, Zander’s balls tighten up to his body and his legs start to tense just before he blows a huge load. The cum shoots out onto his stomach then continues flowing out covering Zander’s cock and Dink’s hand with a thick layer of cum. You can see the solo pictures as well as Zander’s hand job video this week in the war chest at Active Duty.

Gabriel & Barrett Long

Gabriel gets naked then sucks Barrett's 12 inch uncut dick

XXX Amateur Hour is included with Active Duty

Gabriel Long is the latest of lucky amateur men that get a piece of Barrett Long’s famous 12 inch cock at Active Duty’s xxx amateur hour. Amateur hour is a bonus section inside of the popular Active Duty membership site. Active duty is known for their straight military men that jerk off, do web cam shows, and sometimes party with other straight men in duos or groups. Amateur hour brings something different to the mix. Famous porn star Barrett Long offers up his huge uncut cock to amateur men that that hoping to get into the gay porn business or guys that have already done a few porn vids and are ready to move into the big leagues. The lucky amateur this time is Gabriel Long. I’m about 100% sure there is no relation. Gabriel strips naked to show off his lean, tanned, and tattooed body and hard dick. After some solo action Barrett moves in to offer up some big time excitement. Gabriel gets down in front of Barrett to take out his monster cock and starts sucking. It doesn’t take long before both guys are hard. Gabriel continues to provide Barrett a blow job and does an okay job of taking that enormous uncut piece of meat into his mouth. Remember that xxx amateur hour is inside of Active Duty. It is one of the three bonus sites that members get. Members also get access to Dirty Bird Pictures and My Straight Buddy as well.

4 amateur porn sites for 1 price @ Active Duty

Important News Regarding Active Duty Memberships

Important News:

Dink Flamingo announced yesterday (July 6, 2010) that Active Duty members will be able to download entire scenes from his premier Dirty Bird Pictures library. These downloads do not replace the 12 video streams already available in the members area. They are a summer time member bonus!

Currently all 5 scenes are online from Summer Recruits and are available for download in the members area. The scenes will be online until Sunday when 5 new scenes from a different title will be made available. The scenes will update twice a week so members can download up to 8 complete videos a month. If you were to buy the DVDs they would cost $29 each and up. You can get them (DRM Free) on your computer for the monthly membership price of only $24.95. Dink has not said what video will go online next or how long this offer will last so head over to Active Duty now to start downloading Summer Recruits.

Screen Caps from Summer Recruits

Click to download now

Straight Military Stud – Styx

Styx is the latest addition of straight military men that do gay porn at Active Duty. This guy is a hunk! He has an amazing body that goes beyond morning PT. You can tell that he spends some serious time working out. His big tattoos that cover his shoulder and flank area accent his muscular upper body well. Styx masculine body is balanced by his boyish face and big ears that make him so cute. While Styx isn’t big in the dick department he isn’t small either. This straight guy is pure eye candy no matter the size of his cock and I’d gladly drop and give him 10 any day.

Naked Military Men at Active Duty

Naked Amateur Men 2010

I finally broke down and made up my mind to buy some wall calendars for 2010.  After looking at the usual places around town and almost fainting at some of the stores marked up price I decided to look online.  Lucky for me a friend had showed me a very hot calendar that he just got from TLA Video.  I knew that TLA sold amateur gay porn DVDs and sex toys but didn’t realize that they also sell XXX and PG13 calendars, greeting cards, and Hollywood movies as well.  Tonight I searched their site and picked these:

Amateur Straight Guys – features 12 amateur straight men in solo action.  Many of the guys have tattoos and a few are nicely hung.  Mr. July has one sweet ass too!

2010-amateur straight guys

Island Studs – has a slew of member’s favorite models from the amateur male voyeur site of the same name.  A few of the guys from have even been featured here at amateurmenontheweb.  My favorite is Mr. January with his lean ripped body, muscular tattooed shoulder, and a big hard cock standing out from an all natural bush of pubes. If you like naturally tan surfer dudes from Hawaii and the Caribbean then this is for you.

2010-Island Studs

XXX Boys – is the only calendar full of hardcore raw and raunchy oral and anal penetration.  The guys come direct from Dirty Bird Pictures, the same guys who bring us the best military action at Some of the guys in this calendar are professional gay porn stars like Mayson Wyler and Brent Corrigan but they are hot and I loved all of the cock sucking, ass fucking, 3 ways, and gay orgy pics so…

2010- XXX Boys calendar

Naked Military – is the next logical choice after seeing the hardcore action from Dirty Bird.  The 2010 Naked Military calendar features the hard bodied amateur military men of Active Duty.  Big ripped guys in and out of uniform showing off the results of their hours of PT and hard cocks fill this 2010 collection.  Hint – Don’t wait until December to check him out; this marine had me hard in no time.  Sir, yes sir!

2010 Military Men calendar featuring the amateur men of Active Duty

Naked Frat Men – features the amateur college jocks from These 18-24 year old guys take care of themselves and sometimes take care of a buddy as well.  All of the guys get naked in one place or another… the bedroom, patio, bathtub, the gym showers.  While Mr. April is my favorite, you just can’t help but stare at the monster cocks found in May and November or the absolutely adorable face of December as he jerks off in the bath tub.

2010 Naked Fratmen calendar

Be sure to check out TLA Video for more calendars, DVDs, sex toys, and other great gift ideas.

Uncut First Timer In All Male Military 3 Way

Gage Miles and Spencer in Caught in the Crossfire 3

This scene from Active Duty’s movie Caught in The Crossfire 3 is so damn hot and action packed it’s hard to keep track of who’s fucking, sucking, or rimming who.  The scene features hunky straight newcomer to the Flamingo line up Miles and two familiar faces (and cocks) Spencer and Gage.  I’ve always had a hard thing in my pants for Gage and his sweet ass so seeing him paired with these two absolutely gorgeous military studs was like a wet dream cum true.  So, where to start…


New comer Miles starts on the bed jerking off for what he believes is a solo performance.  Once his cock is hard, tattooed military stud Spencer comes out, whips out his semi hard cock and starts stroking with him.  Miles doesn’t seem to care much and from the hard to conceal looks in Spencer’s direction wants more of his hard meat than he lets on.  As the two men jerk off together, in walks Gage who without a second of hesitation joins right in with the jerking session.  Spencer knows what he wants and reaches out to grab Mile’s thick uncut tool saying he wants to see whose cock is thicker.  After a few minutes of close observation, I think Miles dick is the thicker.  Impressed by Miles dick, Spencer slides down and puts his mouth right onto Miles hard cock and starts sucking.  As Gage continues stroking his own dick he tells Miles it’s only fair that he return the favor to Spencer.  From the hesitation and tenderness Miles shows it actually looks like his first time with another man’s cock in his mouth.  Gage moves over and puts his lips and tongue down to Miles hard uncut cock for a taste of his own as Miles sucks Spencer.  Spencer moves down and joins in as the two suck and lick Mile’s balls and hard cock.  It’s a very cool sight to see Mile’s foreskin sliding up and down across the head of his engorged cock as Spencer moves his tongue up and down that wonderful shaft. 


It’s at this point where things get fuzzy in my mind as the blood was leaving my brain and filling other parts of my anatomy.  Lots of hardcore 3 way action with everyone sucking each others cocks, rimming Gage’s smooth ass, and fucking.  One of the rewind moments is when Gage is getting rimmed by Miles as he sucks Spencer’s dick.  Gage has such a nice ass.  After Miles gets Gage’s hole nice and wet he slides his thick cock right in to the base.  The sucking and fucking continues with some nice close ups until Gage shoots a huge load as Miles continues to pound his ass.  Miles sees how much Gage enjoyed a dick in his ass and moves into position so Spencer can break his man cherry.  Spencer goes in nice and slow and is gentle with the newbie at first.  It isn’t long before he is absolutely pounding Miles ass and Miles doesn’t seem to mind.  In fact, Miles shoots a stream of cum onto his neck, chest, and shoulder as Spencer continues moving in and out of his virgin ass.  Having spent his load and suffering post cum sensitivity, Miles asks Spencer to cum on him.  Spencer moves up and shoots his load onto Miles face.


The straight and bisexual military studs always seem to have the best sex and Active Duty is the site where amateur military men get together.  Be sure to visit Active Duty to watch scenes online (including this one) from Caught in the Crossfire 3 or go to Dirty Bird Pictures to buy the DVD so you can pause and rewind these incredible men on the big screen.





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